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Reverend Frederick "Grainy" Grain
Deacon of Madsmoor

Born the last child of eight to Sir Donald Grain, a baronet of Staffordshire, Frederick had very little pressure on him to do anything with his life. Freddie to his mother, Grainy to his school chums at Oxford, the Reverend Grain is the newest addition to Madsmoor's ministers and looks forward to connecting with the public both through services and through acts of charity. In fact, being able to minister to the poor is one of the reasons he relishes his position so much. His passions include reading, literacy, and helping the poor. He is well-versed in the classics, and does not necessarily adhere to the standards of elder members of the church on some subjects.

Friends: Frederick is an extremely kind, friendly man, if perhaps a bit condescending. He is an open-minded man, willing to talk to just about anyone. He is especially fond of children.

Enemies: Being a man of the cloth, the Reverend Grain would be at odds with the Cult of Hecate's members. As well, he would find people who have no compassion for the poor or a dislike of children distasteful.

Lovers: Following a few playful dalliances in school, Frederick realized quite quickly that he wasn't nearly as interested in women as he was other men. He is currently celibate, but for the right man, who can say what might happen?

Family: Frederick came to Madsmoor alone, leaving behind his parents, 5 brothers, and 2 sisters. None of his family would be particularly motivated to come visit for an extended period of time.
I have some Hecate male allies and a few Sisters who are NPCs, so a thread where he sees them at their oddities shop or even comes to the bog would be interesting... What you think? :)
In addition to Zech totally forgetting about that Oscar Wilde publication 9 years ago, I have...

Gerònimo Valdez, who would happily help our granular reverend help the poor: namely by offering his own pockets.

Angel Cortez, if Grainy has ever seen or spoken of a mirror at any point in his life ever.

Nesah Meijer, who may or may not have checked if the church doors are locked at night. Shares a similar accent to and looks a lot like Zech, and nothing says ‘awkward’ like “that Oscar Wilde-loving prosecutor’s sister is a burglar”.

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