Closed If I Could Turn Back Time...
Well, his answer wasn't at all surprising. Most men thought most (if not all) women were weak. Where in truth, most women endured things few men ever would, and survived a grinding life, under the boot heel of not only poverty but misogyny and sexism. Of course, she wouldn't have known such big words. She just knew that most women were tough as nails, and men hardly ever acknowledged that truth. And all the hypocrisy of it! Did Pony McBride not even hear himself when he spoke? But she didn't flare up or lash out or even feel any real anger towards him. He was just another man. Like all the others, in many ways. A tiny bit better in some.

This was why she would never marry.

"Sauce for the gander, sauce for the goose," she said philosophically, with another shrug. She slid her fingers into his once more. She kissed him lightly on the cheek, looking into his distraught eyes.

"Well, if'ee are leavin', reckon I can 'ave a good bye...kiss...?" Her hand squeezed his and she bit her lower lip, to hide the little grin that played there. She was a wise woman, and sometimes, men just needed a good fuck to put some worry out of their thick head. Pony might not be in the mood. He was clearly well and truly upset about his sister and the doctor man.

On the other hand, most men thought with their cock first, and maybe...he'd bite. She liked him well enough that she wouldn't mind having a little going away memento to remember him by.
Pony merely nodded to her in agreement. He was certainly a product of the times, not that he realized it. He was certainly though not considering how wrong he was, as he thought he wasn't a bad guy at least in some ways. In others he completely knew it, he didn't like people as a whole and cared about money more than their lives, but certainly Sal was different and when she kissed him. It did remind him what he would miss if he left town.

"You just did.. of course.. " He smiled slightly and rest his head on her shoulder. "I don't think just a kiss will do. You're too much of a woman I can't let that be our goodbye. " He started to lead Jenny back towards Sal's place. It wasn't going to be just about sex. The woman at his side was a perfect distraction in every way. Just talking to her helped ease his mind and soul, so he would enjoy as much time with her as she'd allow before kicking him out.

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