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Kitty smiled as she drank though a tiny piece of her was annoyed that he'd ruined some of the mysterious fun by wanting to know her name. She decided it was sweet though, he was a more personable type and there was nothing wrong with that at all.

She looped an arm around him to lean in close and pressed her cheek to his affectionately. "Why I'm Kitty Calamity, fastest gun in the west! Though by the look of things you might beat me." She glanced down the at him with a rose brow. "Never had my gun go off in it's holster to be honest. Nothing to be ashamed of though if ye ain't practiced with it first." She winked trying to be fun and cheerful, not a malicious tone to be found. 

"How's about you settle down a little. No need to get all excited just yet. Drink up and think about..." Kitty had to admit she loved how easily he got riled up though, she couldn't remember the last time that happened and she didn't want him to get embarrassed and storm off without her getting to see the prize. 

"Oh, think about history! It's a nice thought to get ya all distracted like but definitely not sexy..."
To Uriel, even considering showing his wiener off to some strange lady deserved a first name at the very least. For someone who was such a schlub, he had his morals, which would be a surprise to his family if they ever found out he was saving himself for marriage as opposed to not finding a lady to do the deed. However, he was older than the average male virgin, and he had not found a young lady to marry as of yet and he probably wouldn't for a time. He was almost breathing a sigh of relief when the pressure of his groin ebbed and he could relax again, but then she had to go and wrap her arm around him like that and his penis had a mind of it's own.

He had to force himself to take a glug of his ale and hopefully get the pressure to ease. "I was thinking about hairy butts. It was working, too." He added, then adjusted himself. His face was red again because she was teasing him mercilessly. He sighed and gave up trying to hide his bulge since she knew it was there, the arm settling around her shoulders as he simply just gave in to the increasing need to touch another person, a female, to be precise.
"Oh hairy butts is a good one."

Kitty grinned as she leaned towards him and took a healthy gulp of drink.  She put down her mug and placed a hand over her heart as she closed her eyes.

"Doesn't it feel nice? Ta get ta be ourselves and relax sometimes. So often we are held to a high standard whether by family, society, or our respective higher power. But these moments when we can relax and not worry and do and say what we feel is what life is worth living for. "

She looked at Uriel and grinned grabbing her cup to clink against his. "Don't ya agree?"
Well, here goes nothin', he thought as he clinked drinks with her. He had his finished and set down on the table, which made it easier to pay attention to the older woman who might or might not deflower. He was no smooth talking young man, which made it easier to determine not to become a lawyer; he did not have his brother's stern discipline with law. He was willing to give it a try, even try some tricks his classmates had talked about. He licked his lips and then leaned in so he was close to her ear and he said, "If I show you mine, does that mean I can see yours?" SHIT! That was not what he meant to say. It sounded almost like he was referring to dick when it really was him talking about her bits in general, her breasts and her body.

So he tried to turn on the charm to save face, "You have about the prettiest lips... Are they as soft as they look? Very kissable." There. There, he thought, choosing not to lean back because that would ruin his attempt even more. He very softly and very boldly kissed her neck right at the spot below her ear. Only then did he pull away.
It was too late. His first comment had kitty completely stunned. By the time he tried to save it, she was laughing loudly. She grabbed her drink and finished the rest before turning to him, nose to nose.

"You are one of the funniest guys I reckon I've ever met. I needed that. " She relaxed to a giggle and nodded to him. "Well I take it it's only fair, right? If you are half as charmin there as ya are here I might let ya do more than look. Ready ta go?"

She asked with a smile as she moved her arm from around him to pay for their drinks, it seemed fair considering.
"Oh no, I will never allow a lady to pay for my drinks." He had the money. He put extra down and felt a boost of confidence thanks to the lady who said she was supposed to be taking vows, sort of. He was pretty tall, he wrapped his arm around her trunk and lifted her from her feet playfully, carrying her toward his room with little to no effort. He may be portly, but he was strong. He put her down about halfway and wrapped an arm casually over her shoulders. He also smelled like soap, which indicated he bathed before drinking at least. He led her into his humble and temporary abode, only slightly messy but he didn't know he would have company.

"One moment," he said and moved to swipe up some discarded clothing from the floor and folding them before placing them over the back of his chair, and a quick smoothing of bed clothes.
When he lifted her with ease, Kitty laughed and squirmed. He was a tall guy but she didn't know he was strong. She leaned to him when he wrapped an arm around to follow to the room.

She didn't know what to expect but his cleanliness mirrored her own. She was certain she had some washing to do sitting on her own bed at that very moment.

Between his humor and the recent display of strength, she found she might really enjoy this more than just the novelty. She grinned and guided him to sit on the bed before taking his face in her hands, delicately brushing her thumb over his lips.

"Speakin of soft kissable lips, yours look quite invitin too. only one way to find out." Both of her arms slipped around his shoulders as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his.
When it came to kissing girls as a young lad, he was not so great at it. Of course, he had been a gangly youth and was as as awkward as a teenaged boy could get. His kisses had been sloppy things in the past, and that was something he wanted to avoid. But she shocked him by kissing him, he wasn't exactly sure what he was supposed to do except to follow her lead. He took it one step further in experimentation, nibbling gently at her lower lip. Yup, they were exactly as he thought.

He pulled back from the kiss, his dark brown eyes filled with curiosity. He lifted a hand tentatively, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. That she was paying attention to him was a puzzle. He did not find himself handsome, and up until perhaps weeks ago, he didn't care. But the longer he was in his studies, learning different aspects of history, and hearing the bragging of his classmates, or even seeing a lot more young ladies... he wanted to do better for himself.

And while he was not sure what part Kitty would play after this day, he would let her play a part in helping him be a better person. He wanted to ask if she was sure she wanted to see what she asked to see, she seemed the type to tell him. He simply let her take the lead, let her be the teacher while he was her student. He could feel himself harden again, that surge of desire that happened because of her.
Kitty enjoyed the kiss while it lasted and when they pulled apart, she looked into his eyes. She smiled when he touched her hair to brush it back, and he probably saw something in her eyes that he'd never seen in a woman who was looking at him. Desire. The red head didn't even know when it exactly happened, but she was actually enjoying him more and more.

She looked over him and chuckled noticing he was once again at attention for her. She started to unbutton the already strained buttons on his shirt as she kissed his neck lightly in a trail. "What a sweet man like you is doing single, I don't understand. Lucky for me though." She laughed before finally getting it removed and tossing it aside towards the chair that had already become his laundry pile. Her fingers ran over his chest and then she kissed him again on the lips.

Kitty enjoyed the kiss more briefly this time before stepping away. She turned and held up her hair to show the top of her tunic. After removing the guimpe which she tossed aside as well, she leaned towards him.

"Might ya be so kind as ta unbutton me? I can't exactly enjoy your company so wrapped up." She gave him a somewhat sultry glance over her shoulder.
She was surprising him with every turn. Calling him sweet, unbuttoning his shirt, et cetera. "You're the first to notice me, honestly," he murmured, reveling in the first touches of feminine hands in the nature she was touching. When his buttons were all open, he had quite a hairy chest and the hair moved downward in a taper over the slight bit of chunk that was his belly. It wouldn't take much at all for him to shape up if he applied himself.

He was surprisingly deft with his fingers, flicking each button from the button holes with ease and dexterity. He swallowed and pushed fabric away from her back. Imagine, he thought, me, a putz, and I'm about to look at a pretty little lady, and she is about to look at me. He suddenly felt shy at the thought, as he kicked his shoes from his feet as he would any other time. He shrugged out of his shirt and suspenders, and then he would lean his chest against her back as he began to kiss along her neck and catch her ear gently between teeth. He reached down between them to free himself from his pants prison just for the relief of it, sighing in said relief when some of the pressure was taken off of that damned sensitive member. She may or may not feel it against her back, and it was not that small after all. But she would have to look for herself.
While Uriel was removing his shirt and suspenders, she was slipping off her black dress to be left in her combination. She was pressed close to him and was content to be against his body, the attention to her neck and ear brought a huge smile to her face so that she barely noticed with his other hand was doing until she felt the prodding against her drawers.

She unlaced the front of her top and slid it off to expose her upper body as she turned to him. Her form wasn't the sort of thing to write home about, but she had been athletic all her life and it showed. Her pale figure was slim and her breasts were smaller than the bartender's but still a handful.

Her eyes couldn't resist to look over him and stare at what had brought her to that room. She grinned more as it was quite a sight. Nothing magical or bizarre, but certainly different and she liked it. Her blue eyes moved up to meet his dark ones and she kissed him, bringing a hand down to touch him for the first time in his life. Just a delicate caress to feel him over and feel the pulse against her fingertips.

"You are quite a sight, I must say. I think its quite worth the wait."
He looked her over, she was not the busty woman from in the tavern, but it didn't matter to him. He was wide eyed with his innocence as his eyes fixated on her smaller but particularly pretty breasts, and he was about to say something when he felt her hand. He tensed at first, and it was sheer willpower that kept him from spilling his seed right then and there. He had to make sure she was happy before he was happy, right? His mouth traced a path down her shoulder and to one breast, and he would look up at her face for reaction when his tongue swirled. Suddenly, it felt like it was easy for him just to wrap his arms around her and grab her bottom, pulling her against him when it all seemed to click in his mind as to what to do. His hands, clumsy and oafish at times, were sure and steady as he cupped and squeezed like an experienced man.

That was the advantage of being a scholar, he thought, because he always thought of sex and he studied that books as well as listened intently to his friends. But unlike them, he was not going to kiss and tell, he thought, it didn't seem right to share details of how her form felt against his. He flipped them over so she was on her back on the bed, and he decided that patience was the key. He kissed down to her belly and then looked up at her face with something of adoration. He wasn't going to be the insensitive putz in bed as he was in normal situations. "You're beautiful," he said and clearly meant it.

He curled his fingers into the waist of her drawers and gently tugged downward, following the pull of the fabric all... the way... to her feet. He ignored the rest of his clothing for the moment, intent on kissing and tasting his way up the inseam of her leg. He paused and looked up at her face again, making sure she was alright and he wasn't being oafish.
Uriel was just full of surprises. She was certain he would do one of two things: let her do all of the work, or get what he wanted quickly to get it out of the way since he seemed on edge. He was gentle though and confident. His lips upon her had the woman sigh and she ran her fingers through his hair watching him with an intense gaze.

Before she realized it, he had her on her back and was shedding her of her last bit of garment. He wasn't even fully undressing himself , he was taking his time to enjoy her body and he complimented her when he already had her in his bed. She leaned up on her elbows to grin at him.

"You're quite a handsome man, Uriel. I can't remember the last time a man made me feel this way. " He did make her feel younger and he made her feel beautiful. She was many things, but she hadn't considered herself that. Her hand reached out to touch his cheek again and she smiled. "I'm in your capable hands, and I don't know why you acted so shy. You're doing so well. Have you been pretending to be inexperienced all this time? If so perhaps your destiny is upon the stage." She smiled more and winked playfully.
"No, no pretending. I am a putz, but I don't want to be that here. Doesn't seem fair for me to get all the attention when you deserve some too." He gave a smile where one side was higher than the other, almost smirk like without the smirk in his eyes. "I have time for only a few things... Read history, and listen to sex stories from my friends. Of course I chose to listen." He raised his brows, and then murmured, "When I want to learn, I learn, Kitty." And then his mouth was on her again, moving toward her apex and tasting. It was like honey with a touch of salt, he thought as his eyes rolled up a little. He knew one taste had him hooked, and he savored that part of her like she was made of his favorite soup. It took him some time to figure out where to put his tongue, of course, but once he figured it out, he wasn't stopping.

He even recalled that his flatmate talked about something in particular, and he slipped the very tip of his thumb within and was gentle as could be, rolling it around while he sampled. "Hmmm," he hummed and paused. He wasn't going to ask if he was doing it right, he wanted to figure out for himself if she liked it. "Tell me what to do, Kitty," he said, still rolling his thumb so the pad of it would caress her.
"Putz? That is a funny word. You're not whatever it is right now, you're quite amazing." Kitty smiled then he surprised her again. She was laying back and curling up her knees a bit as he had his mouth upon her. Where did he learn to do that? Her fingers dug into the bed sheets as she watched him and a low moan escaped. She reached down to stroke his hair as he spoke.

"Y-you're doin.. quite good as is. D-don't be shy .. with that tongue of yours..though your thumb is doing quite the job. ' She couldn't resist lifting her hips a little as she bit her lip. "But.. don't be shy ta try things. I'll certainly.. let you know.. if you mess up. " She giggled but it was strained and weak. When was the last time a guy had done this to her? Certainly they were more experienced than Uriel but he was so skilled. This was turning out to be quite a night to go out on, but had she not, she realized she perhaps should have pursued the smarter types if they were capable of this. 'Oh.. U-Uriel.. you' quite.. a gift."

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