Open - Content Warning The persons upon whom I have bestowed my dearest love lie deep in their graves
Colette had enough going on inside the castle,, she couldn't believe what she had been told went on outside. Barely casting a glance towards the body, there was a frustration and helplessness on her face. She turned towards her husband and shook her head.

"Really, you are somewhere important before me?" She was sure he'd be hidden away, moping about the place. She looked at everyone standing around and held up her arms.

"Give the woman some dignity! The constable and undertaker are here to care for her. There will be a funeral for last respects."  She cast a look to the two footman and a couple of hysterical maids. "Those of you in shock... take the day off to gather yourselves."

She placed a hand to her temple to combat a headache. At least her children weren't out here. Her voice rose and sounded more authoritative. "Unless you have something to say to the men that came to do their jobs, go back inside. I do not know about the rest of you, but when I die, I would prefer I was given some humility in such a vulnerable moment and not stared at by a crowd!"
Oh, look! A crowd! Something fascinating must have been there. He may have gone off the beaten path to gawk at the body.

The only time he got to see a body he didn't know was when some jester went out poking about the bog for heavens knew what reason.

Seeing Crane was already on the scene, he tried to stay out of his line of sight.
Elijah had sharp eyes and noticed the watchman. He leaned his head side to side like some sort of over sized owl until he was confident it was him. The constable reached him quickly in his long strides and patted his arm.

"Chapman, it is good to see you're here quickly. How did you know about the body?" He looked curiously at the man.
“Everyone knows when the Sowerberrys are out.”

There was some superstition on his side of town that murders of crows and Sowerberrys predicted much the same.
Elijah looked rather surprised but he could understand. The Sowerberry's were like the Cóiste Bodhar. They could be rather frightening and certainly disturbing just by their presence as they were usually seen going out on their cart to collect the dead. He almost spent the time wondering what could make a father and son duo take that as a profession and become so dour.

He shook his head and placed his hands upon his hips to look at the other. "Well then, perhaps you could help me? I need to know if there were any visitors in the castle last night and this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Madswitte are there, but I think asking the footmen will be better and they could perhaps use the distraction.'
If Mr. and Mrs. Madswitte were not distraction enough, he wasn’t sure what was. Nonetheless, he nodded his head and took a look over the crowd for the working class men.

Red eyes. A crier. Fantastic. This would be a long morning.

“Sir,” he said, stepping up to Florian. “Have a moment?”
At a nod from his father, Malone had only to exert the slightest pressure on the driving reins and the pony stepped forward willingly. Beasts and bodies, the younger Sowerberry had a way with them both. With continued silence, he led the animal and the cart down the long drive.
"My dear..." Kelvin frowned, puzzled that Colette was there. Had she always been outside with the lot of them? He would not counter her orders, though he did reach out to pat the poor weeping footman on his shoulder awkwardly. "Best go, have a day on... the town." Is that what the poor did for fun?
He didn't want to leave, but he was told to. Surely later he would marvel at having been touched by a Marquess. Was that even legal? Who to defer to, the Marchioness or the young watchman?

"Thank you. Ladyship..." Then gesturing to the young man, trying to indicate his confusion and stepped away somewhat as most of the other staff went inside dutifully.
Colette looked to Kelvin and walked towards him. She wanted to chastise him like a child but he was her husband. She instead turned her head as she stared at him almost as if they were friends who met in a crowd after a year and she had to remind him he owed her money. A smile almost reached her lips out of habit for such things, but the gravity of the situation kept it down.
"Kelvin.. We have things to discuss privately if you will bid me the time?" It was a necessity she told him of the girl who had disappeared moments ago and had kept her so busy inside that she only now could come out.

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