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Kitty looked defeated but not sad by the decision as she held him and laughed a bit at his series of kisses. "Ya drive one hard bargain, Mister Meijer." She laughed gently and her lips met with his in a quick but firm kiss and she looked at him with a large grin.

"I hope ya don't regret it. I never in all my life worried before that having some fun would ruin tha guy's life til now. I want ya happy, Uriel. " Her voice lowered in town, showing she was sincere, even as she rested against his hands and her own felt over his chest. "I do want ya happy. Like ya make me happy. " She nuzzled into him and closed her eyes keeping her lips lightly against his.
Triumph... Maybe he should be a lawyer after all, he thought with amusement... But no, he wouldn't go back now, not when he knew what he wanted. He was grinning like a fool, kissed her back, and felt invisible no more. And damned if he didn't find himself ready to take her again. "I think you make me very happy," he said cheekily, playfully wiggled his hips so she could feel just how happy he was. "And now to make each other so happy that we can't move."

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