Closed Owl and the Pussycat
Jon opened the door and peaked inside seeing the kitchens empty. He helped her inside and still kept an eye and ear out for anyone else who might be around to come upon them. 

"Ah here we are. My humble abode is in the male servant quarters below. But where is the fun in that? Let's go someplace more fitting to sit and talk." He smiled and gestured for her to come and walk along side him while he carefully took the servant stairwell up to the next floor.
She actually wouldn't have minded to see where his quarters were. Because he was head gardener, she wondered if he had his own room or stayed with his workers. Has to be an awkard thing if he wanted the touch of a lady.

She smiled and tried to take in the details of the place. She was quickly being taken elsewhere as sounds of footsteps approached. It was all rather exciting. "Where are you taking me ?"
Jon put up a finger to his lips to gesture that they must whisper. "On an adventure, my dear..."

He walked with her towards the second floor and would pause every now and again to listen for footsteps or to peak around corners to make sure no one would catch them. "We are going to risk a ghost." He grinned huge at her because he did not believe such things.
She believed in ghosts, she told herself that she did not, but in reality she was open to it all. G had that look a child got when they tried to sneak into the kitchen for desert before dinner. Her head moved in each direction, trying to really take in the beauty off the place. He may have seen this place a million times over, but she had not. She kept silent and on alert in case someone came near. Her eyes moved to a painting on the wall and her head tilted only to have her arm lightly pull her away.
Jon would have loved to let her wander the halls and perhaps if the Lord and lady ever actually left the place he might get away with it, but that wasn't today.

Finally he reached the bottom of the tower and pointed. "Adventure?"
'Should my alarms be ringing' Was her initial thought as she looked up. A smile came to her face as she held up her skirt and she started to climb. She thought it was best not to speak, fearing an echo. She didn't want her company to get caught bringing a stranger into someone else's home.
Jonathan smiled as he followed her up . "Careful, my lady..' He whispered softer than before. "The stairs do creak.."He didn't want her to start racing up the stairs and certainly wake someone up.
She stopped briefly and looked down at him with a smile. She hadn't felt this excited about something in a while. She moved up quickly, but caught herself and slowed down, her hand reaching out behind her for his.
Jonathan laughed lightly as he moved up behind her and took her hand, following her towards the top where only a little pale light managed to come in from a window. "They say these towers are haunted.. by a ghost that bites your ankles."He grinned seeing if it would spook the girl.
She stopped at the top and looked through the window. Her hand moved slightly away from his with talk of ghosts, her fingers moved to just barely hook around his. "Why the ankles?" She looked toward her own ankles for a second.
Jon looked out the window from over her shoulder but then focused on her when she spoke to him. He shrugged and smiled. "I don't know, that is just what people say. The ghost nips at ankles. Did you think I made it up?" He smiled playfully and looped an arm around her waist to draw her in close but still allowed her to look out the window. "I could make up a much funner ghost."
"I just mean" She moved her foot as if she had felt something against her ankle. "She could bite their feet or legs, why the ankles?" Her eyes lowered slightly, an inquisitive look on her face. "I am sure you can." Maybe he was aligning her body to be able to see a certain way out of the window "It's a breathtaking view, all that would make this moment perfect would be a glass of wine or brandy"
"Maybe ankles meant something to the ghost in life or they just find it more amusing? " Jon shrugged and leaned to look out the window, his beard tickling her cheek and he grinned at her. "I am sorry I did not bring wine. Perhaps you can join me again maybe on a full moon when there is so much more to see?" He said softly near her ear.
Nah, he wasn't flirting with her , was he? Guedalia was well aware of when men were flirting with her, but that was only the case with men she didn't fancy. Nor was she fully aware in that moment how much she actually fancied the guy. A smile came to her lips. "I would love to see the full moon from here." Her eyes looked down to see someone walking across the yard. "Who's that?"
Jonathan was about to say something more flirtatious but stopped by her mentioning a person. He tried to look around her and shrugged. "Could be anyone,I am not the only one who goes to the pub, not by a long shot."He chuckled softly. "And some like to have their midnight dalliances."

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