Open Errands a promise to keep
Guedalia found herself sleeping amongst her things. It wasn't the safest place for a woman. Sleeping under the stars in the back of a cart. Men and women with fingers itching to find treasure to see could come to see if there was something worthy. If it was a man, well, the man's mind wasn't always the nicest of places.

She found it slightly easier to sleep this time, only because something told her Jonathan would keep his words. When she woke up, she stretched, her hand moving from under a pile of clothes , letting her hand move away from a daggers handle. Sitting up she stretched again and with a yawn looked at her things. She'd need to sell some of these things if she wanted to afford to buy food.

In the few days she has been there, she had noticed a woman that walked around selling different items. Maybe she could find her and make a deal with her. As her thoughts figured out how to make money so she could hinder the odd nosies coming from her stomach, she got off the cart.

The seamstress winced ."forgot about you" she spoke to her ankle. She changed, straighted out her hair the best she could with her fingers and headed into town with a couple of things in her arm. As she walked into the market, her eyes looked around to see if she could find this girl.

There was chatter about a doctor , she didn't really hear.the details. Her ears closed off after hearing the word doctor. 'new plan Dalia, find the girl, see if the doctor had something for her ankle, and then meet Jon.'
Sal was stood chatting with one of the few old women in the village who didn't look at her as if she had the plague. She saw the newcomer - a woman she'd noticed a couple of times in the past few days - coming in her direction. As she watched, their eyes happened to meet, and Sal, being the friendly sort, nodded and called out, "'Ello. 'Aven't seen you before. New to Madsmoor, ar'ee?"

It was something of a novelty. Madsmoor was a small place, where everyone knew everyone, and people seldom moved there. What was there to move there for? She kept her expression open and affable. She reckoned it must be hard, being the stranger in a place like this, where the locals tended to look upon strangers with wary eyes.
A smile filled with relief came to her lips as she saw the woman she was looking for. "Very much so" She adjusted the clothes on her arm. "and I don't very much know where to start." She needed to get a roof over head and she needed to figure out how to eat. "Maybe you might be able to help." She looked down at the items then back to the woman. "I've seen your selling tickets. I was wondering if you'd be capable of selling items like this. You'd of course keep part of the earnings"
Sal's eyebrows lifted, and she looked curiously at what the woman held in her arms. "Aye? What d'ee got there, then?" She nodded at the items.
"Clothes that should fetch a pretty penny." She put one of the dresses over her eft arm and then extended both arms so the girl could get a better look. " I am a seamstress, most of my wardrobe contains pieces thrown out of well off families sewn to fit my figure. I of course can alter any piece to fit any eye that is almost sold on buying it. What do you think ?"
Sal's eyes widened as the woman draped a dress over her arm and held it up to her body. It was much, much nicer than anything she herself had ever owned. She could not resist reaching out a hand to touch the material. "Judas priest! 'Tis sommat fine there 'n no mistakin'." Her gaze came to the woman's face. "'Tis lovely! But...why d'ee want me t'sell for'ee? Wouldn't'ee rather do the sellin' yourself 'n keep all the money?"
"I couldn't sell a toothpick if I tried...nor do I actually want to try. For anyone you sell that you can get them to come to me for an adjustment, you can keep what you get for the dress and I'll keep what I get for the adjustment." She smiled, feeling a bit proud of herself for taking this step. It hurt thinking about giving up most of her things, but food was and a roof was more important. "I just am looking to survive on my own, you know"
Sal's eyebrows rose. "But...'ee don't even know me!" Her expression became more pragmatic. "Lucky for'ee I ain't as dishonest as some 'round 'ere." She almost tsk-tsk'ed at the woman for being so trusting.

"If'ee d'need 'elp sellin' a few things, I'll 'elp'ee. But I won't be takin' all your money!" She considered what might be a fair price, chewing on her lip thoughtfully. "I'll take a shilling for each piece I sell. If they be all as nice as this'un, I'm sure 'twill be no problem at all t'sell 'em for'ee. Then'ee can keep the rest. That's 'ow'ee d'survive, lass!" She laughed.
Jonathan had been frustrated he didn't see the woman when he came into town. He looked all around and now, finally saw her up ahead talking to someone. He whistled cheerfully, hands in his jacket pockets as he came up to them.

"Well well, it must be my lucky day to see two of the loveliest ladies in town. Dalia. You weren't waiting for me, I had to find you. But I'm glad to see you're safe. " His head turned to the other with a cheerful expression. "And Sal! You look like you're doing well. How's that beautiful lady you keep hiding away from me doing?" He grinned sweetly as he referred to her grandmother. She was always a fun lady to talk to and loved telling him about her granddaughter and stories of her youth. He was happy to listen and bring a smile to the old woman's face. His head then turned to look at what was being shown.

"Hm? What is going on here? You giving her a dress?"
"You'd be doin the heavy lifting, you will take at least half" She replied to the girl as her stomach turned. She kept reminding herself that this had to happen. She had lived with her parents, when they died she had nothing, which helped her leave her city. She may have not been rich, but she spoiled herself and acted like it.. having the clothes helped. It was time though to try and remember where she came from and selling the items would be good for.

She heard a man's voice and a slight smile came to her lips, which she quickly hid it. She didn't turn to face him, but continued to look at Sal as he spoke. Her head moved slightly to look in his direction without giving him her full attention. "We were actually making a business deal..."
Sal was still reluctant to accept that much of the revenue. But before she could negotiate further, Jon Eldridge appeared. She smiled at him. He was such a character! And yes, he had made a few attempts to capture her eye and her interest. But they had settled on an amicable friendship in lieu of anything more. It had turned out he had quite a way with even the white haired ladies of the village, her granny included, and it tickled her when Jon dropped by every now and then, to see her grandmother light up like a ray of sunshine.

"Ah, she be pinin' after your company, Jon," she teased. "If'ee don't come round soon, she just might die of a broken 'eart." She laughed.

Then she turned to the woman, who apparently went by 'Dalia.' "Dalia, is it? Tell'ee what. Lemme try my 'and at sellin' your dresses 'n we can sit down after and talk 'bout splittin' up whatever I get for them?" She nodded at Jon. ""Ee knows where I live. Come 'round later 'n have a cuppa with me 'n my gran." She grinned at Jon. '"N 'ee too, Jon. She'd be that 'appy t'see 'ee."

And with a mutual farewells, Sal took the items Dalia had with her, and moved off to see what she could accomplish.
She was going to ask about this mysterious beautiful woman, but Sal answered the question. She bit her bottom lip and tapped him in the side, more like a flirtatious love tap, not that she'd admit. "Sorry, yes, Geudalia, Dalia for short and that would great." She handed over the dressed to her. "Pleasure to meet you Sal" He repeated the name that Jon had said. She waited until Sal had started to walk away. "Talk to you soon..." She then turned and looked at Jon.

"I was planning on heading your way after... but you know after the exchange I just witness. I'm not sure you would have been there. " She smirked and turned around and started to walk to the spot they were supposed to meet in the first place. "At least I know where to find you when your not gardening" A light muffled chuckle came from her lips.
Jon oh'd to Dalia and nodded as he understood the situation. At Sal, he grasped his chest and made a dramatic sigh. "Oh, tell that lovely young lady I shall see her before the end of tomorrow! I do so miss her sparkling smile, beautiful and breathtaking as the sea! I will bring some tea so that we can sit for hours. She is always giving me food and things, it is the least I can do. I feel so spoiled around that woman. "

He gave Sal a huge warm smile and waved as she left. He then focused upon Dalia and hurried after her. "Ah, my dear lady. I am everywhere at any time. I like to meet people and it makes my day to make a lady smile." He grinned huge and caught up to her. "If I knew you were looking for me, I would be there."
"Uh huh" The tone of her voice said 'don't believe you' but it was more "I need to go get my ankle looked at. Possibly alcohol and a bandage. " She was definitely not up to a long stroll today. She stopped walking and looked at him. "But before I do that, I do have a question for you." She looked at him with all seriousness. "A Serious question....Where are you ticklish?" One of her eyebrows raised. Dalia felt like it was an important thing to know.
Jon stepped alongside her and then looked over curiously when she stopped. Her question made him blink then laugh. "I am afraid I am not ticklish!" He lied. "But since you brought it up, where are you ticklish?" He wiggled his fingers playfully.

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