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"You'd tempt me," he muttered, "You'd tempt me every time we talked," his words were a low growl, then he let his head fall back as another wave slapped into him and he let go, yet again. He panted as he worked to calm his fast beating heart. "I think," he said between breaths, "We could use," pant, "A break for a time. Just a little while." He was sleepy and overheated again, and it felt like he had no steam left to keep giving her sex, at least for a time anyways. He wasn't used to all of this, and while the sex was spectacular, it made him tired after three glorious rounds.
Kitty was weak and rest her head on his shoulder. His voice became seductive with ease and she knew he was right. She kissed him briefly and nodded. She didn't even point out she had offered to take a rest and a talk when he was obviously over worked but he had lasted much longer than some men.

"Yes, I could use a rest." She tried to reach for the door knob at her side and open, hoping it wasn't too much of a surprise and they come spilling out. She was quite happy in his arms, her fingers running along his back. The fact he wasn't just kicking her out when he was done was a nice surprise too.

"Let's relax. I don't want you strainin yourself for little ole me." She gave him a big warm smile though a darker part of her soul was trying to plot how to see him again, after all it would take some time for her to be a true nun. Plenty of time until he disappeared from her life forever to go to university.
He braced himself and held onto her as the door swung open. He took her to the bed and lay her down on it gently, following after and snuggling sleepily against her back. He had a shit eating grin on his face against her hair, trying too to figure out a way to get her back into his bed another time. He sighed and settled down, his heart finally at a steady pace. "Good," he murmured.

He did not go to sleep, he knew he needed to so he could be bright eyed when it was time to go get fitted for new clothing, or even have some taken out so he wasn't popping buttons. She made him want to suck in his gut, yet at the same time, he knew he didn't need to because she liked him as he was.
Kitty curled up to him to relax, letting her red hair now damp with sweat, spill out over her shoulder as she closed her eyes to enjoy feeling his body against hers. She was quite for a few moments and merely nodded. Finally though she did ask the question she had to , though not the one she longed to.

"How long will you be in town anyway?" She hmmed and slowly opened her eyes to look up at him.
"A month or so," he replied. "I am only getting away with it because I brought along my studies. We have a trip to Bath planned sometime next month, though it isn't required. I've been looking forward to the trip but I am not sure now, you seem a better balm for the spirits than some stinky water." He chuckled, then brushed her hair out of the way so he could kiss her shoulder.

"But yes, four of five weeks that I am here."
Kitty was clearly disappointed it would be so soon, but she was deeply touched he wanted to stick around for her. She nuzzled into his neck and kissed his shoulder. "Don't be silly. See Bath, I will still be here. Besides, what if you meet the perfect girl there? " She chuckled slightly and one hand swirled little invisible designs upon his chest and she relaxed closing her eyes.

"Then, until you leave. You can come see me, maybe? I don't promise nights like this though. "She blushed and hugged him a little. Of course, she couldn't say she'd deny him either. Time was too short between them, she could enjoy their time while she had it.
"And what if what we... ahh... made a baby? What then?" he had to ask, it was a serious matter and he didn't know when he would see her again. "We were not exactly... eh... careful and we should at least have a sense of what to do. I may be a schmuck bit not the kind to shirk all responsibility." He was even prepared to tighten his arm around her if that bit of conversation didn't go over so well, but he would not let it rest until they were on the same page with that one.

It was that moment that he kind of realized that he wanted a kid or two, even if a wife never came along. It might sound odd but that was what popped into his head. Of course, he wasn't trying to beget one upon a lady of the cloth... He wasn't even supposed to have slept with her but he'd done so... twice... without foibles.
Kitty was very surprised by the change in topic. She waved him off, strangely enough not wanting to talk about it. "I've not been careful before and haven't had one. I wouldn't worry, besides by the time I realized you'll be gone. No need to worry. I'm quite a capable woman. If I did..' She shrugged and relaxed on the bed beside him. "I can make things work. " Of course she was quite certain that would be the end of her nun career. She wondered what she could do to spin things and not be seen as a woman of ill repute in the town, even if she perhaps deserved that title considering how quick she went to his bed and had to others in the past. "Why? What do you think I should do?"
He shrugged, "I'd want to be there." He set his chin on her shoulder, "Has nothing to do with your capabilities, you don't strike me as the type to give up when on your own. Nor am I trying to make you feel strange by this conversation. I only bring it up because it could happen and I am party to it, partly my responsibility. I'd rather you know it than wonder. Besides, it'd give me an excuse to see you. I like you, you're pretty, you've got spunk and I think it's a huge mistake if you take your vows regardless of what happens between us. Not because I don't think you can do it, but it would be a huge shame if you did."

He kissed her cheek then, and rolled onto his back, folding his hands over his belly. "It's a strange thing I brought up, I realize that, but I am a realist even if I sound fanciful."
Kitty replied before she had a moment to think. "What? Ya could risk university and I don't know much about Jews but I'm sure you're family wouldn't feel to keen on ya messin with me even if ya left our child a bastard."

She looked worried but slumped on him and smiled weakly. "You're a good man. Better than I deserve. Ya don't need an excuse ta see me and you already got me in bed but here you are still tossing out them beautiful compliments I don't deserve.... ok. if I find myself in the family way I'll write you, and let ya be the first to know. But you worry about school and yourself first. Alright ?"

She nuzzled into his chest but was thinking she just couldn't do it. Uriel was a sweet guy and she wouldn't ruin him. As slight a chance it seemed, if it did happen , she would never tell him and let him live the better life he deserved and find someone more fitting.
He wiggled an arm so it could go under her and pull her to his side, subdued for the moment but had a sneaking suspicion he was going to find out through rumor instead of directly from her. He didn't say as much, of course, simply just held her. "And I am a fat schlub who people think is stupid, it's me who doesn't deserve someone like yourself." He cupped her breast from beneath and rolled back to his side to wrap his other arm around her. "But here we are, laying in bed together at nearly midnight, acting like lovers instead of complete strangers, and I gotta tell ya, darling, I am loathe to let this stop. I will if you insist of course."

He kissed the back of her neck, "But you are beautiful," kiss, "smart," kiss, "sassy," kiss, "And I am having the best night." Kiss, and then a caress.
Kitty wiggled to let him get that arm under her and she leaned in against him. His words had her moaning, but in frustration instead of pleasure. "You're a bit bigger than average but you act like you're a whale and you're not. You're the kind of guy that is nice and soft to hold and warm to cuddle up with at night. Be proud of yourself and realize you aren't those things just cause someone said them. You deserve a girl you can walk down the street with hand in hand and wouldn't have to treat like a dirty secret."

Her eyes lowered but his words and kisses had her squirm and giggle. "You are right. and I don't want it to stop. I guess , I mean I gotta be honest. I was feeling bad cause my boss at the church's sort of told me I was the worst nun ever and kicked me out and told me to never return. But I wrote to his superiors so I'm hoping to be back soon. You're the only thing making me think I'd be happier out of it, but then I have nothing." She sighed as she seemed in thought and closed her eyes. "I have you but I can't have you. And I shouldn't have you since you need to be finding your perfect girl. One you can have nights better than this..." She said though she blushed at his kissing.

The next words out of her mouth, she didn't mean and certainly didn't mean to send him bizarre mixed signals though she herself found things in a weird contradictory way. "If you want.. my house has a spare bedroom. It'd be cheaper than staying here. If you don't mind any possible rumors. Just until you go to Bath... something ta think about."
He sat up and pulled her into his lap so she could face him, his eyes intent as they peered into hers through the darkness. "Let me be clear," he said in a low voice, "You would have me no matter what capacity. A friend, a lover..." He kissed her forehead, then continued, "Don't you dare think that you have to be alone. Ever. You wouldn't do me any favors by shutting me out whether we made a baby or not. I've already made up my mind that I am going to woo you until you change your mind about becoming a nun. I am going to turn up a lamp, you're going to look me in the eye and tell me you don't want me to woo you, convince me that you think tonight didn't mean anything to you. It isn't just the sex, Kitty, it's you. I want you in my life even if I can't have you as my lover. I want you here because you're funny and smart, and you don't treat me like some annoyance." He reached over and did just that, turned the lamp up.

Then he kissed along her jaw, murmuring, "Do you want me to try and woo you or do you want me to let you go now?" he was hell bent on making it hard for her to say she didn't want him to woo the shit out of her.
Kitty said nothing as she sat upon his lap in the darkness. When he turned on the light, she looked down not wanting to answer. "You don' know me at all.. " She wiped at her eyes and then looked back up at him and started to speak. Her voice was raised but she was still trying to force it down, it was a mix between angered and frustrated.

"Yer a damned fool, is what ye are. Ya don't know better. Just cause some young girls don' know a good thing don' mean you need ta.. ta lower  your expectations. " She pouted and shook her head rubbing at her face with a sigh. "I used ta be the wild Kitty, untameable. You got me here like a sobbin' mess all cause yer just too sweet ta be real." She lightly punched his shoulder enough to not making it hurt but to give it some force. "I didn' come ta yer room ta find love. I came for a bit of fun. Now you got me questioning everything.."

She looked miserable but slowly she slumped forward and buried her face into his large, hairy chest and hugged him. "I ... sorta would like ya to woo me. But I'm more confused than a pole cat in a pack of zebras." She sniffed and nuzzled him. "But.. I wouldn' mind.. gettin ta know ya better at.. the very least, Uriel."
He let her punch him and get her frustration out, then he gave her a big smile, "Good, I got ya thinking. I am not settling. I can look at a tit all day long and be bored with it but yours aren't boring." he grinned and then kissed her some more. His hands found her butt and he pulled her tightly, tho not painfully so, and he went on to say, "I want you for your mind," kiss to one cheek, "Your spirit," kiss to the other, "Your laughter," forehead, "All of you." He kissed her lips and then over her neck, "Now, tomorrow, and maybe the next day," he murmured, slowly moving his hands up and down her slender back. "Just give me a chance to prove you shouldn't be a nun. If you don't change your mind by the end of a month, then I will be one sad schmuck but I'd accept your wishes."

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