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The American stood out like a sore thumb, but he wasn't the only one that did. He had noticed a few characters since his arrival earlier today that didn't look like they belonged here either. He wasn't sure if those strangers were looking to settle here or just be here temporary.  As for Harold, he was hoping his time here would not be short, but also not be permanent. He wanted to travel, learn from better people than himself, and show off the skills taught to him in America.  He tilted his hat as if saying hello to all those that looked at him as he entered. He wore a shirt with a vest and pants along with boots. "Whiskey if you have it." The southern/country accent coming from his lips as he leaned against the bar.
Karen was finally given the space she needed to mingle with men... Trouble was, she was excruciatingly innocent and considered an old maid, so she had no idea what she would do with herself once she did begin to mingle with men. She had no clue how flirting works or how to charm the socks off of a man. Though she wasn't normally shy, she felt like quite the introvert as she made her way downstairs and into the tavern.

Although the thoughts of men were bouncing around in her head quite rampant, she was really only downstairs to get a bite to eat and perhaps a bit of ale to wash it down. She found herself at the bar, casting a sidelong glance to a fellow with a twang that most certainly did not belong to these parts. Well then, she thought, not too hard on the eyes. She waited until he was seen to before she spoke up and said, "I'll be havin' ale and somethin' to nibble. Stew is fine," she nodded and perched upon the stool.
So this place wasn't as busy as the south was when it came to injury and sickness. Well,they were a bit more rowdy to say the least back in Louisiana. He helped two people today, simple things, nothing that would need surgery. The southern cowboy was itching for a surgery, but that itch would have to wait to be scratched. Luckily he had another itch, one to flirt with a beautiful lass. It was almost some higher power was watching over him. If he couldn't scratch one itch, let another itch be scratched. 

"Make it two things to nibble and put her order on my tab"  He lifted up his glass slightly as to say 'here's to...' well fill in the blank, it really didn't matter.
The man she had looked at briefly put the order on his tab and she blinked in surprise. Never once had she been bought dinner by a man who wasn't her brother. Pink flooded her cheeks and she gave another glance, this time her head turning so her chin was over her shoulder, and she gave a dazzling smile, dimpling at him.

"That is very kind of ye, sir," she said, forgetting to add her more "refined" accent since she had been taken by surprise. "Much obliged."
"You are very welcome my dear" He took off his hat as he was now in the presence of a lady, but that wouldn't keep it off his head for too long. "Though tell me now if I should retract that offer, wouldn't want to be greeted by a fist by an angry betrothed on my first night here. Sort of need this face and these hands to do my job." He would wait for an answer before moving to sit closer to her. Something about an accent different than one's own that couldn't be explained. Harold proceeded to take a sip of his drink.
"Oh, please," she scoffed in disbelief, then gave a laugh that was rich and resonate. "The only man I have been stuck with is my overprotective brother. I can assure ye, there be no man around here who has even attempted ta catch my fancy." She turned some so she could face him a little more, and she tilted her head slightly back and to the side with an impish air, "Yer hands and face are safe fer now."

What on earth was -this?- she wondered. She was... bantering almost playfully like she would her brother, yet it wasn't quite the same because she would never have... been coy with him. Was she being coy?
Harold Calloway was a flirt, it would probably take less than a week before most of this small town would know that. What they wouldn't know is under his tough act and longing for touch  he did in fact respect women. One day he would find his match and be loyal to her and only her, but until that day he was free to bask in the company of any woman he should like. 

"Good" He finished his drink and raised a finger for another one after setting the glass on the counter. "For your towns people at least.." He looked at his hands before one naturally sat over his gun and the other was on the bar to catch his new glass of alocol. "Might I be so bold to ask for your company at a table, more personable and all"
He was a bold one, that. Of course he had even said as much himself when he asked her to join him at a table. Pink flared into her cheeks again, the heat almost palpable. At first she was quiet because she wasn't sure how to react. One could see it in her eyes that she was not used to the attention. Curiosity and newfound freedom, however, made it easier to accept his offer. Her brother had promised he would back off and let her choose for herself who she fancied, and while she didn't quite know how to utilize said freedom, she seemed to do a fine job of it.

"Lead the way," she said, a calm surrounding her as she grew comfortable and slightly emboldened. She took hold of her tankard and climbed down from the stool.
He noticed the pink in her cheeks. It was rather refreshing to see. In fact 2 out of 3 times he usually ended up being slapped across the face and walked out on by now. Then again, he wasn't in his home town, so his reputation hadn't been built around these parts. He held out a hand just in case she needed it getting off the stool, but the girl seemed to be capable of doing so by herself.  His eyes wandered the room until he found an available table in the back corner.

"Might I be so bold, you don't come across as a bar patron" He pulled out a chair for her before taking his own seat.
He led her to a table and pulled a chair out for her. She sat with a soft word of thanks and then listened to his next observation. "Nay, I am staying here at the inn for a time," she replied. Her dark eyes lifted to his face once they were both settled. "We travel quite a bit and I help my brother with his book keeping." She was not about to explain that Pony was a swindler and had her swindling too. Somehow that didn't seem like a good idea. She took a pull of her ale, wrinkling her nose at the taste that she never really cared for, though it was better than the tang of wine, and a mite cheaper as well.
Bookkeeping in is mind meant gambling. At least that's how he was use to hearing the term. It was something he didn't need to get involved wit again any time soon. Here though, well book keeping could mean anything. He smiled and placed his hat back on his head as there was no other place to put it. "I imagine the rooms here may be a bit better than where I am staying at. Less screaming..." he paused "I probably should explain that before you think something horrid of me. I am a doctor, just came in from the states, they have be sleeping in my own office at the hospital."
"Sometimes I wonder," she laughed softly, finally relaxing more. A doctor... He was a doctor. She hadn't pictured him that way, but knowing it was so made him even more likable than he was. Really helping others, not selling damned snake oil to do so, that was a nice thought. "My name is Karen McBride, my brother is a merchant." Of sorts. "And it is admirable that yer a doctor. That has ta be a hard career ta have."
"It can be, but it is worth it in the end. " He took a hold of her hand as they officially greeted each other "Harold Calloway, pleasure to meet you miss McBride" He placed a kiss the back of her hand. He wasn't sure how they greeted each other here, but back home that is how he greeted a beautiful woman. He let go of her hand and went to grab his glass to take a sip. Something was telling him he was barking up the wrong tree with this one. She was sweet and had an innocence about her, something he didn't want to take away from her.

"I Imagine traveling a lot is just as hard, takes a lot out of ya. Never getting to settle down to hold down even a brief relationship." Maybe he judged her too quickly, maybe the rosey cheek innocent thing was an act.
When he kissed her hand, he may have felt the callouses of hard work marring the pads of her fingers. Otherwise, she had soft skin and smelled of rhododendron. His mustache tickled her skin pleasantly. She liked it.

Pleased to meet ye too, Mister Calloway." She was an innocent for sure, though she knew what went on between men and women. After all, she wasn't as gently bred as others. "I don't miss home so much, but I do wish to settle somewhere besides there. Traveling does become tedious, which ye seem to be aware of quite well." Karen gave a smile. The food was set before them and she inhaled the savory scent. "The one thing I miss the most is home cooked food."
Home cooked food, something he hadn't thought about when he picked up and left. Cajuns knew how to cook, it was probably the main thing he liked about Louisiana. He smiled as his head started to hurt ever so slightly. "Yes and no, Louisiana is very big , lots of land to travel on, but it's all considered home. This trip here, is the farthest. I suspect I'll be here a while, not sure if I'll settle here or not. If I do, I assure you I will make sure some Louisiana traditions find roots here" He paused and took a handful of nuts. Then he washed the nuts down with the rest of his drink. "Tell me miss McBride, what home cooked food do you miss most". He wasn't really interested in knowing, but she was sweet and he welcomed the company.

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