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AGE 20
A Simple Farmhand

Mary is most readily found on or around the Featherston farm, where she and her entire family make a modest living. Since the time she could walk she has worked, receiving only the most basic of education from her mother out on the farm. Some day soon she expects she'll get married, most likely to another worker, and have children of her own, but until then the precious little time she has where she isn't working in the home or in the fields she spends dancing, drinking, and gossiping with the rest of the poor and unempowered farm workers. There's nothing else she can think to do.

While she isn't a bad person, Mary often fails to consider the feelings of those around her. It makes her feel clever and important to be insensitive and to act as if she knows what the world is really like, and why. Privately she is exhausted with her life, but in the face of impossible odds she refuses to consider that there might be other options for her, or anyone else who finds themself in a similarly downtrodden position. 
She likes to have fun...sometimes a little too much. As is common among the poor workers, immorality comes easily to her. She doesn't have much experience misbehaving, but is eager to try new things. If someone will tolerate her, she is happy to be a friend no matter who they are, though she may end up a gossipy, two-faced excuse for a friend.

When Mary can escape the farm, she is constantly bound to her fourteen-year-old sister Millie, at their mother's behest. The two have a sometimes acrimonious relationship.
The Featherstons will love a helping hand! She'd be most welcome at their Irish dances at the town/dance hall! Maybe she and Kel can bond over being kinda jerks haha.
Lights! Camera!

Excellent title name. I have two characters currently who might be able to lead her astray:

Gerònimo, an actor at the local theater with a rules-optional, drinks-mandatory outlook on life. Her pessimism would probably roll off his shoulders.

Nesah is a visitor in town, and could potentially end up in a pissing contest with her regarding Truly Worldly Angst. Her kind of trouble is more along the lines of sneaking into places rather than getting drunk in the streets.
Would love for Mary and Kel to get to know each other! He's her boss's son and she lives on his family's land so she is definitely subordinate to him, but I think they have more in common than they might realize. The Featherstons seem a bit down on their luck so I am assuming they don't have many workers on staff, in which case he might even know her name already? What do you think; do they have just a couple of families in the tied cottage and then some single workers? (Mary definitely knows who he is, regardless-- to her, Young Mister Featherston.)

Mary has never been to the theater, so I think if she did it would be interesting to her. She might be even more interested in the people behind the scenes, though. A visit to the theater and an unexpected fascination with one or more of the "show people" who work there might be a good way to get her sneaking away from the farm more often.
Would love for Mary to meet Nesah but it's a little harder to think about how they might meet. Mary doesn't get out much.
Mary is their only worker at the moment that is not a relative. They have many cousins who probably help sometimes though. Kel works at the manor and he and Toal both at the theatre to make up for it. Perhaps she's newly hired, so that they can establish their relationship with her? It was probably something Lee only agreed to begrudgingly.
I must have been confused as to the social situation of the Featherston family. I was under the impression that they were the land's tenants and therefore were in a management role. I should have looked more closely! If that's not the case I'll amend Mary's story to have her working at a local farm.
That doesn't mean she can't still know Kel, though. If they don't have any workers on the farm at present, maybe her family worked for them in the past.
Whatever works for you! :)

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