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As Chi left the tent, the cold bit his bare skin. He had been chilly, but the coat could have waited. He was more aggravated than anything, what with Ellis outing him, his mom treating him like a little kid, and then…that ass of a country boy! What did he think? That he would do a strip tease for him? Jerk!
Admittedly, it was times like these that his childhood experiences seemed to press to the forefront of his thoughts, and that was never a welcome thing. He walked along, as best he could in his outfit, trying to move fast, because of the cold, feeling a growing agitation. He thought of Ellis’ “hidden” stash of gin, in the bottom of the water barrel, and he considered making a detour. But he was too damn cold!
He hurried, muttering in Cantonese, making a beeline for the caravan he shared with Haruka. When he got to it, he had to hike up his cumbersome tail some more, just to be able to step up. He moved one foot, then tried to get the other to follow. But his knees were so confined, he was stuck! Oh, then the curse words flowed! A stream of Cantonese, Japanese, English and a little Spanish for good measure. Each language had its own unique and colorful way of expressing just the right vulgar, obscene, profane sentiment for every imaginable occasion, and it seemed he was trying to get through every single one of them in one long breath!
Toal was cursing as well. He realized he'd messed up, made him get the wrong idea and he couldn't blame him. Who would ask such a stupid thing? It was just honestly the only solution to a question he didn't exactly know. He wasn't even sure what he'd discover was an answer but it made sense in that hectic moment.

Seeing Chi stuck and cursing , he smiled slightly as he thought it was amusing and the other looked sort of cute but he had to remember this was a guy and he was coming to apologize. "P-please.. let me help..." He said as he came up behind to lift him to the top so he could get in. 
"A.. I'll wait out 'ere while he find a coat. Please.. I'm sorry , Chi. I realize it was a stupid thing ta ask. I just.." He gave a long sigh and tugged at his hair. "My reason was stupid an' I can't even accurately explain it. I really don' want ye hat'n me though.."
He wasn't at all averse to the idiot helping him - again. It had been quite gratifying to have Toal toting him around, and he wasn't actually mad at him. Just exasperated at how his mom and uncle's poor timing had derailed the fun he'd been having. And the fact that this man seemed to think it necessary that Chi should show off his bits just to prove a point - ridiculous! But he needed help, clearly. He wasn't going to get up those damn steps without it, unless he just stripped out of the dress right then and there!

He let Toal lift him up - it was all just too awkward - placing his hands on the man's shoulders for balance. Even so, he wobbled a bit, needing Toal's hands at his waist to steady himself. The door he'd already opened and the cold of the night was rushing into the slightly less cold of the inside. So instead of standing there freezing, listening to the man blabbing on and on, Chi grabbed him by the collar of his coat and pulled him inside the dark caravan.

"Close the door! Quick!" he implored, already shivering, his bare flesh covered in goose bumps.
Toal acked and as he was pulled forward, almost stumbling in. He was quick to obey and shut the door. The place was a bit small and he didn't know where to stand, so he waited by the door staring into the dark space.

"Um.. did ye wan' me ta help ya find yer coat?" He was wanting to make it up to Chi and he knew it was hard to walk with the tail. "But.. I am really sorry. I know.. 'ow it musta sounded.. I am just.. confused.. N-not about ye. Yer a man, I get that. but.. " he scratched lightly at his neck as he tried to find the words.
With the door closed, it was very, very dark inside the caravan. Chi was fumbling about on one of the narrow bunks for his coat, and finding it, immediately pulled it on, though he did not button it up. Toal was still going on about being sorry for what he’d said – what he’d asked of the other young man. Chi, knowing his way around the tiny space without needing to see, moved over to stand in front of him, very close, reaching for one of Toal’s hands, which was already grown chilly, just from the walk from the tent. With his other hand, he pulled aside a seashell, and the gauzy material that had draped his shoulders and crossed over his chest. He pulled down the top of the frock, enough so he could place Toal’s cold hand over his pectoral muscle, and the small, flat nipple thereon.

”There. Does it feel like I have tits?” he asked. His voice was not silky nor soft nor sensual. It was, in fact, slightly acerbic. He wasn’t trying to seduce Toal.

Yet at the same time, the touch of another’s hand to his skin – cold as they both were – was something to elicit some arousal within him. His nipple was already pebble like, due to the frigid temperature. But somehow it managed to tighten just a little more, turning hard and small and nubby under Toal’s fingers.
Toal was immediately surprised when his hand was placed upon Chi's chest. Indeed, his hand rested upon a very unwomanly chest. Then he had a very awkward moment, one most men don't find in society. He didn't want to pull his hand away the second he realized because it would seem he was bothered by touching Chi. Ofcourse if his hand lingered too long Chi would definitely think he was being a pervert.

He made a little oh and nodded, letting his hand slowly slip away, his fingers brushing over the nipple on the way back just so he didn't pull on the costume. "I... understand. But.." He hung his head and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I.. I'm still confus'd, Chi. Y'see, I don' like men. I've never seen one o' em and thought 'I'd like ta kiss 'im'. I mean.. I know.. just .. cause I.. feel that way 'bout ye. Ye prob'bly nev'r give a man like me a time o' day. I mean not that.. ye like men ! I ..don' know wha.. ye like. I just..' His voice quieted as he was sure his word vomit was just going to annoy the man before him.
He wouldn't have minded if Toal's hand had lingered. In fact, he felt a bit disappointed as it slipped away. Chi was mostly all talk and very little action. And though he knew things he should not, when it came to consensually being with another person, he really had very little experience. In this, Haruka had a correct reading on her son. The way Toal's fingertips brushed over his nipple sent a small shiver up his spine. But he said nothing to stop it from happening. He simply pulled the edge of the dress back up, and then pulled his coat closed over his thin body, wrapping his arms over his chest and tucking his frozen hands into his armpits.

"I do like men," he said, in an even voice. No surprises there. "And you thought I was a pretty girl, because...well, I looked like one. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I like to dress like a girl, and wear make up. And sometimes, I dress like a boy." He shrugged. It wasn't that he minded explaining how he felt to Toal. He just wasn't really sure of how he felt, about himself, so it was a bit difficult to put into words, to try to make another person see inside his head.

"I...I just sort of...go back and forth. Or maybe I'm the middle somewhere."

Which was probably not very helpful to Toal, when it came to sorting out his own confusion.
Toal nodded at the words, alittle extra thump in his chest when Chi said he liked boys. It made him feel like he had a chance even though he knew he really didn't. He tried to stare at Chi's face but only saw a bit of a silhouette at best. His eyes fell to the ground though as Chi explained more though it was still very confusing though it sounded like he was confused too perhaps.

"Well.. I.. thought.. if maybe.. let it sink 'n I'd und'rstand and not still think yer as amaz'n as I did. But.. ev'n touch'n ya and know'n ye are a guy.. I like ye. I think.. ev'n if ye dressed like me.. 'n 'ad no makeup.. Ye'd still be more beaut'ful than most wom'n. It's not yer clothes.. It's.. yer face. yer .. um.. the way ye talk.. ent'r a room. Just ye. I don't know what that means though.."

He thought he was making a fool of himself as he admitted how he felt about Chi and he rubbed the back of his head and laughed weakly.

"Guess yer mum was righ' about me, eh? I am a bit o' a fool.."
If Toal was a fool, in some sense, Chi was every bit as much of a fool in another. Many a more hardened head and heart would never have been turned or touched by sweet compliments. But Chi was young and nowhere near as skeptical or sophisticated as he liked to pretend - and think - he was. He was a bit broken inside, by life. Mostly it was his childhood that had been traumatic. Things had settled down since Haruka had come into his life - or he had come into hers, however it was. They say all children possess varying levels of resilience. Apparently, Chi was pretty well able to bounce back, given the strong love of a good woman, even if his life could never, ever be called "stable."

"You don't have to stop thinking I'm amazing," he said quietly. "And you know, it's OK...not to always know what everything means. A little mystery. It makes life fun." He smiled into the darkness. "Like my mom's magic. If you knew everything about it - how she did it - would be boring. So...."

He reached for Toal's hands and brought them around his waist. His own lat flat against Toal's chest. Looking up at Toal he smirked. "You can just like me. You don't have to figure me out."
Toal stared into the darkness as Chi spoke. He didn't know anything about Chi's past or even that his mom wasn't his real mom. He just knew the Chi that he had seen and he felt that whatever came couldn't take it away since everything made Chi who he was that stood before him. He felt his arms moved to wrap around the more slender, smaller body and he grinned leaning in to let his nose barely touch Chi's and smiled huge.

"I like tha'. I can do simple. And I don' think I can stop think'n yer amaz'n ev'n if I want'd ta. I will do tha'. I don' think I can stop my heart from pound'n when I see ya anyway." He laughed softly and decided to take a huge jump and pressed his lips to Chi's as he hugged him close. "Tha' reminds me. When will I get ta see yer magic show? I've been curious since ye arrived. " He chuckled as he wanted to keep things light so he didn't start thinking with the wrong head now that he had Chi in his arms.
Chi didn't hesitate to kiss him back, although it was not a tongue twisting, tonsil probing type of a kiss. It was really pretty chaste. He enjoyed it though. He liked the fact that Toal was 'being a gentleman.' He appreciated that. Toal's restraint could have been a sign that he had reservations, about the boy-girl-not girl thing. But Chi was naive enough to believe the sweet words he said. And yet, he knew, if things did progress into areas more...steamy...poor Toal would probably be even more confused. But, they'd have to cross that bridge when and if they ever got there. Chi had no idea how he could broach the subject until they actually did reach that point. And who knew? Maybe they never would?

"Why don't we go ask her?" he said with a quiet smirk. "If I don't show my face in that tent again in the next few minutes, she's going to be out here beating down that door your leaning against."

Reluctantly, he pulled away from Toal a bit. "Don't worry. I won't make you carry me." he said with a chuckle.
Toal nodded as he knew he was right and laughed lightly. "I've a feelin' yer mum is scary as mine when she's mad." He turned to open the door but caught one more kiss, very quick, on the corner of his lips. It still sent a thrill through him.

He stepped out only a step before turning and shaking his head. "He ain't got a choice. I won't 'ave ye fallin' down the steps in tha'." He gestured to the tail. He walked out and to the bottom of the steps and turned back to Chi. 

He raised his arms up to him. "Trust me?"
Chi quickly buttoned up his coat, the feel of that second kiss lingering on his cold lips, as Toal stepped out of the trailer. He grinned at the expression of solicitude for his well being. The grin slid into more of a smile at the question. Right or wrong, foolishly or wisely, he nodded and said a simple, "Yes."

He leaned and put his hands on his shoulders and then gracefully sank into Toal's outstretched arms. His own arms curled about Toal's neck. It was a perfect position to place a kiss on his "knight in country rough spun's" cheek.

Yes, he could definitely get used to having this ardent fanbase of one, and maybe...something more than that as well.
Toal smiled back when he saw Chi's expression. It tugged at him oddly and that confusion returned. He had never seem him smile like that before, but he certainly wouldn't mind seeing more of it.

When the beautiful man took him and landed in his arms , he chuckled softly and spun then around just once in fun.

He closed his eyes at the kiss, light and quick as it was it's sensation still lingered and he would try to not forget the feeling. He looked into his eyes and was about to place him down .

"Oh wait, that's hard to walk in." He cast a quick devilish look in Chi's direction and grinned as he lifted him up, carrying him bridal style back to the tent. "I believe we left some wine in there with our names on it."

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