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He stood up straight, his hair slicked back, his mustache curled up on the sides. He was pushing his luck with how long his mustache had grown, but until the lady of the house said something, he decided he'd keep sporting the mustache. He had earned their trust and loyalty.  Five years ago today he started working at this castle.  

Hudson could only recall this anniversary because it landed on a special day. The brunette, who's last name never left his lips, started working here on his 30th birthday. Today he turned 35. "je krijgt oud"  he spoke to himself as he straightened out his cuffs.  The words were dutch and translated you ' you're getting old"
u bent bent u niet  a child's voice hit his ear, but Hudson did not look toward the figure as he knew it was a ghost standing to  his side.  "niet de tijd noch plaats" he said quietly but sternly . je bent niet leuk the child wined before disappearing.   He wasn't even entirely sure that child was dutch to begin with. His thoughts though went back to his work as he couldn't afford distractions. Hudson cleared his throat as someone walked by. A late comer to the breakfast gathering, this one had courage to show up so late. He opened the door, showed her to her seat and then went back into the hall.

He stood outside the hall as the guests started to eat breakfast. He had been up long before the guests had ever open their eyes. He checked the kitchen, garage, stables, made sure the appropriate staff were awake. During his morning routine he checked in on the kitchen three times as he did every morning there was a big breakfast scheduled. He relayed word to kitchen staff that one of the guests was under the weather and to make sure food was brought to them. He  pulled out chairs for the women and then excused himself and moved to where he was now. 

Hudson was standing in the hallway in his monkey suit, with his slightly curled mustache, adjusting his suit. "een andere dag"   Another day. 
Sean was one of the more reliable staff. No matter what hijinks he had gotten up to the night before, he was never late to get up and do his duties. Today was no different as he was in his wrinkle free suit and his hair combed neatly.

As he went down the hallway he passed the mustachioed man and looked at him with a curious look. He had been there longer than Sean and seemed very trusted by Colette and Kelvin. He didn't ask how or why, but has he was careful to balance a tray of tea and breakfast for one of their guests who didn't feel like leaving their room, he opened his mouth to speak in an admirable way.

"You're quite the perfectionist aren't you?"
"Perfection is a promise, and a reassurance that we are not wrong.” * His head did not turn to address the man, but his eyes stayed focus on what was in front of him. By the sound of his voice it was Sean and the sound of china barely moving meant he was carrying a tray.

" Step in my line of site " His words firm but not harsh. Hudson wanted to inspect the man's uniform. Never could be too observant in his line of work. The guest Mr Callahan was about to deliver breakfast to was about his age. It would be unwise for Hudson to ignore these facts. So, Hudson would inspect the young man's outfit and compare it when he would return with an empty tray.

There was another reason he didn't want to turn from his post besides professionalism. Hudson, though seemingly in his own headspace most of the time, was in fact trying to listen in to the conversation being had over breakfast.

*Quote from Requim written by lauren oliver in 2013
Sean looked slightly insulted that he had to check his uniform. Even when he came in at night caked with mud to the eyebrows, he was at work fresh and early without a hair or wrinkle out of place. He arched a brow as he went to his line of sight, perfectly balancing the tray on his fingers of his right hand.

"Sorry, sir, but I've been doing this sort of thing since I was a small boy. I know how to do my job. And what could you be looking at?" He blinked as the man seemed to be studying him.

Not even Colette was so immaculate in the observing of him. He wondered if he dared come with his hair combed in the opposite direction if he would get a lashing.

"I think I deserve to at least know that much. It isn't like I am new and on probation. I've never been late or have done my job below the highest standards."
He was not upset when the young man decided to talk back to him, just slightly surprised. One could not tell because it didn't show on him face. Harold refrained from opening his lips and making any facial reaction. A few moment's of silence passed. Despite being called unapproachable and stern from a few faces around the castle, he was very reasonable. A Butler had to be a stickler in some aspects.

"Go deliver that before it gets cold."

He tilt his head ever so slightly in the direction the footman needed to go and then returned it to standing position just as fast. If Hudson did his job correctly the staff wouldn't hear a word from their employers about dress or behavior.

"then come back here"

Hudson knew that part of his answers would be found when he delivered the food to the guest. There was no point in trying to paint the guest in a manner that seemed to put a deceitful glow around them. Hudson had already mapped out three scenarios that could happen when the footman delievered the food.

1. The guest would be angry with a steep headache and hormones going about.
2. The guest would be asleep and the footsman would have no issue backing out
3. The guest would have cured her hangover with more alcohol and may see the footsman as 'entertainment'.
Sean was professional. He wouldn't roll his eyes at the man who kept him back and then tried to hurry him.

He rushed with a stiff posture keeping the tray perfectly upright. It didn't take him long before it was delivered with a quick apology. After making sure the guest was pleased, he hurried back down before returning to the butler with the tray held to his side.

"The food made it in time." He stared up at him to see what the man was going to say towards him. He believed he couldn't be punished, he had been impeccable in his performance.
"I never thought less. "

He was more or less making sure their guest behaved appropriately, as this person had behaved inappropriately before. He was keeping track in order to know when to go to Colette. They may have lived here to serve her and her guests, but the staff needed to feel safe.

" Your work here doesn't go unnoticed"

He took one sharp step away from his post. His eyes inspecting the gentlemen's shirt to see if it had been messed up.

" That being said... I believe it's been a while since you've had a long weekend, is that correct sir?"
Sean became curious what he was getting at. He stood straight and knew his outfit was as proper as it had been when he first arrived before Hudson. The question though made him look perplexed.

"No, but I usually have my evenings off which has been more than fair to me." It allowed him to pursue his one passion.
He placed a hand on his shoulder. "Take a weekend." He gave a couple of pats to Sean's shoulder, before returning his hand to his side. He could feel the energy coming from the boy. Maybe he was not clear enough in his regard, but he didn't need the staff to think he was soft.

Firm but fair, it was a mantra he kept reminding himself. He tried not to remember his past, but some times flashes came. It included witnessing how a butler treated a maid after Hudson's mother made a comment. It was an unnecessary comment on his mother's part, but even more so unnecessary for the butler to have taken the action he had.

"You've earned it and if anyone has a problem with that decision tell them to see me."
Sean looked surprised from him to his hand.  He  smiled confused and nodded.

"Thank you, sir. M-may I ask why? I've not done anything beyond my usual high expectations. Not that I'm refusing, of course! I am grateful. I am just curious..."

He remained motionless in body but he was watching the other man hoping for the smallest clue to understand why.
Had he not just said he deserved the break. What more did the young thing want him to say. Maybe he wanted the words to come out with more feeling. The butler took a step back into his proper position.  "Precisely" 

His facial expression was  that of a stone wall. The only time anyone ever caught him smiling or acting unlike a butler was on his breaks when he was playing with the children in garden.  "hoge normen voldaan oproep voor hoge beloningen" he blinked.

"It means, high standards met call for high rewards. I think a weekend should suffice, would you not yo agree?"
Sean quickly shook his head and he bowed his head a bit. "Sorry. I ... agree. It is a great reward. Thank you ..."

He prided himself on his diligence with his job but somehow Hudson always made him feel like he wasn't quite up to the high bar he had set.

"Am I free to go, sir?"
"You are" His eyes looked as if he was holding back information, then again Hudson's eyes did that a lot.

"Oh, one more thing before you go... how was our guest feeling?" He had reasons for every question and comment that came from his lips. Some of which were based off of rush thoughts and others carefully thought out possible scenarios. Being able to envision possible outcomes from choices that had not been made was one of the only traits Hudson liked about himself.
Sean didn't even get a step when his attention was grabbed once more. He looked at Hudson then at the floor. A long silence grew between them before he spoke very carefully.

"She was.. ah... under the weather. But the only real medicine for her would be a good breakfast and some time.." Translation : very hung over but not angry
"Good to know. Have a good weekend Mr. Callahan."

He would wait until the boy started to walk again before going back into the great hall, closing the door behind him.

"Yes M'am" He replied to hearing his name.

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