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The Doctor wore his long shirt, vest, jeans, and boots. He didn't even try to blend in with the rest of the town.  He had been here for about a week if not longer now. On the first night he slept with young lass he knew he probably shouldn't have as she had never had another guys touch. He figured she would be like the others, back home, easy to forget and move on. Maybe it was his mistake for sleeping for someone the first day.  The second day she had come around and things almost picked up, but he stopped things from taking a turn and she suddenly grew ill. It had to have been nerves, stress, maybe from him maybe from her brother. He wasn't exactly sure what the reasoning behind it, but he felt guilty for three days straight. He helped the towns people that came into the hospital, ate, drank, slept and repeated.  The feeling of guilt faded and as soon as it did he went to the tavern in hopes of landing someone else. A woman walked by, but he hadn't even noticed the signs that she was interested. So he downed his drink and a glass of water before going upstairs.
The Cowboy knocked on the door and waited.
She stood up from the bed, pulling on her robe and padding to the door. She opened it partly to look out and then the rest of the way to let him in. She looked better, though slightly more gaunt from when he last saw her. There was a half eaten piece of toast on a plate near her bed and remnants of grapes and cheese. Her cheeks were still ruddy from sleep. "I... wasn't expecting ye," she said in her thick and natural accent, something she tried to not do most of the time but it was hard not to when one was exhausted.
He looked down to his feet as if embarrassed and then looked back up at her. "I don't want to take much of your time" He spoke after taking his hat off and placing it against chest. "But I want to ask you on a proper date and I believe customary to ask you father, or well this case your brother first." Yes, he could see that she seemed still under the weather, but from the crack in the door he could tell she had at least eaten something.
"O-oh..." she said with surprise, and then the light brightened in her eyes briefly. She backed up to let him in. Well then, she thought, suddenly feeling very... unprepared for him. Her long hair was loose, though she'd just bathed within an hour and it lay in damp waves down her back against the clean but prim and proper dressing gown. The room still smelled of the soap she'd bought the other day, and she had a clean smell. "I think he is workin today and might be gone all day. But that is just a guess, mind."
He thought about saying No, telling her maybe she should change and step outside. In the end though he did walk in. So he hadn't had all the makings of an  outstanding gentlemen, but he had some right. I mean asking a girl on a date properly was a good step, why go further than that for now.  He walked in, but he didn't close the door all the way, a gentlement would call her entire indecent, good thing he wasn't a pure of heart gentlemen. It was her place after all. "I am glad to see you are feeling better Miss. McBride." 

His fingers gently touched the plate with the half eaten toast causing it to lift up partially only to fall back down when his fingers moved away. He was going to try and not be a doctor for one second, holding back asking her on her eating habits
"I'm tryin'," she said, looking down at her hands. "I... need ta tell ye somethin'." She paused and licked her lips because they felt dry. "Pony... my brother, that is... Will probably tell ye no." She sat down on the edge of the bed, "He hates doctors because of our pa... with good reason. He doesn't even want me to become a nurse, which is somethin' I discovered I wanted ta be, ye understand? He doesn't want me to stay here in town, he wants me to go with him when he leaves. I... can't. I belong here... and that isn't because I met ye, though yer a perk to be sure, I was thinkin' about it before I met ye for quite some time and it's just what I long for. He doesn't approve of any of that and I know he wouldn't let ye see me like that."
His lips tucked under as if trying to bring moisture back to them. His nose and lips moved slightly to the right in an inquisitive type look, which caused his mustache to move. His face straightened out as he head tilted downward at an angle to look at his curled up hand as it knocked on the near by piece of wood lightly. "I expect him to say no." His hand flattened out, his face still titled at an angle so that he could peak up at her, but look back down to his hand. He had a reputation back at home, he wouldn't be able to get away with trying this gentlemen crap back there, so he didn't expect to get away with it here. "Can you take a guess in what direction I might find him?"
He kept surprising her. "O-oh..." It took her brain a moment to see where he was going with it, and then she gave a slow smile up at him like he had just given her something special. "I can't say for sure, but he might be at market, or he might be frolickin'... Who knows?" Her smile died and she looked down because she knew that if Harold did ask, she was going to have to be in another argument with Pony; something she'd had enough of. "What happens after he says no, then?"
"I give him an offer he can't refuse." By the change in body language and the tone, that could have come across as many things. It could mean he was going to give the young man an ultimatum It could mean his gun might leave his side. Harold wasn't about to lay a head on the boy unless needed, but he had something cooking in the back of his mind. He placed his hat back on his head and took a few steps back toward the door. " you say he's into selling things...good information to have." He turned around and placed his hand on the door nob, his head turning over his right shoulder. "What pry tell does your brother look like?"
Her eyes widened... did he... just say he was willing to fight for her? She was still hurt by her brother's words, how he thought she was a fool for wanting to do more than just baby steps. "He looks like me," she said softly. "Except I'm the pretty one." That was a half hearted joke, the laughter never reached her eyes. Her mouth wobbled ever so slightly. "I was just about ta get dressed and go for a walk," she said.
The door still cracked out, his hand still on the door knob as he turned to face her. "Good, that's good." He stood there a moment in contemplation, before his hand left the door knob as he walked up to her. He placed a kiss on her forehead, his mustache brushing against her skin. "I'll call later" His nose traced down hers until his lips were against hers. He backed away and headed out the door.
Karen closed her eyes at the soft contact against her skin, her lips tingling from his kiss. He was walking out the next thing she knew and she felt at a loss. She stood, snaked her hand out and grabbed at his wrist, "Stay," she whispered. "Please." Her eyes were pleading.
"How could any guy resist the plea of a beautiful lady like yourself." He turned on his heels to look at her hand on his wrist. . "I can't stay long, I need to find your brother, then get back to the hospital." He took his hat and placed it on top of her head before lift her up so her legs could wrap around him. He smiled looked up at her.
She gasped when he lifted her against him, and then she kicked at the door gently so it closed the rest of the way and she pressed her mouth to his. Her arms wound around his neck to keep her from falling backwards, then she broke the kiss and she panted a little, and said something she didn't want to say, that even he would probably know how hard it was for her to admit. "I need ye, Harold." Her eyes searched his before she continued, "Don't ye dare tell anyone I even said it, I'll deny it, you know?"
"you barely know me." He bounced her up slightly to get a better grip on her. Something about holding her in this manner, her looking down at him, he liked it. " M'am I believe your words are built from lust.. " He was trying to be a different man, but she was making it very hard. "Not that that is an issue for me.."

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