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She'd woken up the morning after losing her innocence, spent the first few hours being sick from the alcohol she wasn't used to drinking, and had been cranky from hangover. If Pony had bothered her at all, he would have gotten snapped at by her and told to leave her alone because she was having a bad morning even though the night before had been wonderful. So she'd spent the next few days trying to concentrate on work and nothing else... except that she couldn't help but to think of the one who received the gift she'd given.

Harold had opened her eyes to what she had been missing, and she should feel guilty for letting it happen after her brother stated he thought more of her than some light skirt... However, she was twenty-six years old, alone besides Pony, and she had needed what had happened even knowing it wasn't supposed to be more than just that night. But she wasn't; she felt alive and now that she knew what joy could be had between a man and a woman, her curiosity had been sated for a time. She didn't go to find him, she didn't send any frilly love notes, nor did she ask about him. She wouldn't forget him even if she had to stay away.

She put back the little trinket she had been staring at and told the vendor she would possibly buy it later, then started to walk at a sedate pace through the crowd and toward town, her basket empty of goods and a thoughtful expression crossing her lovely features. One would almost think that she was a daydreamer.
"Good Morning Miss" He came up to her from the side and then started to walk with him. He reckoned if she smiled near him someone around these parts might put two and two together. Harold didn't mind rumors, he had dealt with them in the US, he could deal with them here. He could have tried to have a different lifestyle since he had no reputation here. Old habits died hard, at least that was the saying, and Harold's habits would only die once he found himself with the one that would make it hard not to be faithful.

"Your skin is glowing today Miss McBride, care to tell me your secret." He smirked and tipped his hat toward a couple of ladies that passed their way and giggled. He could barely hear the mention of his stache. It is possible they thought it was rather peculiar and that was what had caused it.

He had been in the market to find some ingredients for a herbal remedy his governance had taught him. It had healing and numbing qualities that could help after stitching someone up or just on a painful scrape. His eyes moved to the next stall to see if there was anything he could use.
She nearly jumped out of her skin when he was suddenly walking beside her. She glanced over to him and said, "Hello, Doctor Calloway." They were beyond formality, but she wasn't even sure of things and thought it best to play it safe. He asked her a silly question about her glowing and she murmured, "Water." Color crept into her cheeks because her body thrummed to life with thoughts of what that mustache felt like against her bare skin. She ignored the giggling girls and stopped at a stall that sold soaps and fragrances.

Karen would just have to pretend not to be affected by him. That was it. Need scared her a great deal and he reminded her of said need. It was more than that... He made her stomach flip and knot, and she felt like she could easily do the one thing she was finally free to do but too wary to open that part of her heart to a man she barely knew; a man who's kisses weakened her until all she wanted to do was let him have her.
"ah yes, water does wonders for the skin." He moved to her other side as she stopped to smell some soap. "or so Rosa would always say." Sometimes he did this thing where he spoke like the world knew who he was speaking about. But to be fair, if he was in Louisiana, most people knew him or his papa. They most certainly would have known who Rosa was.

"Lavender" he saw a display of lavender and lilies. "M'am" she spoke to the person behind the soap stand. "Where might one as myself find Lavender such as that."
She purchased her usual soap, glancing over at him as he was trying to procure some lavender. "It certainly wasn't whiskey," she quipped with a half smile. She went across the way to buy a loaf of bread, some cheese, and some fruit from the different vendors. Her basket was full of what she had gone to market for. "Well, I am hungry now and I cannot look at another bowl of that stew from the Inn. It was nice to see you again." Her blush gave away the fact that she was feigning indifference, her cheeks burning. And she seemed to be running away... In the most sedate pace one could take walking through the crowd. It wouldn't be hard at all for him to discern she was attracted to him like a moth to a flame.
Well this was rather unexpected, her random disappearance to grab her errands. He had half expected the lady to be trying to whisk him away to some secluded space. Usually girls after their first time became clingy, which is why he had tried to avoid them. Yet, here she was most definitely playing a game of cat and mouse. He smirked watching her walk off then looked back to the merchant and paid for the lavender she had on hand. He walked to the next booth to ask about sage and pigroot, his head turning to look and see where she was.

He couldn't be terribly long anyway, the hospital probably needed him back on site. Then again, it was a small town, they could easily come find him. Couldn't be to hard to find him, he wore a hat and had a pistol on his side. "What pry tell are you cooking tonight?" He spoke when their paths met again.
He had followed her. Now he was asking about the food she had bought and she said, "I am just going to eat fruit and cheese and bread." She lifted the cloth so he could see it was precisely as she said. There was more there than she could eat. She bit her lip, replaced the cloth and gave a calming sigh. She kept walking, not hard to keep up with. Then she hissed out so only he could hear, "I just want you to know that I am not normally like I was the other day. I don't regret what happened, but I am not a light skirt." Except for him, came the unwelcome thought. If he simply kissed her, she'd probably melt into a puddle and forget what she just said. She was fooling herself. She looked at him, blushed beet red, and then turned a corner.
His boots came to a standstill when she turned around to face him and softly spoke about what type of woman she was.

"good, because I'm not exactly a one woman guy" He spoke softly as he moved onto her side, his hand moved to touch her shoulder. The tone of his voice matched the one she just gave him. His fingers gently moved away from her shoulder as he continued to walk only to stop at another stand where a particular leaf got his attention.
For some reason, the thought of him kissing another woman made her blood boil. "Is that so? Fine. Thank you for the warning." Her words were forced to sound light and airy. She could pretend all she wanted that she didn't give a care in the world, but her manner easily leaked the secret that she was far from oblivious to him. It didn't make sense to her because she knew nothing about him other than he had made her shatter into a million pieces and left her to glue the pieces back together. She would not, however, act like a little fool and cling to him. He probably WANTED it, liked when women fawned over him, she thought.
"I'd watch your tone, one might think you jealous" He spoke to her as he looked at some stones laid out on a table .Taking out some coins he paid for something that would allow him to mash up his ingredients properly. His hands were about full, so he couldn't reach out to stop her from moving away. Why was he bothering keeping up this conversation, clearly some part of him liked her. She was the only one in this town, so far, that he had been with.
"You're mistaken," she said with a sweet smile. "If I kissed another man in front of you, you'd see how mistaken you are." She had a few men who admired her, it wouldn't be hard to find one. "But then, I would rather not prove that, since there is no point whatsoever." Jealous... Pah... How could she be jealous? Not her. Someone bumped into her by accident, an apple fell to the ground from her basket. She turned to pick it up, bending over with her backside to him, though that was not intentional, and retrieved the fruit.
"Not a good flirt, she says" He admired her back side for a moment, but quickly adverted his eyes as it was not very gentlemen like. He chuckled and raised his full hands. This was his way of showing his hands were full. He needed to get back to his room in the hospital to put things in their place. "Well, I am glad to see you are in good health Mrs. McBride." He took a few steps backwards and turned around.
She didn't reply, pressing her lips together and watching him go like a ninny. Why should she care? But she did. With a sigh, it was her turn to follow him and sidle up beside him, silently taking some of the things out of his arms and putting it in her basket without him asking. She remained wordless for a time, then she pulled her things out, the apple going into her pocket and the bread and cheese wrapped up and tied together with twine. She started to walk ahead.
He was only half surprised to see her hands reach toward the objects in his hands. An amused smile came to his lips. He watched as she decided to walk ahead of him. His eyes narrowed as he tried to figure her out. Harold's eyes also happened to wander to her rear end and took in how she walked. "well then" He mumbled to himself. He pulled out a cigar from his pocket and went to light it, but couldn't find his lighter, so he placed it back in the pocket . He tipped his hat to a few people he had met since his short time here and then caught back up with the lady. "Might I ask what you are doing?"
Her brows lifted and she looked back at him. "I don't know," she said, sounding disconcerted. "I was going to eat but now I don't have an appetite." Not for food anyways. She veered off toward the same direction as the hospital, though her thought was to go beyond that to a cluster of trees and sit and think. If she went back to the inn room, she would likely be interrupted by her brother, who would be all chipper and silly, when she didn't want to deal with that.

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