Let Bygones be Bygones
Eventually both Harold and Karen fell asleep, but Harold woke from nightmares. He laid most of the time with his eyes wide open.He needed to go put the girls name on the marker. He needed to take care of a few things, keep himself busy, but he didn't want Karen to be alone. Pony, he had to find her brother. He got out of the bed trying not to wake her and slipped on his suit from yesterday, the suit that read 'wealth', the suit he didn't like wearing.

He snuck out the room in the Inn and headed out into the Village. 'If I wanted to sell piss water where would I be?" He asked himself outloud before wandering the village at a fast pace.  "Pony..." He said when he finally spotted him across the way. He walked around the few people who were out at this time in the morning as fast as he could.  "Mr. McBride.. your sister needs you."  He had this look of tiredness on his face, like he had just been through hell and back. "Please..."
Pony was feeling a bit better after a few nights in Sal's bed and her grandmother's cooking for breakfast. Of course, good things never last as he could tell by the thing that came his way. He ignored him until he had the few around him gone. This guy was very bad for business. 

He leaned against the side of the cart and gave him a frown and a furrowed brow. "Your nose is still there, such a pity. Look, I thought I made it clear I didn't want to be seeing you or her again. She doesn't need me, said it herself. So I don't know what tales you're trying to sell but I'm not taking it. Now get lost." He held up a hand and started putting his bottles away so that he could hitch Jenny up and go somewhere else. He didn't care how tired and worn in the guy looked, good riddance.
He didn't try to argue with the man. He didn't have the energy to do so. The man could think whatever he wanted of Harold, it didn't matter. "Mr. McBride" His voice got louder to get his attention. "Your sister loves you more than the world itself and she needs you." He had hoped the way he spoke, the slight mannerism and the tone in his voice would do something. "She's passed out at the Inn from crying all night. Her best friend is dead and the only one I can think of that could even come close to consoling her is you. So please!"
This doctor must have thought Pony was stupid. He didn't trust the doctor already but the idea that his sister had also gotten some best friend in just the few days they'd been apart? That she just happened to die and they were so close his sister needed him and only him?

It almost made him laugh it was such a pitiful attempt. The doctor either wanted him to blindly follow to some private place so he could kill him and dump him in the bog or she was fine and when he showed up she would be even more furious at him. The knowledge that his sister would take the doctor's side over his own when he defended himself opened all of the fresh wounds Sal had started to heal.

He wasn't going to raise his voice or get angry but he turned away to get Jenny ready to go. "I can't do that. She told me to stay away and that I hated her and didn't listen. If I go, that would seem like I wasn't listening or respecting her choices.." He spoke mockingly to the doctor.

"You're the brilliant doctor, you figure it out." He glanced at him as he was quick to hop into the seat of the cart . "Looks like you could use one yourself, eh? My medicine can do marvels for sleep troubles.." he produced a bottle but then laughed pocketing it. "But I won't ever sell to you." He lowered his voice. "So I tell you once, I'll tell you again. Leave me alone."
He let the young man talk, he wasn't really even listening to whatever he was saying. He was trying to figure out what exactly he could say to get Pony to just go sit with his sister while he took care of somethings. "She told me and not that you'd believe me, but I explained your side and she feels bad. We discussed coming to find you but …" His voice trailed off. He didn't want to get into specific details.

"If you're not gonna go see her, will you at least help her" He moved his hands through his hair. How do you get a stubborn man to just go see his sister. "you must have something that can get rid of a ghost."
Pony rolled his eyes as the doctor still held to his lies. "Oh I am sure she did.." When he mentioned the ghost, he snorted and turned to him. His face showed how incredulous the doctor sounded.

"A ghost? What makes you think I would know anything about a ghost? Try the church. Or the mansion, I hear they have ghosts up there." He shook the reigns and Jenny started to go at her usual slow pace. "You will need better lies than that!" He shouted. Of course he did have some ideas, things he had hard back home in Ireland, but he wasn't about to let the doctor make him sound as crazy as he did.
He knew how to deal with spirits, he came from a city plagued by them. He thought playing to the man's belief that he was above doctors in the world of medicine might have done the trick. He of course underestimated how stubborn the man was.

" Pony, why would I lie? What could I even possibly gain from that? I deeply care about Karen, but I don't know her the way you know her. She just found out her friend died a horrible death." He hadn't gone into the details of the red heads death, but Karen was a smart girl. By the state she had found him and the look of his office with the swamp water and mud, Karen would have put two and two together

" Just for today, let bygones be bygones."
"You're a doctor. You certainly lie! And I have no reason to believe you tell the truth.  And obviously I don't know her as well as you do since she chose you over me! The last two times I had seen her, she SHOUTED that I did not know her at all.  What is more likely is, you would love to have me out of the way. Maybe you will kill me if I follow you someplace private. Maybe you will just take me to my perfectly fine sister who is furious I came for her since she told me not to see her, and put you in even better standing in her eyes. Those are much more likely than she is haunted by some supposed friend!"

Pony was angry and also feeling like he was done with it. "You want to know what I think about your bygones be bygones?" He made a very rude gesture with his hands. "That is what I think!"
"You are stubborn as stubborn gets. " He took in a deep breath . his eyes closed for a moment as his thumb and forefinger ran across his mustache. He didn't react to the ruse gesture.

"Then you've proven to your sister and yourself that your interests for her were out of selfishness and not love. I've gone long periods of times without talking to my siblings or parents because of heated words, but I'd be at their side quicker than I could shoot ten empty beer bottles of they needed me."

He shifted his stance before placing his hands into his pockets. He would just have to drag Karen around with him or hold off on the things he needed to take care of. She was morning a loss of a friend,.while he was dealing with the horrific site of her friends body being possessed by evil. He needed to keep busy, but he didn't want her to be along.
"If I believed you for one second that might be different, but that is the dumbest lie I've ever heard!" Pony called out as he was quite happy to ride away.

"You can't use this against me either, devil doctor! No one would believe your crazy story!" He said quickly and tried to hurry and ride away but Jenny didn't like to go more than a steady trot.
" I think you've been in your line of business too long. " He could have expanded that thought. He wanted to, but what would that get him. The doctor wanted to shake the crazy out of the no good con artist. " Look, I fear she will slip into some sort of depressive state if she's left alone or worse fo our into the bogs to find answers. I am standing here asking you to get your head our of your ass and go be there for your sister don't even have to talk to her.."
Pony glared at him , narrowing his eyes. "You want me to see her, I have to trust she will be there waiting for me. " He seemed in thought and rubbed his chin. "Have her meet me at the inn in an hour. If she is there, and only her. I'll stay and watch her for you. But I must say, for someone with such a massive chip on his shoulder, you seem pretty pathetic begging me when you both made it clear she didn't need me and I was in fact bad for her."
" she is at the Inn now." This man in front of him needed a shrink. It almost felt like Pony was taking his frustrations with himself and projecting it to someone else. He raised an eyebrow. Never once has he said she never needed him. "I would rather you see me as pathetic than see Karen distraught."

He had to remind himself this guy in front of him was ill. He wasn't sure what it was, if it was a mental thing from being in world of bamboozling too long or an actual condition.

" If you go now, then I won't follow, but if you wait an hour I will have to wait with her until you show."
Pony grumbled and everything told him it was a bad idea. "Fine. But you better stay outside, and if you tricked me I will make sure you both regret it. "He said sharply. He didn't know why he was doing it at all.

"Never come into the room. If you are back, just knock and let me leave. " He warned him and then turned the wagon to head towards the inn. He wondered if he should bring some sort of protection and figured he would decide by the time he got there.
"I have to take care of a few things. write the girls name on the gravestone and go to the bog.. I'll be back later. Just tell her I'll be back later, don't mention the bog." He was in too nice of clothes to go to the bog in, so he'd have to go run by the hospital and change. "First door on the right... and thank you" He wasn't sure what snapped the man out of his head , but it didn't matter. What mattered was he could go do what he needed to knowing she'd have someone with her to comfort her.

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