Closed Owl and the Pussycat
His hand lifted to gesture towards the place they had just left. "Her husband owns the mansion and perhaps many things in town. I know she has been building things all over. Supposedly to add culture and update the village. " He shrugged and went back to walking.
" so , if one was say looking for a job, she might be the one to talk to ? " She continued to walk when he started to walk. She would need to find work soon so she could find a place to stay.
"Oh yes, I don't think she has anyone to hire for her. Probably wouldn't trust their decisions. " Jon smiled and shrugged as he walked. "I think she has a few open positions you could ask for if you'd wish.."
"I don't know, the only thing I really know how to do is sew. I mean I took most of my wardrobe from the Meijer's trash and adjusted them to my frame. " She didn't want to sleep outside longer than she had to, so figuring out how to get a roof on her head was priority. "But, it would not hurt to see what positions are up."
Jon nodded quickly. "I'm sure lots of women could use your skill. Fixing bits is fine but most don't have the time to do full alterations and that sort of thing. I hope you find a position that works for you soon."
"Thank you" The way she walked would have had any guy look at her curves, but if he had been watching her walk she hadn't noticed. She stopped Every time she stepped her foot hurt. The cut was not going to heel any time soon as the skin in the ankle spread and then scrunched on itself with ever step. "and thank you for tonight."
Jon looked at her concerned as he could tell her ankle seemed to give her trouble. "Are you sure you're alright? I swear I'm not going to be coming round uninvited. And you're welcome. It makes my day when I can make a lady happy, even a little."
"If I had a place, I would say you are welcome to call anytime you like Jonathan," She looked at the things in her hands. "I would like to learn more about you, besides your excellent gardening and love for women." She smiled as she put weight onto her opposite leg. "I'm good."
Jonathan nodded slightly. "I'll be here tomorrow.." He pointed at the spot he stood. "To make sure you got home ok. If I don't see you I'll start looking around for you. So make sure you make it safely and come see me." He smiled then let her go.
"So you plan on standing in that spot all day tomorrow. " She smiled with a soft muffled laugh. "Okay, I will see you tomorrow." She stood on her toes for a moment and collecting her things form his hands. "Goodnight Jonathan" Dalia continued the rest of the walk by herself.

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