Closed Owl and the Pussycat
Jon shook his head. "Perhaps at best a tooth Mark? it is long but only one mark." He gently slipped off the shoe and tried to wipe it clean and handed it to her for inspection while he bandaged her ankle.
She took the shoe and inspected it. "It's just a shoe.. I'll figure it out" Her attention went back to him as he took care of her ankle. "Mr. Eldridge..."
Jon stood and tossed the bloody scarf and towel I to the laundry chute and looked towards her. "Yes?" He felt he knew what she wanted and was ready to walk or carry her home.
She hesitated to respond back as she wasn't sure how the words should come out. "That was my first kiss." The words trailed off awkwardly. "I don't know actually how to.." her words off as she tried to figure out the next words to say.
Jon's brow rose and he looked surprised. She must have been sheltered for no boy in their youth to steal a kiss when no one was looking at the least.

He gently slipped an arm around to help her walk. "What do you want to know how to do?"
They hadn't gotten out of the washroom yet. He w as helping her feet trying to walk her to the door, but she stood still. She wasn't sure how to answer that question. "Shocking as it sounds, I don't know how to answer that."
Jon looked at her and scratched his beard trying to think. "Well..." He didn't want to suggest and put thoughts into her head or be wrong and insult her.

He smiled and shrugged. "There's no rush. Just start saying words that are related to it and maybe I can help you ."
The expression on Dalia's face, benounce to her, held a seductive expression. "It's..." She hesitated. "I , just I didn't expect it and it may seem of some shock, since I tend to have a sharp tongue, but I do not know how to let myself cave to my feelings nor am I good at picking up signals of those that I find attractive." Her words picked up speed hoping he would just interrupt her.
Jon's face slowly turned into a huge grin. "You find me attractive? Well, I am happy to announce that that is all you need to say to get my signals to become more obvious." He took her hand and kissed the top and gave her his most devilish smile.

"Just tell me what you are feeling. Tell me, good or bad. Be honest and not afraid of what I may say. If you want something speak out for I will hear it. Even if you can not explain." His arm went around her waist to draw her towards his body again and he stared into her eyes before placing another kiss upon her lips , taking longer to pull away that time.
He was direct, which was something she apparently liked. It may have just been in the way he spoke, the words he chose. " Nervous.. good nervous" she had trouble getting the words out as his face was very close to hers. His lips against hers she felt herself fighting her instincts. Afraid he'd think less than her , afraid that she might botch it up. At the end of the kiss her lips lingered next to his.
Jonathan nodded and spoke, never fully leaving the kiss so his lips brushed lightly against hers. "Nervous is good. Anything else? Remember, I won't think ill. If you want, I give my word nothing you don't want leaves this washroom.."

He decided to try a little further and stroked her cheek as he stepped closer to back her towards the wall and he moved the hand that was around her waist to run up along her side starting at her hip. "Does this make you nervous too?"
She was slightly confused by his words, but based on the way he spoke she was able to price together what he said. A breath scaped her lips after her heart skipped a beat with the feel of his hand running around her waist. "Very much so.." she said softly then leaned slightly forward so their lips brushed. Her hand moved slowly to touch the side of his face, the palm of her hand against his facial hair, her ringers just touching his cheek. A noise could be heard , like someone walking by and she pulled out of the kiss. Her chest fluttering, she placed her hands on his chest as she turned her head to look at the door, and that would put a hamper on anything that might have happened.
Jonathan looked to the sound as well. He pulled out a pocket watch and put a hand to his forehead.

"Would you look at the time." He gently ushered her close as his ear pressed to the door and waited for the footsteps to depart. He made sure she had the bloodied shoe on before opening the door. "Let's get you home."
As his hand touched the handle, her hand moved to touch his. "About that..." She moved to block him from opening the door. "I don't actually have a home." She reluctantly admitted, but only because she didn't want him to walk all the way in town under false information. "I have a spot to rest my head." She had slept amongst her things in the back of a wagon, with the horse she did not want to give back to the Meijers, in a field. "I just rather you not see where that is."
Jonathan looked at her and smiled putting his hands on her shoulders. "Then I will walk you to market and you can go from there. But I don't want you walking that long dark path alone. Just to be on the safe side, call me selfish that I wouldn't rest easy wondering if you made it to town safely at least. Will that be alright?"

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