Closed Owl and the Pussycat
In her mind this was them getting to know each other as friends. The only way she'd realize his intensions or even her own was if he had made a more obvious first move. "Midnight Dalliances?" She turned her head to try and look at him, but forgot how close he was to her, which led to his facial hair running across her face.
Jonathan chuckled as he eyed her when she got close to him. He brushed his rough fingers against her cheek and tilted his head. "Do you not know what that is or did you not realize that even the lower class might sneak around?"
She felt a little hot, but she figured it was from the hike here and then the hike up the stairs. Surely he was trying to get her to pass out from dehydration. "Uh, yes, of course I know what that is" She lied. They had a different term for it where she was from. "well I did wonder how all of that worked out" She looked back to the field and then up to the sky. "I really do see why you like it here... what are your employers like?" she found her volume had gone up slightly, but she quickly corrected herself.
Jon looked curious at her and shrugged as he kept the arm around her as she seemed to be getting weak.Even the frosty wind from the window didn't give her relief. He was about to ask what she meant by what worked out but her other question was easier to respond to.

"Strange. My lord keeps to himself, I hear he's going crazy but I don't know. His wife... she seems happy I suppose but I also think she is trying too hard to make herself seem rich and cultured but I think she married into it. I do not like to spread rumors though and that is what they seem to be I guess.."
She started to get goosebumps as the cold breeze seemed to have gotten to her with out her realizing it. She was too wrapped up in the moment. "Well then maybe you shouldn't have answered the question, I am the queen of gossip." She tried to say it all with a straight face but ultimately broke out in a laugh. She turned and lifted her right hand, her pinky finger extended in a curved hook. "I promise not to start rumors from anything that comes from your lips." the back of her thumb and forearm rested against her chest as there was not that much room between them.
Jon laughed softly with her, but then her words had him rise his brow. He smirked rather playfully as his pinkie curled around hers. "Promise?" She really had made it to easy with her phrasing. He shook their pinkies then leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. It wasn't deep or passionate, just a soft gentle kiss before pulling back and grinned. "Going to keep that a secret too?"
She had not seen or in this case heard her words as set up for a kiss, but when his lips neared hers her stomach jumped and at the same time her ankle felt strange, wet. She decided to focus on the feeling in her stomach. Their pinkies still locked together. "I " she suddenly felt weak "I think I need to sit" She looked down, her ankle was indeed bleeding.
For a split moment he thought, and hoped, his kiss had the power to weaken a woman's heart but then he noticed she was bleeding. "Ah! That has never happened before."He knelt down and took his scarf, tearing some apart to wrap around her. "We will need to wash it. It'll make a mess.. are you alright? Did you feel anything? Maybe it scraped against the wall or a rat took a nip and ran.."
"No, I don't recall scrapping it. I felt something brief when.. well" For someone that could play different rolls when around people she didn't fully trust or like, she was suddenly someone that didn't have a persona to bring forward. It could have been an numerous of reasons, like the excitement of being somewhere she should not be. "Where does one see about cleaning such things. Who knows maybe once it is cleaned it'll look like teeth marks." She looked around their area.
Jon shrugged , "sometimes these things are too quick to feel." He took her hand and started to lead her down. "Let's find a wash room." He quieted down so they would not be caught.
Was he talking about the bite or the kiss, because she definitely felt the kiss. In her head she had let go of his hand causing him to turn around so that she could kiss him. In reality, her hand was being taken by his as they went to find a washroom. She mumbled something to herself in Yiddish, which roughly translated to 'what is happening'.
Jon was walking down the steps, going slower so she could be easy on her ankle when he heard her speak. "What was that?" He glanced over at her seeing she seemed distressed. "What is it?"
She felt something on her legs, a small touch and then a push, but she caught her self before bumping into Jon. She mumbled in Yiddish the equivalent to 'knock it off" just incase it was a ghost, but it was more likely from her legs just randomly giving out for a second. "nothing, lets just find t he wash room."
Jon nodded and he helped her to one that wasn't far away. He closed the door behind them and got a wet cloth before dropping to his knees to take off the ripped scarf and carefully wash her ankle.
"Well I have bad news... Your shoe is a bloody mess. But it looks like a small knick more than anything..."
She winced slightly when he placed the cloth on her ankle. "No teeth marks?" She smiled slightly, which faded the next time the towel hit her ankle. "Can the shoe be saved?" She tried to get a look at the shoe, but it wasn't in view.

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