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He was confused by the man's last lines, but only because of the passage he had finished reading moments ago. Sometimes books had a way of jogging your mind to think differently in situations that need not be considered anything other than pure. "Nature, sir?" like he had forgotten the man in front of him was a gardener. He took too long of a pause before speaking again. "Are you sure you don't mean how to use nature as a way to get close to a lass."

The gardener either had a reputation or just a bunch of rumors floating about him. Then again, there seemed to be rumors about everyone on these grounds, including himself. Some thought he and Colette had a thing. Maybe it was the way they spoke to each other, the fact they spoke behind closed doors, or the fact he did use her first name a lot more than he probably should. It was something he had not addressed nor would he ever address, because addressing false rumors just made one look guilty. In his five years here, he had not flirted with a single soul, male or female. He found it hard to have a love life in this line of work, plus he had secrets like anyone else he didn't want to get out.
Jon stared then laughed at him. "I love the outdoors and gardening, but it is not the best way to meet ladies. After all, you spend your time indoors with them more. And women aren't always quick to leap upon a man with dirt under his nails or smelling of hard work. " He wagged a finger and tsked at Hudson.

"That has nothing to do with my career. While I love to love, I do my job because it makes me happy too. I get to see my hard work bloom and grow, and I get to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight when it comes." He breathed deeply and patted his chest.

"Though it is a shame that I do not hear much of anyone in the house having any fun. Not much for rumors. It seems like such a dismal place, when the flowers bloom I'll work harder to get them to grow and liven up the place!"
" Men then..." He could picture it. Actually, he could picture woman and men alike wanting to have a go in the middle of a field of flowers. Then again, he couldn't picture Jonathan wanting to mess up his fine works of art.

The ghost boy was really trying hard to jump and get hold of the gardener's mustache.  The site of which made Hudson press his lips together as he kept a straight 'no funny business' face and tilted his head up slightly.  He ran his forefinger and thumb against his mustache as he hid a small silent yawn with the palm of his hand. It wasn't the company, dead and living, that made him yawn, but as long day that was still not over. A butler's job was not done until he was told it was done.

"Plenty of chirping birds, if you know where to listen." He took a step down, the opposite way than he was supposed to go. He took a bite of the apple and looked around the grounds. "Always an impeccable job Mr. Eldridge. I half think you do it to impress the ladies more than to impress Colette."
Jon rose his brow at the men comment, he had said it so casually it made him wonder. He shrugged and held out his hands and laughed. "I do not always do things for a flirtatious reason, though it would be a bonus. I do love my job." He didn't deny the accusation, since it didn't quite appear to be. He didn't like to lie or hide things if he could help it, but he wasn't a fool either.

"I like to impress anyone who comes to the house with my good work. It is a pleasure to know people appreciate what you do. Can't you say the same?"
He agreed with Jonathan's words. The satisfaction that came with knowing everything was in order was an amazing feeling. Of course, he didn't get much recognition for the good, so he made to give his staff the recognition they deserved. No, he really only heard feedback when someone made complaints about a staff member, even if knowingly unjust.

Hudson was actually surprised the man hadn't called him out yet on messing up the yard with the children last week. The only time Hudson seemed like an actual human being that knew how to relax was when he was playing with the children on his rare off day.

Hudson took another step down, which made the ghost disappear and with it he felt the hairs on his arm go up. "I understand where you come from, yes..." He was standing to the left of Jonathan facing the opposite direction, his hands with the green book and apple behind his back. "I think I do it more for a restful sleep. You know the type of sleep that only comes after a hard earned days pay."
Jonathan was glancing towards him with something in mind, then down at the book in his hands.

"The question is, does it make you happy?" He then reached down to take the book from the man. "In fact, I spent too much talking about myself and what I enjoy. What is it that moves you, Mr. Rensselaer?" He smiled and flipped the pages. " What is Priscilla about?"

He hopped up the steps two at a time to glance at the book for an idea what it was about.
"Nu breekt mijn klomp!" Which translated to "Now my wooden shoe is breaking!" He clearly wasn't wearing wooden shoes, it was more of an expression. He wasn't expected the man to take the book from his hand nor hop the steps two at a time,and most definitely not expecting to hear his real last name.

The little ghost appeared again, but this time in between him and Jon. "heb je niet ergens anders te worden" his words were to the ghost boy. The dutch words translated to 'don't you have somewhere else to be' . His eyes were focused on the ghost boy, but in the eyes of Jonathan and anyone else, it looked as if he was purposely trying to avoid eye contact with the older man.

"Romance, pretty sure one of the main ladies enjoys the company of other women." He still didn't look up at Jonathan, because he was caught off guard by the use of his actual last name.
Jon was curious as he spoke in another language, sounded like of the ones from the more eastern parts of Europe. He could pick up a little with time, but he didn't recognize that one. He wondered what he was saying, but obviously the man looked quite upset.

"Oh?" He didn't think the man would be so honest about the book. He looked at it very curiously before placing it back in the man's hands. "Very interesting. Never thought you were the sort. Want to tell me more about it sometime?" He still had that warm expression, not an ounce of cruelty in his body as he looked at the man. "You don't need to appear embarrassed. Now I sort of want to read it."
"it's not the book that has me flustered. It's not secret I prefer romance novels." This was a first for him, thoughts running through his mind fast. He was trying to figure out the best approach with out having a can of worms opened as a result. Hudson looked up.

"I am only going to ask you once, respectfully, don't speak that name again..." He was upset, it didn't matter that he was trying to remain professional, it was clearly in his eyes and the way his stache twitched. The gardener had clearly struck a nerve. Even the ghost didn't want to stick around to see what might come next. Hudson wanted to ask who else knew his last name, but he wasn't sure he was ready for that answer.
Jon looked at him but wasn't bothered by the man turning almost aggressive about it. "Why? Isn't it more formal that way? If you want me to get friendlier with you.." He leaned in a few inches with that large smile of his. "I will. But I was trying to be more professional. I know no one else calls you that, but it is a very elegant name. Why not use it?"
He was too frustrated to even see the man was flirting with him. He bridged the gap that Jonathan had already started to close, but out of frustration not flirtation. If he had even a clue the words Jonathan spoke held such tone maybe he wouldn't have closed the bridge, because the passion exuding Hudson (though not of lust or desire) was still very much visible. It was unlike him to allow such things to be seen.

"Collette does not even know my real last name... so for you, a simple gardener to know such things..." his nose was near the man's nose, hoping it was making the man uncomfortable.
Jonathan smiled, still not bothered. He was quite certain the man wouldn't hit him. He tilted his head and was very tempted to just give him a peck as platonic as could be to get a rise out of the already angry man.

"So? I am a curious man and people talk. It's a favorite past time in town. You think no one in all of England doesn't know? And I do not thing because I like gardening it makes me simple. I am willing to bet a month's pay you wouldn't even know how to plant or harvest a bulb." He raised his hands innocently.

"No need to get so angry. You should relax more, stress is bad for you."
Why did he all of the sudden feel like he was being put into the position of blackmail. The man hadn't mentioned anything to suggest he'd be holding this information hostage for a price, but it didn't stop the gut wrenching feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Let's be clear" He cleared his throat as a worker walked past them both. He grabbed the gardener roughly by the arm and dragged him across the way to a tree in hopes of privacy. "before I say something I'll regret. What exactly have you heard?"
Jonathan was surprised he actually man handled him to go to the privacy of a tree. Now Jon really was curious what was going on. He folded his arms and laughed leaning against the trunk.

"You are very nervous, Mister Rensselaer. I think as long as no one else hears it, I might use it. Since you have yet to explain why I shouldn't. And I have never seen you so emotional, it really brightens your cheeks a lovely rosy red."

He grinned more, completely avoiding the question.
"Are you looking to get slapped?" His tone serious. Never in his life as a butler had he had anyone treat him the way Jonathan was addressing him in this moment. "Who else knows my last name?" He asked a secondary question, still waiting to hear an answer from the first. If he had a dagger on him, he may have contemplated putting it against his throat. Though it would have only been a contemplation, it wasn't like he was a criminal on the run.

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