Closed - Content Warning Killing Her Slowly
(CW for possible gore and violence depicted)

She stood outside the hospital, not wanting to go inside for fear of the ghosts... They were slowly suffocating, wrapping their icy fingers around her, tangling their psyches into hers. She was deathly pale, sweat beaded upon her forehead. Addie knew it as sure as anything that with every bad spirit that touched her, they were causing her to become ill, possibly even sucking the life out of her and nothing she did made it any better. Added to that, there was one in particular that had attached itself to her and caused her nights to be filled with terror.

Her feet were heavy beneath her, almost dragging as she forced herself forward and into the building. Her eyes moved to the left and to the right, moisture suspended within bottom lids, nose flaring at the scent of sulfur that only she seemed to smell from the dark mass that surrounded her. If one looked at her, the mass wasn't there to the naked, the smell was of hospital, and she seemed to be a normal person who happened to look like she had been sick for some time. Indeed, the sweat face was telling.

A cry erupted from her and she arched the way someone would when their back was being whipped with a thin and cruel lash, she found the wall for support but slid down to her butt, the burn of the three scratches running parallel to each other, the back of her blouse was even torn some and soon stuck to her skin from the little bit of blood that welled up from that mockery of the holy trinity...
"Ma'am" He was exiting the hospital for a quick smoke break when he saw her. She looked well horrible to say the least. "Ma'am, are your alright?" He moved to put the back of his hand on her forehead. If the heat off her head was as bad as she looked they'd need to get cool it down as soon as possible. As he neared her though he grew a bad vibe, a vibe he once had when he was little.

"Let's get you inside." It would be a struggle to get her inside. "Let me help" Where to exactly take her though, if what she had was contagious it couldn't be an open area.
She tried to tell him not to touch her, flinching and throwing her hands up as if to defend herself from him, cowering away but she had no choice. Her arms were too watery to hold up, the heat radiating from her forehead was dangerously warm to say the least. The darkness choked her a little more as if responding to the doctor and she gave up and let him help her.

If he looked down toward the skirt hem, he'd see that it was caked with bog muck, one of her feet bare and dirty, the other still booted. The look in her eyes when she looked at him was pleading, as if asking for him to kill her and end the suffering.
"Shitt" He mumbled after noticing the residue from the bog and feeling the heat coming off her. He moved to pick her up, one arm holding her up under the legs and other around her back and he leaned her into her. Just when he thought things were not going to get interesting enough. Instead of bringing her into the room others, he brought her to his office. He figured she'd scare the others with her fits. There were only a few patients left and they' be leaving soon. As soon as they were gone he'd see she got to a proper bed.

Over the last few days he had decorated his office to make it feel more like home, more like New Orleans. He had an old picture of him a child with his governess and another of him and his parents. He had one with his siblings as well. On the wall hung something to ward off spirits and something else that was supposed to ward off demons. On another wall was a book shelf that had a few medical books, some jars filled with things like Lilac , Cinnamon, and big leaves.

"Just going to have you wait here for a moment until a bed is free.. Can you tell me how many fingers I am holding up" He put two fingers up in her line of sight.
She fainted the moment his arm circled her back where the scratches were, though they alone would not have been such a catalyst, it was just that she had taken a good long time to actually find her way out of the bog; she didn't even remember how she got there and it may well have been she was sleepwalking again. The last time she had done such a thing, she had nearly fallen from the battlements of the castle and frozen half to death from the cold rain.

She didn't open her eyes when she was aware of being carried and then settled down on his cot. She didn't open her eyes when he held his fingers up and asked how many... She didn't open her eyes when she answered in a brittle little mewl, "Two." The voice in her ear had said so. When her eyes did open, they looked dazed and she licked her dry lips which tasted of muck, and she rolled onto her side because it hurt to be on her back.

There were a lot of odd things going on, the fresh wounds on her back, bruises that looked like someone had tried to strangle her, several bruises here and there that made no sense.
He called into the hall for the nurse and took a step out side to speak with her. "Someone needs to fetch the father, I believe she may be possessed." He was not good with this type of thing, no that was what his governance was good at. This of course was not New Orleans, so she wasn't a call away. He moved back in the room and looked at the warding decorations before looking at her.

"Who am I speaking to?" There wasn't a full shop apothecary here, but the first thing he wanted to do was to get her into a cold bath. This would get her clean, allow him to see if there were any cuts or bruising that may have been covered up by mud or her clothes. It would also allow him to get control of that fever of hers.
She was trying to reply to him when the coughing began, dirty water coming out in little plumes until she was left a shuddering mess, as if she had been half drowned. But Addie had to have been out of the bog long enough that it wasn't possible, she was dry but for sweat. Then her teeth began to chatter hard and rapidly. She tossed and turned, her fingers curling, twitching, clenching until blood dripped from her palms as the ice and fire both went through her. "Just... kill... me..." she sobbed out. "Let it... have me." She wasn't quite possessed yet but she was getting close to it. "Can't... do it... not anymore... I'm tired." She was to the point of crying but the tears wouldn't even come out because she was weak and tired.
He had seen something similar, it nearly killed his governess trying to get the entity out. "Shit.." He then began to speak a bit creole as he was trying to get a grips and remember what the priestess taught him. "no, miss, don't you cave to it or them." He went to a drawer and pulled out a box. Chicken bones and such. It was a going away gift, but he never thought he'd even think he'd be trying to use the stuff.
She continued to toss an turn, and it was like he said nothing to her at all because she was writhing, the point of delirium hitting where her words were not really words, and those that were seemed to be one at a time, and then she went silent and still, blessedly unconscious. The sound of her breathing was wet, her veins looked almost black beneath the pale skin. She wasn't dead, just sleeping. Whatever it was, she was in a bad way and that was a fact.
"Whatever demons are possessing this young girl, look at your surroundings and be gone." He looked at the talismans along the wall and the making of one might call a hex bag. It wasn't made to cures though, no he was trying to remember what his governess put in a protection spell.

He moved to the hall and called out "Prepare an ice bath." The Doc did not like the site of the woman at all. There was a bit of fear bubbling up inside as it reminded him too much of something he had seen when he was younger near a bayou. "My dear, keep fighting" He moved to her side to try and keep t he girl on her side, which would allow her to cough up whatever water more easily.

A nurse came in and tossed him a cold towel in the mean time. He caught it and place it on the back of her neck.

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