Closed Too Late to Make Amends?
The blizzard was over, and Molly and found out how wrong she had been. She had been wanting to apologize to Rob, she really had but she didn't blame him for not wanting to see her. They were merely two who went for private alliances but it seemed sometimes that there was something more, not that she'd admit it or even attempt to pursue. She had too many secrets and she had a feeling he was too wild to settle down any time soon.  Guilt still lingered and tugged at her heart wanting her to see him, even if he didn't accept it. 

The place was only so large, and she couldn't spend all day wandering back and forth in hopes of running into him. If she found him with an arm around some other woman of the house, she would just let it be, knowing it didn't matter as he had moved on. Her head hung down and she leaned against a wall, hugging herself as her head turned this way and that in an odd restless matter. This place was so stifling and she was making foolish mistakes with one of the staff. She groaned and sunk to her knees. She always hoped where she ended up would be the last place she had to go, but it never was. She didn't know if she wanted things to get ruined again soon or never the way she struggled with herself.
He came upon her by pure happenstance, sitting on the floor in this out of the way corner of the servants' hall. In fact, he almost stepped on her, he was walking so fast. Not that he needed to. There was no urgency to his errand. But he was feeling like a caged animal, what with the imprisoning snow and the restlessness of his own spirit layered atop that. There was a seething energy inside him, and he felt impatient, with everything.

But he drew up short, just in time to avoid barging into her, and he looked down at the last person he'd expect to see, because he hadn't been looking for her. She was also a person he was now not so sure he wanted to see, as Molly was part of this unhappy, unsettled aggravation that made him feel like he was fragmented into many, many pieces which he was struggling to hold together. He looked down at her in surprise and could only manage a clipped, "Molly? as he reached out a steadying hand to the wall above her head.
Molly stood sharply as she saw him. Her fingers toyed with the end of her sleeve as she looked at him. He was so handsome in a dangerous, brooding way.

"Rob.. I've been.. wanting to see you..and..apologize.. for.. not believing you. I know.." She looked down and closed her eyes. "I ..don't deserve your forgiveness. But.. i.. had to.." Her mouth felt dry as the worry of his reply started to sink in.
The fact that she didn't leap up and run away was the second surprise, after almost tripping over her. What she said was the third. The words were not expected, and Rob could only look at her for a long moment. He wanted to say something. He had so much to say. But he couldn't seem to get anything out of his mouth. Rob Allan - speechless - now there was something you didn't see every day.

Having regained his balance - at least his physical balance - he let his hand drop from the wall. He just stood there, momentarily mute, looking at her with rather sorrowful eyes.
Molly wanted to hold him and ask what was wrong, but she didn't want to think he would appreciate it. She stepped closer and clasped her hands together as she looked up at him.

"You have a dark cloud over you.. what is it? I hope things haven't gotten worse for you. You're a good man I think. i.. I let the fact I didn't know you outside of our.. moments make me doubt and that was my fault.. none of yours.."
Finally, he found his voice. "'Tis like I did tell'ee. I never were wi'tha'girl." Rob wasn't exactly lying to Molly. In his own head, "being with a girl" translated to sex. And though he'd kissed Hazel, and diddled her for perhaps all of three seconds before she'd pulled away, scared, he'd never done more. That was what was so aggravating and frustrating about all of it. The one girl he'd not gotten anywhere with was the one that decided to say he was the father of her unwanted brat!

His voice was low. Once again they were in a spot where anyone could walk up upon them. But he wasn't angry, not with Molly. He liked her too much to stay irritated with her. It was all the other busy bodies and gossip mongers that he was directing his ire at. "Guess folk d'like t'b'lieve what's worst 'bout a body. I'm just sorry 'ee did 'ave t'ear such gossip. Reckon it'll all die down, though. Sooner or later." And that was true. Life did go on. But it was the type of thing people would remember, and likely bring back up from time to time. Villagers had long memories.

He was looking down into her lovely eyes, and feeling all the same things he'd been feeling for her practically since they'd first met. "No need t'pologize. 'Ee weren't t'know any better." He might have wished that she could have thought more of his character. But he did truly reckon that girls were easily swayed by rumors.
Molly looked down more as his words hit her a little bit. She didn't truly know him very well, just as he didn't know her. It was no point to throw it back at him though as she had been wrong and she didn't want to hurt him.more than she had.

" sorry. I know you do little outside of..our meetings. And if you didn't want me to..i don't want to push. I like you, Rob..and I am happy with what we had as long as you are... " She flushed and bit her lip closing her eyes and hung her head before him.

"I learned my lesson. You're a better person than me.."
To say that Rob was not standing there, recalling how Molly looked naked and how she felt under, and on top of, him, would have been a lie. He did have feelings for her - more than he'd had for any girl. But his basic make up got in the way of him being more than what he was. He was an uneducated, simple man born blessed with some amount of good looks which allowed him more success with women than some other men. He held all the typical beliefs of the local common man of his time and location. Could he see past the tip of his cock when it came to women and their feelings? Probably not. Was he standing there hoping he could talk her into yet another "meeting"? Surely. He had been sincerely concerned for her safety a few days past. He had been genuinely hurt that she hadn't believed him when he said he hadn't hurt Hazel in any way - although he would have admitted theirs had not been a relationship that had gone much past sex, and so, why should she believe him?

But now he was ready to let all that rest in the past. She seemed willing to make things up with him, and he would neither hold any sort of ill will towards her nor engage in a long thoughtful conversation about the intricacies of relationship building. He reached out one forefinger to trace over the back of her hand, knowing this was not the time or place for anything more.

"Nay. 'Tisn't so. I know'ee are a good girl. Molly. 'Ee d'make me very 'appy." Rob was so ignorant, in fact, it never occurred to him that what she had said might not have been genuine. He didn't exactly take it as his due, that she should apologize. But he thought her contrition, whatever motivated it, was sincere, and charming.

"Listen. I won't keep no secrets from'ee. Ain't got no secrets t'keep, reckon. Promise." He smiled at her.
Molly smiled brightly as he looked at her and spoke kindly. His touch was electric and she fought against the desire to do anything in case they were discovered. She let her hand move to meet his touch and nodded.

"You're a good and kind man, Rob. I am very lucky." Her voice dropped as she said what he wanted to hear. His promise about not keeping secrets had her stand straighter though she didn't lose her cheerful expression.

"I will never lose faith in you again." Molly would not make such a statement, it would be lies if she did. Molly didn't care, if he were to discover the truth she wouldn't be seeing him again anyway since it meant someone exposed her and only her cousin would do that.
It seemed that all was mended between them. At least, as far as Rob was concerned they were. His smile brightened too. But of course, footsteps came to his ears and he said in a hurried whisper, "Will'ee meet me in t'attic? Tonight? Like a'fore?" His eyes were not exactly pleading, but as close thereto as a horny young man's gaze could be.
Molly didn't have to think twice. She smiled and nodded. There was no time, but she was quick. The woman got to her toes and leaned up for a very quick kiss. "I will be waiting for you..." She pulled back and winked with a somewhat seductive look. Molly had to live day to day, and Rob was the perfect guy for that.
He had just enough time for one more grin and then one of the footmen rounded the corner and Rob was nodding. "Aye, I'll make sure Mr Eldrige knows..." he said. Making something up on the fly wasn't his strong suit. But he knew he had no business standing here chatting up the nursery maid.

He moved past her, and walked away, nodding in recognition of the footman. Inside his pants he felt a little tickle of anticipation. The day had just gotten about a thousand times better, and his world had righted itself again. He shoved his hands in his pocket and whistled.

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