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He was not a gentlemen, at least that was his reputation back in new orleans. He loved them and left them with a snap of his fingers. None of them of course had that certain je-ne-sais-quoi to even make him think twice. He didn't think much about settling down. He wanted to travel and help as a doctor and of course offering his service policing when the local lawmen got sick. His father being a lawman, had gotten sick on occasion, led to Harold helping around the town when he didn't necessarily want to. 

Harold Calloway was a quick draw shooter with nothing to lose. Clearly, if he was trying to do things somewhat by the books, he had something to lose. It was sort of hard for the bayou boy to admit to himself what actually was going on here. He didn't exactly want to give up his freedom to love multiple women, but he had also not picked upd on other women's advances since he got into this town.

"Mr. McBride, I presume." He took off his hat, a stethoscope around his neck tucked between the collar of his vest and the vest itself. He placed his hat back on. "You're a hard man to get a hold of." He eyed the product he had just sold to the person that walked off. The Louisiana accent came from his lips as he held out his hand. "Harold Calloway"
Pony had his usual smile upon his face though anyone observant could tell it wasn't as natural as it used to be. He was doing great business though and had a bit of a crowd. He turned towards the unusual man. 

"Ah American.." he happily moved towards him thinking he must have money to burn but immediately pulled back as if he might be burned. "A doctor..."

His voice rose as this was a great opportunity for more customers. "I don't know who you are but I do not like doctors as I am sure most of these good, honest hardworking people do not. I sadly had the misfortune of spending my child hood associated with a doctor and I know of something called the Hippocratic Oath. Now you all can ask someone of good education and they will tell you this is so. When someone becomes a doctor, they make a vow to not cause harm. "

He put his hands on his hips to stare at the man that now made something not sit well within him and he was not going to give the doctor an inch if he could. "What terrible intention do you have for these kind people? Will you cut them into bits or simply  bleed them out? Or maybe you want to drop them into an ice bath that is so painfully cold they turn blue and half dead?  Not to mention charging them more money than they make in a month so they could starve afterwards ?!"

He was lucky he was around the poor and foolish people in town who did not trust doctors as it were so they were quick on his side for the most part.

"I don't care who you are but get out of here. None of us want you spreading your misery and death." He had to admit he was putting on quite a spirited performance and thought he would have made quite an exciting man of the cloth.
He studied the gentlemen's appearance and then looked at the objects again, before noticing a slight change in the man's facial expression. Mr. McBride's face changed quickly after that and he suddenly felt like he was about be preached to, before even getting out what he wanted to say. His hand moved to rest on his pistol that was locked away in is holster, the other went to grab a vial.

He studied the vial knowing full and well it might be yanked out of his hand while the young man kept talking. He was giving doctors a bad name, which he couldn't necessarily blame him. The more words came out of the swindler the more he started to understand Miss McBride.

"No and Yes" he replied once the man got everything out and insisted he leave. "No, we take oaths to do our best, to constantly learn, and to help all we can. My good sir, you can not heal with out pain." He walked in front of the table set up blocking the views of the crowd until he reached other side and placed the vial back down. His eyes went to the crows member.

"And yes, I'll probably cut into one or more of you as I am first and for most a surgeon, but its only a last resort and you have a loved one crying over you as blood comes from your lips." His knuckles tapped on the table slightly. "Where are my manners" He took off his hat because he was in the presence of a few women.

He took a few mini jars from his pocket with what seemed to be of a substance black in nature, a small pool of black liquid sitting on top of it. "I travelled far to come here to be your doctor, all the way from New Orleans in the states home to many powerful home remedies." He placed the jars in his hat, all but one, then placed the hat on the table where Mr. McBride could see. "So you can trust me when I say, this man here.. has come across something astonishing." He gave a slight wink to the lady who was fanning herself. He didn't have any feeling in doing so, but he was trying to play the crowd.

He held up a little tub. "Simple, natural ingredients, including salt and lilac, it is safe to leave out around young ones." He opened the jar and handed it to one of the people in the crowd.

"Helps smooth the roughest of skins. I myself stubbed my toe, I packed this stuff around it, put a warm compress around it and by morning the swelling went down instead of getting worse. I look forward to doing continued business with you sir." He placed a coin on the table before walking off. He walked to a tree and propped his foot against it. He was hoping the towns people would bite and be gone quick enough. He hated not having his hat, it made him feel naked.
Pony was now on high alert. This man acted strange and he had seen the gun. He wondered if someone had sent him here to kill him from a past town. He took the coin and threw it back at the man. "I do not know what is in that jar and I do not want your money. I only take it from honest people."

He smiled at the crowd, trying to not lose his temper. "Please forgive me. I will always put my trust in my own bottles to my dying breath, before I would ever place my trust in a doctor. And I will say that promise upon a bible." He said to the people, letting them know he was quite serious. "Do not let his attempt at charm fool you, sweet wonderful people. Doctors are the ones who have found a legal loophole that allows them to enjoy and even bring pain and suffering to man, woman, and child."

He stared to give people discounts to keep them there, pretending it was a gift to help keep the 'evil doctors' at bay. He chatted a few up, wishing to keep them around but he also casually mentioned the man's gun. Telling them he wondered if he used it to make new patients. He sighed looking very sad. "I truly hope none of you ever have to find yourself so desperate you may find yourself at a doctor's feet. But with my wonderful medicine it will certainly help keep that from happening. "

How desperately Pony wanted to shout at the man to leave. But as his crowd did begin to taper off, he quickly started to toss his supplies back into the cart to lock it and get Jenny going before the man could catch them.
The con artist wanted to make this hard, when he was only trying to help. He could hear some of the people still ask about the product the doctor spoke about. He looked at his finger tips and then back at the young man. He moved back to the table when he realized this was not going to work. He picked up the hat.

He picked up a jar and handed it to the ladies that were talking about it. "It's free, as are my services at the hospital. " He handed them out to those that wanted it. Free things, whether from a doctor or not was free and that meant people would take them. "The salesmen here has his pockets in mind, he knows he has a bigger client tell for those that don't like doctors. I get it, we all need a way to make a dollar."

He handed out the rest of the jars. "And he can keep twisting webs, while I stand here trying to help, and that is fine." He moved to put his hand on the young mans shoulder giving it a small grip. "But unfortunately, he missed his scheduled appointment. So my apologies, you can catch him in the same spot tomorrow."

He placed his hat back on his head as he watched people start to scatter. "You know..." He waited for the last person to leave. "you attract more flies with honey than water.." He shook one of the vials. "but that is besides the point... I'm here to talk to you about your sister."
Pony tried to keep a happy appearance to keep the others happy, but this man was really rubbing him the wrong way and he wanted to strangle him. "Of course, and the doctor knows he gets plenty of money from his 'surgeries' and things that he can afford to hand stuff out at his leisure to try to keep your faith in his medicines."

"I will sooner die than want your help, Doctor. I have made that very clear." He was trying to keep the people there but then the man touched him. He didn't care what scene it made as he jerked away from him to stare at him. Even if it wasn't easy with his grip. He held up a bottle at him defensively. "Never ever touch me again. " He warned and started to put bottles away trying to ignore the man until he mentioned his sister, causing him to drop one and it shattered, spilling the medicine upon the street.

"My sister?" He turned to him and glared. He hated him before but now that is all he held for the man in his eyes. "What did you do to her, you feckin' monster."
The more this scrawny man spoke the more he could see why Miss McBride's spoke the way she did. "Let's get something straight, bamboozler, I am not your father. I mean you no disrespect. Your sister spoke of what you do, I was merely trying to lend a hand." He decided to keep his wealth under wraps, it certainly did not come being a doctor. Nor did Mr. McBride realize he spoke to someone that slept in his own office. He figured he'd be the bigger man on that one.

"I would advise you to watch your tongue young man" He tilted his head and tipped his had in the direction of a passerby. The smile fading from his lips as soon as he turned his head and attention back to Karen's brother. "and I assure you I am not the monster in her life." Mr. McBride may or may not have picked up on hinting that he was in fact the monster in his sister's life.

"We are both gentlemen are we not sir" Those words came from his lips, but in his head he was thinking 'don't make this any harder'.
Pony stared at the man quietly as everything fell into place. He gripped his hand tightly and he almost shook with a building rage. This man knew of his father and his sister. She was talking to this man.

"How..well.. do you know my sister?" The question in that was obvious. And he was staring at the man, challenging him to tell him the truth and not try to placate him. No matter the answer, he would not relax around this man. He did start backing away from him slowly to get towards Jenny, to keep her between him and this man that he wanted to lunge at and strangle right there in the street.
He just let the young man start to walk backwards only taking a few steps when needed. Ah, yes, how well did he know his sister. "Clearly I am the only gentlemen here at the moment" He said more to himself than anything else. The young boy had a good talk, but he didn't have the strength to take on this particular cowboy.

"Like I said before, Mr. McBride, I came here for her. I am by no means a perfect gentlemen, but she loves you very much and I won't have her starving herself to death from stress you are causing"
Pony stopped, Jenny's backside being enough of a shield for him as he glared at him. "I never claimed ta be a gentleman. But.."Suddenly another realization hit and his eye twitched. "Gentleman!!? Is she staying with you? Have you touched my sister? Did ye take advantage ol her?!" He tried hard not to raise his voice but he put his hand on the mule, hopping the feel of the soft fur would contain his rage as he didn't want anyone dead more than the man before him.
"Anyone ever tell you, you are too stressed son. Jumping to conclusions, worrying about who next to trick out of their inheritance.. it's clearly made you forget the important things in life." He ignored the man's question. "And I know, because I've been down that route." He closed the gap between them keeping himself a hand out of reach. "Miss. McBride now.." His heard turned with an admiring gaze on his face. "Well she's something else, pure of heart, can make a sinner want to turn into a saint." His eyes locked onto the scrawny salesman's eyes. "I am here to ask your permission to ask your sister on a date."
Pony circled the mule to keep him away. "Do not talk of my sister that way. You sound like a lech and don't try to tell me how to live my life when you know literally nothing of me." When the doctor got to what he wanted, it managed a laugh out of him.

"Permission? You will NEVER have my permission. Even upon my dying breath I would curse any relationship you tried to have with my sister! You are like every other doctor, your true reason in life is to ruin lives. And you  have done it again. You made my sister a traitor. I knew she would be ruined. I love her, but she is foolish and desperate. I had hoped she wouldn't be so wreckless as to literally jump the first man she saw but how wrong I was. You have no integrity and if you truly were a man of any honor you would jump off the nearest cliff after what you have done to her!"
"Your pops must have really messed you up." He shook his head and took out a cigar. Clipping the cigar as he walked behind the young man. He light the cigar and took in smoke to his mouth only to blow it out a moment later as he was shaking the match with his other hand.

"Let's speak hypotheticals here.. " he took another smoke. "If I were to jump off a cliff and die, what would you tell your sister? Would you lie through your teeth like the snake you are. Would you tell her the truth and have her resent you? hell she's a firecracker she might react irrationally if you did." He took another slow inhale and then exhaled.

"You are no better than I am, nor is any man. Even a priest has his sins. It's not wreckless to want to settle down, have kids, and want your only brother to be there to be a good uncle and it is not a sin to go after what you want." He took in another puff, slower this time. He was trying not to get a hot head with this one, but he was certainly making it tough.

"After all Mr. McBride, you go after what you want ever day, coins, to make enough money to move on to the next place. Promises to settle down never seeming to stick." He paused " You want off this rock and truly want to settle the next place you land, I can give you enough money that you could sail to America and back at least three times and then some. You can drag your sister off with you, but ask yourself at what cost Mr. McBride" He placed the cigar back in his mouth. "You may have your sister by your side, but would you actually have your sister." He moved to walk around him as he needed to get back to the hospital.

"I came as I told her I would, I asked as I said I would, but I am not a gentleman and that being said I could care less if I had your permission."
"I would tell her the truth with pride. SHe hasn't known you a week, she would find another! She barely knows you, another man another liar who makes her feel special and pretty and she'll be goo. THat is how women are who sleep with a man they first meet." He said at him furious. "Just like men like you who lie to get what they want. I do hope you die. And I will hope it happens with every breath I take. She already resents me, she spat in my face by doing the only three things I asked. Easy things to avoid. And you are the cause!"

"If she were a wife I would be forgiving but you took advantage of her! She could be with child and die without even the dignity of being a wife. She will be a shameful girl by society who will think she deserved it. Because of you! I kept telling her it was different, but she thinks she is smarter than she is. If something bad happens to my sister because you couldn't keep your hands to yourself like the sex fiend you are, I hope you not only die but any soul you have burns for all eternity." He said his voice rising in pitch as his emotions got to him. He was never emotional, but this guy acted like it was nothing what he had done.

"This has nothing to do with money. No money is worth my sister, ye feck! She is NOT my sister, she threw away our entire life 'n our blood ta be in yer bed! I will ruin yer life liek ye deserve!"

He stared at the man as he stared to walk by . "Sorry girl..." He slapped the mule's rump when the man was at the right spoke and the mule let out a startled yelp and kicked on reflex towards the doctor. He truly hoped it wouldn't miss and strike the man in his head and kill him.
He was controlling his hand by shaking it slightly. He wanted to knock the shit out of him until he started to see the world differently. He turned around and walked straight up to him. "How do you not know she isn't my wife. You are barely around, you don't approve of doctors, she could have easily gone behind your back and became my wife and even then you'd find something to be upset with her about. hold it over her head she married a doctor and not want a thing to do with her. You need to grow up kid, she is not your property, nor is she mine nd if you wish to kill me I dare you try, just know a bullet will go through a part of your body before you could even get a punch in." His teeth slightly clinched as he turned to walk away, but found himself pausing and turning back around to look at him. "Your sister is a diamond in a rough, I know her worth, and I may not be worthy of her love, but I came here to show to myself and to her that I am trying to be" He extended his arms out and dropped them down as if to say that's all he had to say.

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