Never Again
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Never again.  

There is something to be said about a common thread to all superheroes. That thread is a vow.  That breath would be about preventing the pain in another that they have felt.  That desire, act of will, has gone too far. 

Lana Lang and Magneto did whatever it took to make sure that memory of the fallen was never forgotten. On October 9th, 2020 Ra's al Ghul struck LA with a Hydrogen Bomb. Among the dead is Lois Lane. It's time. To fight back. It's time to forge a new and better path. With the death of Lana Lang, Superman saw one path. On the Ides of March,  he took over the United States Government, split it with Magneto.  

You have a choice.  
1. Stand with Superman or Magneto. 
2. Live within the Neutral Zones, survival first. 
3. Try to save Superman. 
4. Fight back. 
5. Live within the Regime or Brotherhood and do nothing.

Choose wisely.  Your choice can alter human history.

Radioactive is a no word count site, that is based on Marvel/ DC comics.  Set on Earth 313, we are a completely alternative universe. The comic knowledge anyone needs is what resource sites can give you on a canon's origin. After that, the story is yours. 

Avenge the fallen, may their memory guide you.
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