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She was perfectly still, perfectly quiet while the exchange happened, their eyes locked. She leaned as he did, her eyes drifting closed. "I know," she said quietly in regard to him not wanting to get the wrong idea in her head. He then stated that he worried about her reputation in a sense, and she said, "I see. I... Don't know what to say about that or any of the rest of this." She was afraid. She had been fighting it the whole time, he had to know that... The feelings he made her feel coming too fast. Karen said, "Harold... I.." but then she simply just gave in and pressed her lips to his. Briefly. "What do we do about it?"
He didn't want to have to answer that question. His eyes closed and his leg fell off his other one as he was no longer holding onto his ankle.  He kept his eyes closed for a moment locking in the feeling before opening his eyes and speaking. "I don't know" He ran his free hand through her hair. " I haven't a clue my dear" He needed time to think, maybe just not in this very moment.  Harold brought his lips greeted hers with a soft kiss. He took his hand from hers  and placed both his hands on his lap. "What I do know," he took one of her hands in his, "being a doctor an all". his other hand grabbed her free hand and he started moving their arms different directions, in case someone walked in, it would at least look like a routine physical. They'd just think it was an American way of doing something. "you wouldn't want to do anything of that nature right now anyway, trust me." 

He brought her hands to his lips to place a kiss between them both. He then placed her arms around his neck. his hands following her arms to her shoulders and down her back. "The adult thing would be to not see each other for a little then regroup"  It was more for him to try and see if he actually cared or if he could easily fuck some other girl.
He kept... touching her, but in the next breath talked about parting ways for a time. She didn't know what to say, she couldn't think while he caressed her back through layers of wool. She did tense even still, "That was precisely what I was doing before... before you called me to you." Her hands gripped and loosened, she was ready to bolt again. Karen was overwhelmed all of a sudden, closing her eyes against the wave of dizziness that presented itself, probably from the fact she hadn't really eaten much in the last few days, but poorly timed.
" I know.." He placed his lips against her. "I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page" He noticed something was off and instant doctor mode kicked in. He held her to him in a hug, not something he did regularly did with patients. He moved her to the chair and had her sit down. "I think we should eat something, actual food" He recalled her saying she had lost her appetite earlier. He would try to get her to eat something and see if the food would stick or not.
He was hugging her to him in an instant, she wanted to swat him away. She sat down when he guided her to a chair, gave a sigh. "I'm not hungry," she insisted. The chair was comfortable, she had to admit that... but then, she had been up and about all day and her feet hurt a little. She truly wasn't hungry though, the thought of food only knotted her stomach. Everything was overwhelming her and it was causing her not to eat. That was all, she thought as she settled her head back.
"Okay, just eat a couple pieces of something you bought today, please..."He sounded concern. "I am going to find you something to drink and a cold compress. You are welcome to lay down here until you feel better, but my dear, I will not be able to tell you if it is anything else without you eating and drinking something first." He was very concerned and if it was not in the tone in his voice it was on the look on his face He walked out of the office and went to find them both something to drink and cold compress as he said he was going to do.
She opened her mouth to argue with him, but then closed it when she saw the look in his eyes. Ahh, so he did care. It was little comfort at the moment, but he did care. She watched him leave the room, briefly contemplated leaving the building while he was fussing elsewhere, but knew very damn well he would find her if she even made it out of the hospital. She then thought about breaking the bread and making it look like she tried a bite, a trick she had pulled when she was a child, but thought better of that too. She pulled the apple from her pocket and looked down at it dispassionately. Nope... still not hungry. She took a bite anyways, chewing and chewing, and by the time he came back, she'd still be chewing on that same little lump.
He wasn't heart list and she was clearly bothered. Probably just overwhelmed from personal life with her brother, whatever that might actually be, plus him coming in and causing the rest of it all. He didn't know her very well, not in the sense of personality or likes and dislikes. Not knowing is what usually made it easier to just walk away. "here" He handed her a glass and then hit it with his. "Drink, eat, and take a few breaths, then talk to me." He hadn't thought to close the door. He hadn't eaten all day either, so he walked over to the items he had bought early today and took out a weird looking fruit and took a bite. It wasn't the most appealing to the eyes to see someone with facial hair like himself eat.
She couldn't swallow the pulverized apple. It was set on the desk. The chewed fruit was left to sit in her cheek. She forced herself to swallow and it just sat like a lump in her gut. "What's there to say?" she asked, sounding tired as opposed to defeated. In fact, her eyes drooped, head nodding forward. "You eat, I'll just rest my eyes."
He opened his mouth to say something, but stopped himself. The cowboy moved to place the cold compress on the back of her neck then went back to eating his fruit. For the first time, he actually felt something, guilt. He wasn't about to admit it to himself, because he didn't even really know who she was. That was the entire point of casual. He had no problem walking off after doing this to other girls, so why couldn't he do this to her. Maybe he was growing softer the older he got. Maybe it was the thing about kids and the talk of their age differences. Whatever the reason, he needed to think, but he also needed her to be healthy so guilt didn't take over him completely.

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