Open The man in the monkeysuite
Jonathan saw he was seriously upset and it wasn't as fun any more. He held up his hands to calm him and placed them delicately on the man's shoulders.

"Deep breath. You really are quite angry over a name. I over heard it when we were both in line at the post office and you were required to show ID. The man referred to you as that and you got angry then too, remember?"

It wasn't much of a mystery, but he hadn't thought the man would be so on edge. "Are you on the run for diamond smuggling or something?" He cracked that smile again. This man was so upset and yet he couldn't see him doing anything exciting, then again people who were fixing their old ways tended to try to be as much on the straight and narrow as possible.
The man had clearly not heard of the name before, which was sort of a relief. Other wise the questions would be more related to why on earth he was a Butler to begin with. He let go the man's arm and put a thumb in the space between his eyebrows and pressed down. It was a therapeutic method, also a habit he tried not to show in public.

"You haven't let this information pass to anyone else, have you?" The tone in his voice was calming down as he was trying to keep composure. The last thing he needed were rumors spreading 'did you see that heated conversation between the gardener and the butler'. He ignored Jonathan's question.
Jonathan shrugged and relaxed against the tree. "I don't like to spread rumors, which many people know. I do love to talk and I love to make playful theories on things, but they are always ridiculous and in fun. You having a different last name is not interesting. I am sorry to say. Though your reaction makes me think perhaps it is."

He scratched at his beard as he looked around to see if anyone was watching them. It was very cold though so no one wanted to be out and about in the snow. "You really do need to relax. You shouldn't act so threatening to others, it isn't professional." He smiled again and patted his shoulder. "SHouldn't you be going back inside?"
The gardener was a smart man, he'd go do his research if he really wanted to understand why Hudson was bent out of shape. A book regarding American history or Netherlands History or even a current clipping of world news where Netherlands were involved may have had his last name in it, not that this village would get such things. "If you wish to be formal, then call me Mr. Marklet." It was the last name he had been going by since he was 18. He of course never legally changed it or he wouldn't have access to bank accounts and other perks. He may have been a pariah to his immediate family, but he still had a few cousins that liked him well enough.

"You are quiet right.." He started to walk away and stopped. "It would be in your best interest and your garden's best interest that that piece of information is not leaked. " Last thing he needed was a journalist trying to bother him about why he disappeared or bring up the fact that he interacted with ghosts.  The butler composed himself, stretched his neck and then walked back inside.
Jonathan frowned as he didn't like his garden being threatened. It was not even two days later that he came upon him again. Perhaps he was looking for him , he wouldn't reveal that though.

"Hey, Mr. Rensselaer." He said aloud, it was no worries they were very much alone at that moment. He felt lucky he caught him outside, as it was clear this man would become more panicked if he thought others would over hear. And it was clear Hudson would not run if he panicked, but luckily Jon was certain he wasn't the type to walk around with weaponry.

"I feel like there is an explanation to be had? My garden bed may be dead for winter, but someone has been rolling around in it. " He knew the truth, it was Colette's dog. But he wasn't going to reveal that tidbit just yet, he could still blame Hudson for not keeping better track of went on in the house if he wanted to. Even if it was a bit ridiculous.
"Yes, my lady's dog..." He commented back loudly from near the door. Yes, he just insinuated that he and Colette were an item. He figured that statement would make anyone forget they heard the name Rensselaere. He wasn't worried that anyone here would know his last name, but a guest might or a grape line conversation could lead to ears that might know him personally. He walked inside.
"So you did it on purpose? Then I shall ask around about who you truly are... There are some very nice worldly people in town who might know. I will come back with my findings." He said raising a hand and turned since the man wouldn't play he would increase the risk of the game.
"Colette's dog did that, how would I have done that on purpose? Did i not just say my lady's dog did that, like I have control over that thing."

Why couldn't the man just let it be. He was almost in door, once again when the Gardener decided to throw words his way.

"Oh, thank you for the advice, I am sure a book on gardening will help turn my black thumb into a green one. If I have any concerns I'll surely seek you out in private as to not embarrass myself around others." That was his cryptic message to the man. Clearly he wasn't about to back down, but he didn't need the name circulating.
"You knew it was her dog without a second thought, wasn't even kind enough to warn me about the damage. " He said as if it was such a shameful thing to do.

Since it was apparent that the butler had no interest in interacting, he cut his attempts. He laughed and put his hands back in his pockets. "You never took me up on bulbs, I am not worried. Books are sadly lacking in knowledge sometimes." He let him go as he went about his way.
He really wasn't sure if that meant the man understood his coded message. It didn't matter, everyone here new him as Mr. Marklet. He loved some aspects of his actual family tree, but he had been on his own since he was 18. Hudson wouldn't have been able to get anywhere if he had stayed with his last name. He would have been handed things or completely upright denied things. The denials of course would come from people who hated his family or because his father painted a picture of him being a seer of demons. He was a hard worker, having the money in the bank and the perks on stand by were nice, but at the end of the day when he fell asleep he knew he did an honest days work. He watched Jonathan walk off and then went back inside to finish up the day.

By the end of the day he wanted to just fall asleep, but instead he found himself in civilian clothes walking outside under the moonlight.
Jonathan was bundled up and sitting under a tree looking over the town from the perfect spot to see it. He was singing softly to himself as his hands rested under his head. He could hear someone walking by but didn't know who or bother to look. He was on good terms with most, so at worst they'd keep going and at best they'd stop by to speak for a spell.
He hadn't noticed the gardener under the tree. He headed to the stables to get a horse. Another thing he didn't openly share, his love of horses and horseback riding under the moonlight. The man was once step from being a walking romance novel, though he wasn't aware of it.

"ben je bijten enkels" he ran his hand through his hair as he seemed much more relaxed than when he was in his monkeysuite. "niet zo denken" the words coming out as if he was talking to himself, maybe rehearsing lines. 'Are you biting ankles - didn't think so' The horses started to act up "wachten buiten" he mumbled 'wait out' and soon the horses steadied.

He found himself going up to a beautiful black horse. "mooi paard wil je gaan voor een ritje" - This time the words were directed to the horse 'beautiful horse do you wish to go for a ride'. He didn't get to speak dutch much in the castle; Hudson tended to speak it when he was alone to remind him of home.
The way out was blocked as Jonathan looked at him. He could hear someone getting a horse out, they weren't very quiet.

"Ah, did you get permission?" He tilted his head wondering where anyone was to watch the stables. It really should have been more secure, he shrugged though and leaned against an elbow, a curious look to his face.

"I think the horses deserve to sleep too, don't you?"
"Who's, my own?" He was running his hand along side of the horse. He opened the gate and went inside the stall. He placed the reigns on and then looked over at the gardener who was blocking his way. "So did you do your homework?" He didn't put a saddle on the horse, instead he walked the horse out of the stable to where a set of stationary steps were. He was going to ride this horse bareback.
"Yours?" Jon almost sounded surprised but not quite. "How would a simple butler afford a horse? And I assume afford the food and care since you don't have time to do that on your own? Unless.. oh .. unless you had money from family. Perhaps?" He grinned, a grin of a man who did find his answers. There were indeed people who knew such things. It was easier than he had thought, but he didn't mention why he wanted to know about the Rensselear's.

"Enjoy your ride." He waved as he passed and put his hands in his pockets to head back to his own home to go to bed.

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