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His idea had been a pleasant surprise, considering the two hurried times they were with one another in some deeper sense or another. They could take their time, and she wanted that very much more than she had thought would be on her mind. She leaned in slowly, happy for the daylight still left that they could see one another in the light. Her mouth pressed to his and she kissed once, twice, and then settled her lips against his the way he had taught her. “Yes,” she said softly against his mouth, casual against him, her wrists crossing behind his neck. Her eyes were shuttered and she ended the kiss to rest her forehead against his.

She did not pull back to look at him, simply let her gaze settle on his, her eyes shifting into a deeper color of chocolate. She was definitely receptive to the idea, there was no doubt about that. Her eyes held the consent as much as the gesture of the kiss, yet she did not rush him into pulling off her clothes. As much as she would have liked to hurry, this time didn't seem like it would be right to head willy nilly into frenzied movement, it seemed better to savor the feeling of mouth to mouth. Karen slowly lifted her arms and sat back enough to afford him space.
He nodded to the notion of a bath. He held her on her lap, her knees on either side of him. Something about her towering over him, made him feel less in control of the moment, and he liked it. He liked the way she looked at him. It was pure and direct and it was different. He wasn't sure why it was different and part of him wanted to fight it, scared of loosing the reputation he has always had. He was a man of pattern, moving here was a big change in his life. He wasn't sure he could handle more, but it seemed life had other plans.

He didn't speak, he kept his hands still as they kissed. When she lifted her arms his hands moved down her body until his hands were on her slip. He lowly lifted it up, so his knuckles would gently drag across her skin.
The graze of his knuckles made her flesh tingle. She shivered a little. Upon being free from that barrier, she almost put her arms over her bosoms, but stopped herself. He might not have seen it very well in the dark, but he had seen it nevertheless and it would have been silly to hide. Her gaze remained steady as she gave him a chance to study, should he wish to do so. Then she emboldened herself, moving to any buttons or fastenings he might have on his clothing. She took her time divesting him of his shirt and any other thing worn over or under. It was only when all of that was done, she leaned against him, skin to skin, and reveled in the warmth brewing between them.
He hadn't really thought about the fact they hadn't actually seen each other naked in good lighting.Healed over wound on his thigh andmaybe a few marks on his back from todays adventure would be revealed. He stood up and brought her with him to his feet so she could properly undress him. It felt odd letting her do it by herself, made him nervous not being in control. It was a good nervous, one of those feelings he hadn't actually experienced with a women

His eyes watched her facial expression for a moment before looking over her body. When she pressed into him everything else went away. Harold took a step back to walk around her to her other side, so he might take in her beauty from her backside. The woman certainly had curves . He pressed his bare skin against hers from behind, his hands resting on her stomach and his lips kissing her skin between her neck and shoulder.
"Harold," she murmured, leaning into the kisses and touch. Her sigh was soft, her eyes drifting closed as his mouth touched her neck and the spot between her shoulders that seemed to drive her slightly mad. She'd gotten to see him and wasn't the least bit put off by any scarring. Quite the contrary, he made her almost breathless. She rested her hands over his and she gave a breathy chuckle when he found a ticklish spot, but by the way her fingers tightened against his in that moment, it seemed as though it affected her in a different way. His facial hair created for even more sensation, tickling at her flesh and causing goosebumps to raise.
"mhhmm" was his muffled reply to hearing his name. It was his way of saying, yes I hear you. If she was trying to form a full sentence then she could continue. If it was just her staying his name in reaction to touch, well he'd soon get confirmation on that front.

Harold's hands moved up her soft skin drafting her hands with him. His hands moved to cup her breast. The gunslingers member moving slight against the soft skin of the lady's buttocks. He took a step back from her in hopes she might turn around to look at him.
She gasped and arched against his and her hands, his name repeated ever so softly. Her head tilted back a little when she felt that part of him against her skin. When he pulled away, she turned, her gaze moving over him before she settled her mouth against his. Her arms went around him and grazed over his back in multiple passes, before she grew emboldened to move her hands even further downward.

To her, he was a beautifully formed man. She'd seen men without shirts, of course, lads working in the fields in the summer heat, some with muscles that rippled from good health and heavy working. But they were only that... boys. Harold did not resemble any boy she'd ever known. Her hands moved to the front, cheeks soon hitting pink again.
The look on his face that of pleasure, but that could easily be confused as pain. A woman's reaction to a touch, a kiss, a lick, a thrust well that was different. It was most certainly different with this particular woman, which he was not yet to allow himself to relax to that idea. His hands moved and so did his body as he moved forward to nudge her back until they were at the bed. he lowered himself, feeling her hands move elsewhere as his hands moved along her inner legs moving them so her stance was wider.
Karen moved with him, her eyes looking into his face as he started to move her backwards. Her arms moved around the back of his neck as he lowered, and as he moved her legs, she lifted to kiss him, pausing here and there to hum. When she lay back, she was looking at him through hooded eyes, her hands moving to his chest to explore with gentle touch. She looked up into his eyes whilst biting her bottom lip.
The urge was strong. He wanted to take her and take her hard, but he refrained. Seeing and feeling her reaction to ever soft kiss made him happy. He tried to make mental notes about what spots were the most sensitive, they could prove to be useful later on. His eyes ran across hers before his lips trailed down her stomach, lifting up and supporting her back side so his lips could continue the kisses lower. He focused there for a moment before lowering her back side to the bed and crawled over her so his lips might meet hers. As he slipped into her, Harold held down her hands to the bed with his own hands. After the slow entry he placed a kiss on her lips. "Karen.."
He was making her into a shaking mess kissing her all over the way he did. When he kissed lower, she nearly shattered into a million tiny little pieces. She whimpered when he moved his mouth elsewhere, back upwards, and then he took her slowly whilst holding her hands down. "Harold!" she gasped and rolled her head to one side, a look of both surprise and pleasure having crossed her expression. It felt different from the first time; it didn't hurt. It was as if they fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. He took away the ache she had for him, the pain of want, her moans soft as they trickled toward his ears. She coiled her legs around his waist.
His breathing expressed the pleasure he felt with her tightening around her during the moments he sat still in her. He sounds his hands move from her wrists and onto the side of the bed. Every movement was more intense than the next. Slowing down, going fast, slowing down. He pulled away to lay on his back ,pulling her with him so she'd be on top.
She was going to die, she thought as the pressure within her got intense. Her breathing came out in trembling gasps as she had an expression on her face of heady delight... she found that moving with him was even more pleasurable. Before he moved his hands, she pressed her mouth to his thumb at the right side of her head, "Harold..." She whimpered, and her mouth soon found his as he rolled with her. Instinct made her sit up, arching to keep with the strangely intense movements. It was only awkward for a moment before she had some semblance of knowledge on what felt good and how it felt in general. She started to make a reserved little, "Hmm," noise with each movement even as she wanted to cry out.
The noises which came from his lips were not so reserved. If anyone below could hear or in the neighboring rooms it didn't matter. He moaned when she found the right rhythm. His bottom lip turned under his top lip for a moment as his eyes closed and his head pushed in back into the pillow. Maybe it was the tragedy that had brought them closer together, maybe it was just fate. But even if he didn't want to admit it to himself, the way they were taking tonight slow showed he did.
She finally couldn't deal with stifling her moans anymore and she began to cry out. With her on top of him, his member felt more invasive, but not in a way that she disliked. In fact, it was that angle that caused her to drop her head backwards and issue a long and trembling moan, her loins aching sweetly. Her "Hmms" became louder, freer, "Ohs," and "Ahs," and then she went silent and stopped breathing. She pushed down hard against him once, twice, a third time and then stiffened and simply jerked her hips. She shattered around him hard enough that her walls closed tightly while she climaxed. Karen sobbed, finding a place that was as frightening as it was delightful.

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