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Pony cursed that the man managed to barely miss Jenny's kick. He glared at him, "ye asked my permission ta date her, ye fool. Ye can't even remember five minutes ago and ye think I believe ye 'aven't tried half the girls in town?! My sister was the only one fool'sh enough ta fall for ye. Yer probably ev'n in England to run from some scandal. Yer a monster and I know it, and deep in yer heart ye know it! "

"Yer puttin words in my mouth. I didn't say she was my property, but I 'ad 'oped she had enough respect for my opinion ta at least consider what I wanted for her, I already gave her 'er freedom. But she threw it away . Yer a damned liar and a fool and ye think ye'll shoot me. Fine, do it here! Let you rot in jail, bett'r for her than hav'n ye in 'er life! She is better on the streets than with ye! "

He shouted at him , shaking in fury. "Ye fecked my sister after knowing her only a day or two at most!! Don't be act'n ye know her! Ye can't know someone truly in a day. No wond'r  ye were single. This will only end badly and I will only feel misery for my sister and what she brought upon herself. I hope ye die and get swept away with the manure. Yer a terrible man and if I 'ave any say or if there is any god, Ye will pay . Now get the feck away from me! Yer a scoundrel and ev'n a man of god would feel no pity for ye after the horrible things ye've done!"
"Do you want to know what I know big mouth" He turned around a pushed him backwards with just a finger. He pushed on him with ever line."I know she is pure of heart, filled pint up sexual frustration, that she has a longing to find her own way in this world, and that she has a brother who is a scared frustrated ass that preaches 'do as I say, not as I do" He then shoved him back with both hands after dropping the cigar to the ground. "I know she wants kids and hell if she has mine I'll be there for her.. " He grabbed him by shirt collar. "but when she does have kids … mine or anyone else's... she'll never forgive you for not being around for them and you'll never forgive yourself."
Pony backed up and kept slapping his hand away to keep him from poking him. He glared repeating for him not to touch him. "You don't know anything. Don't touch me!"He started to repeat the last line as he poked him. The man didn't know anything  but he was getting to Pony  who had started to repeat it like a mantra, wanting the cowboy to stop trying to be a cocky asshole. It wasn't going to get his way and this wasn't going to end the way he wanted. "Isn't.. that handy.. she wants sex.. of course you're willing to give it.. " he was about to insult him again. Then he was grabbed by the doctor and pulled close to his face. The pupils of Pony's eyes shrunk to small points as he wasn't there. He was somewhere else he hadn't been in over ten years. There was darkness then flash of light and blinding pain and the screaming. He was suddenly screaming as his teeth sunk into the man's nose sinking in as deep as he could to make him let go.
"Your right she wants sex, because she's new to it all, but I am not which means I have control." His words though probably didn't make it through to Pony's ears. Harold noticed the young mans pupils change. Something was wrong. He moved his hand up to Pony's neck to check the boys pulse, but before he could all of the sudden his eyes saw way too much of Pony's face "Shit..boy" He took out his gun and shot a bullet straight up in the air and then put the warm barrel next to the boys head. "I do believe you are the monster." The southern drawl coming from his lips. "seriously, when you" He tried not to touch his nose with his free hand. "want to figure out whatever the shit that was come see me... and if I find you laid a single hand on Miss McBride as a result from me trying to be a gentlemen, a bullet will be the least of your worries." He moved the barrel from the boys hand spun the gun and put it back in his hoister in what seemed like less than a second. "Seriously, the nose? " He turned around and walked off back to work to properly take care of the bite.
Pony just remembered the man grabbing him and then a terrible burning sensation by his skull. He screamed at the shock and realized his mouth was full of a terrible copper taste. He spit it out at the man and hung his head feeling like he'd vomit. He wiped his face and glared at him. "What did you do? I won't touch her, I won't see her! You can both fuck off!" He was shaking violently and he couldn't understand why. His entire body felt weak and he leaned back against Jenny, panting heavily as his head rest on hers and he tried to calm himself. "I think.. that bastard.. tried to shoot me.. am I hurt?" He looked at the blood on his lips but he didn't feel any pain there, just the burn from the barrel. He barely looked in the direction of the doctor and the need to be sick rose again. He glared but he felt dizzy and closed his eyes to breath for a few minutes. "She left us, Jenny. Let her have her horrible new family. He's a man of violence.. and he's going to hurt her.. and she won't let me help her. She chose this.. I begged her not to. She hated me and did this just to hurt me. "He closed his eyes as tears fell on the mule's back.

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