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He grabbed the basket from her hands and stopped in his tracks. "Miss McBride" The nearest building was the church, his eyes glanced over to it and then glanced back to her. "Maybe you should go to confession." He took his things out of the basket before handing the basket back to her. He looked her in the eyes, that come hither look in her eyes. She was a vixen this one , even if she didn't realize it.
"For what?" she asked, not taking the basket. "For wanting to clear my head?" Her voice took on an edge, "What do you want me to confess? Hmm? That I think of you? That I want you? That I burn for you?" She snorted. "Is that what you want?" She pushed her parcel of food into his arms and turned and stalked toward the trees.
CW: slight aggression that could be confused for something else.

Well he wasn't about to just drop all of this stuff, it made it hard to go after her though. He did though catch up as his legs were longer than hers. "Open the basket please" He looked her in the eyes and waited to put everything in his arms back into the basket. "Come with me.." He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into a shed behind the church, his grip was not tight, though part of him wished it was.

"I have to get back to work, but by all means.. explain to me why I should put up with that behavior." He placed the basket ontop of a shelf nearby. He hadn't meant it in the way it came out. He had only been here a couple of days. The fact that he was tolerating this seemed beyond him, but at the same time, her reaction to his earlier confession didn't make him want to run away.

His eyes closed and his chest rose slowly as he breathed out all the stress from the day. "I.." His words were interrupted.
She did as he asked and then balked as he pulled her into the shed. She pressed her lips together for a moment and stared at nothing. "I haven't done anything to you," she said ever so softly, "I've left you alone, I've not considered sending you flowery declarations, nor have I sought you out. Yet here we are. It seems to me that you expect me to fall at your feet and tell you I cannot live without you. I am not like that. I wasn't supposed to let you take me like that, but I wanted it, wanted you, wanted to know what it felt like and you gave me that. But I cannot and will not ever fall at the feet of a man like some insipid girl whose face is easily forgotten."

Her eyes finally met his and she said, "How do you want me to act?"
"Your right, you've done nothing, I approached you to see how you were." He picked up the basket and placed his hand the door behind him. "Not like that..." he placed a kiss on her cheek. The side of his forehead against the side of her head for a moment. "definitely, not like that" He was sort of screwed, he saw the potential, but potential was not something you looked for in a mate, it was either their or it wasn't. But they really didn't know each other, did they. "Now would you be so kind to escort me back to the hospital. Clearly, I grabbed too much and your basket has been helpful"
The feel of his head leaning against hers, the kiss to her cheek, and she couldn't help but lean into it. But logic forced her to pull away before he did. She drew in a shaking breath and left the little shed, this time waiting for him to walk with her instead of her pretty much running away. She was silent for a time, then she said, "I'd be lying if I told you all was well." Her voice was soft... "I needed air, I hate feeling stifled." That partially explained why she left him be. "I didn't mean to be cross. I'm sorry." Assuming he started walking, she fell into step beside him.
He watched her walk out passed him and out of the shed. He closed his eyes for a moment and took in a breath as he did. She had a distinct smell, alluring. He felt himself relax, his eyes opening and he quickly turned on his heels then moved to walk along side of her. The basket in his hands. "It's rather normal to feel like that after ones first time." It really didn't matter if it had been him to her virginity or someone else, in his eyes that was how everyone reacted after their first time, himself included.

He allowed some quiet to go between the two as they walked. He wasn't exactly sure what to say. You'd think a man who had been in the position before would have had the perfect speech ready to recite. He could see the hospital in view and his feet came to a halt for a moment, but only for a brief moment.

"I accept your apology, though it is not needed. If anything I owe you an apology Miss McBride" His voice grew softer as they approached the hospital.
"It wasn't that," she said. "That was..." she paused, trying to think of a proper way to describe it. "Don't you dare let your ego grow, but it was wonderful." Her cheeks reddened. She cast him a look that let him know she was being honest. "I think I am just tired of being stuck in that room, doin' the work of two people while my brother is off gallivanting and frolicking with the lassies... He never asked me what I wanted. He just assumes that I am happy to do his work and the numbers, when I hate it. I finally told him the night before I met you. I don't think he quite understands how lonely I really am. I told him I wanted to fall in love. It might seem silly, but he never let me have the chance until I told him. I'm twenty-six years old, I should have been married with a gaggle of children by now. I don't know why I'm tellin' you though. I know it sounds stupid."
He walked into the hospital with her on his tail. A few eyes goes his way. He had only been here , what three days now, the starring wasn't about to go away. Mustache, hat, country accent, different style clothes, specially the boots and the weapon, mix that with the fact he was a doctor well he could understand the stares up to an extent. He moved into his office. "Come in, we can discuss your symptoms more..." He held the door open for her, but when he entered instead of leaving the door open as one might do when they had a female patient, he closed the door. He placed the basket on the desk and took his things out.

"Sorry it's not more hospitable, but it is what I have to work with." Small room, desk near backed up to a blackboard and a cot against the other wall, a dresser near a small window for his clothes, and that was all there was . "as for the concerns you addressed earlier" he said slightly louder incase anyone was easy dropping. He then lowered his voice to a softer tone. "I am 34, I haven't settled as I have not found the right lass to do so with." the country accent coming off strong. He sat on the desk with one knee resting on the desk his leg against his other leg, hid hands hanging onto his boot near his ankle.

"Keep your chin up, just don't miss out on the journey."
She gave a slight smile as he led her into his office with the ruse of her being a patient... sort of. Once the door was closed and he said what he said, she glanced around and shook her head, "It's alright." Her teeth bit into her lower lip for a moment before she lowered her voice to a more intimate level, "I understand." She leaned against the closed door, her eyes upon his face and her expression more relaxed.

Karen let her eyes stay there for a long spell before she finally pushed away from the door and moved toward the desk. "You closed the door," she said within a few feet of him.
He had indeed closed the door, but not for the reasons she was thinking. He just didn't want anyone to walk by and notice sudden flirtatious body language. "Yes, I believe I did. " He really wasn't sure his words had actually gotten through to her. From his eyes it just looked like a girl who finally was able to hit nircanna and wanted more. He of course would be oh so happy to ablige. The doors here didn't lock, so he was trying to be on guard. "I appear to have a patient that's caught some sort of bug, wouldn't want to to let the others catch it. That would be irresponsible" he watched her as he approached her. His legs never switched out of their crossed position. His hands were still holding the ankle of boot.
"I see," she said, leaning in and reaching passed to grab the handle of the basket, and she was about to take off with it when she caught his next words, "Is that so? Well, your patient seems to be in good hands." If she was feeling anything like what he was thinking, she was in denial about it, not even wanting to admit that she wanted him. He knew what she wanted, she acted like she didn't because she didn't want to. She turned, and even as she denied it within her thoughts, she wanted very much for him to pull her to him. The stubborn wench was about to walk out if he didn't. It had to be his idea.
Oh, she was way better than she knew at the art of temptation. If she truly was not trying to tempt him, then he would have to look at it differently. "Karen"  It was the first time he used her first name. If that hadn't gotten her attention, he didn't know what would. His leg was still folded over his other leg, but his hand was extended for her to take. His eyes on her, it had to be a mutual decision. Nerves filled his stomach as he felt slightly vulnerable in that moment. She could still walk out and he should have protected himself from feeling anything if that were to happen, but if she did leave he had wrench feeling he'd actually be disappointed.
She turned to look at him, her eyes guarded. "Yes?" She took a look at his face and then she dropped the basket like her fingers had gone numb. A myriad of expressions crossed her face before she could manage to get her legs to move. Karen lost the battle of will, her hand finding his. Damn it, he didn't seem to let her build a wall between them. He knocked it down with one gesture, and she lifted his hand to her face, closing her eyes and leaning into that palm.
He hadn't expected her to just drop the basket, a soft smile came to his lips as he watched her place his hand against her cheek.  'Is everything okay in there?' a voice called from the hall. "It's fine, just butter fingers" He spoked to the voice out in the hall. "Thanks for checking" His eyes never left Miss McBrides. He waited a few minutes to make sure he heard the person walk away. "I don't want you getting the wrong idea here" His eyes moved from her eyes to her hair line before he focused on how she looked with his hand being held by hers against her cheek. "I mean, I want you, but for some reason... I think I'd feel bad if I ruined your reputation.." He dared not uncross his legs, as it was his guard from letting anything get too serious, but he did lean in making sure their foreheads wouldn't touch. "Which is... really.. unlike me, so... take it as a comp..lim.ent" there were pauses in his speech as if he was dazed or confused.  He was perfectly okay in this moment, his hand in hers against her skin, but he wanted her lips.

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