o. Definitely not the south
Harold passed a nurse in the hallway and tipped his hat "ma'am" He had a bag in each hand and a gun on his hip. He stuck out like  wolf amongst a bunch of sheep. His southern accent was strong and though he was the foreigner here, it would take him a while to let that set in. "Dr. Calloway.. you've been expecting me..." He took his hat off his head and shook off a little snow before placing it back on his head.  A few girls walked by and giggled and so his eyes followed after them until someone showed him where his office / living quarters would be. Since he wasn't sure how long he'd be sticking around he didn't want them to set up a cottage for him. He would eventually end up in a cottage, but for now the small office would have to do. There was a cot in the corner and a desk in the other with a chair on each side. There was also a blackboard behind him. He placed his things down in a corner and then ran his hand through his hair. "I guess, where do you want me?" He turned around, but the person who showed him to the room had already gone. He then poked his head out into the hall "Does that mean I can wait until tomorrow to start?"
Philomena startled at the head that suddenly poked from the door of the empty office, and at the outrageous accent of the voice that fell from lips which lay under an even more outrageous mustache. She had been walking along, her nose in a text book, and thus she was surprised. However, she was in the loop, in so far as the scuttlebutt that a new doctor was on his way to help staff the hospital, and she had heard that he was an American. So it wasn't difficult to put two and two together and come up with the educated guess that here he was, in the flesh.

She recovered her poise and said with no preamble, "I'm sure Madame Leclerc would best be able to answer that. She is the head nurse here. But I believe she is out at the moment." She stuck out her hand. "I'm Philomena Muzuran." Her own accent was notable and she was clearly not English.

"I...help out...here at the hospital." That much was true, although she had no real training and could hardly even be considered a volunteer. "I'm training to be a doctor myself."

Now that was definitely stretching it. Her 'training' was completely informal and unsanctioned, and her father knew absolutely nothing about it. If he ever did find out, he was sure to put an end to it. The daughter of a Duke - no matter how murky his claim to that title was - had no business whatsoever studying or learning anything, other than how to snag a rich husband. One with a title would be best. That was his sole expectation for her, and her two sisters.
He heard a voice directed his way and took another step out of the office. His gun sititng in his hulster on his hip, but his hands folded across his chest as he leaned against the doorway. "Madam Leclerc you say." He stood himself up straight and took her hand as she introduced herself. He placed a kiss on the back of her hand, as he had been taught to do growing up. "Harold Calloway, surgeon"

He felt himself holding his tongue. A female doctor, why that was quiet bold of her. He of course was a foreigner here and maybe they allowed women to do more than they did in the southern states. He moved back and leaned against the doorway. "Well then, Mrs. Muzuran" He decided it was best to assume the lady was married until told otherwise.

"I wish you luck on that." He could feel a slight awkwardness as he felt his eye lids lower into a slight squint. His head looked over to the left quickly. He could have sworn he saw some run across the hall, but no one was there. "Do you think you could give me the tour?"
Philomena saw the look. Even when men tried to hide their disdain for women training to be a professional – which most of them did not even bother to hide their contempt – she could always see right through it. Well, no matter. She would find a way to have her heart’s desire, even if she had to move heaven and earth to do so! She wished he hadn’t kissed her hand – it was such an archaic thing to do – but she didn’t pull her hand back, even when she felt the brush of the stiff mustache hairs upon it. It didn’t give her a thrill. Far from it. She simply found men tedious. Well except for Oliver. He was a dear old gem! But she had been raised learning excellent manners as well, and so she tolerated the greeting and she corrected his assumption with an impassive, ”It’s Lady Muzuran. My father is a Duke.” She took no joy from that fact. Although admittedly, she lived a comfortable life because of it.

”Pleased to meet you, Dr. Calloway. And I don’t believe in luck. Hard work will get me there. Please, follow me.” If he wanted a tour, she’d oblige, not because she viewed herself as any sort of lackey or minion. But, she was rather proud of her knowledge about everything and anything to do with the modest hospital. She wasn’t averse to showing it off, either.
"My apologies Lady Muzuran." He followed her down the hall with one hand and arm resting over his weapon and the other hand pushing a cart to the side. He wasn't trying to hide the fact that he had a gun, it was just haw his arm laid next to his side when he was wearing it.

"Might I ask, Lady Muzuran, what it is you wish to focus on. Which aspect, medicine, general, surgery." The southern accent escaped his lips as his eyes moved from the halls they were walking in to the back of her head. He didn't like the idea of a woman becoming a doctor, but if she was serious about it, then he'd try to help. The last thing he needed was someone he worked along side with screwing something up and ruining his own name by association.
She had not noted the sidearm. Not yet. If and when she did, she would probably conclude that the American stereotype was accurate. They were all gun enthusiasts and all a bit....uncouth. But she did pay attention to his question, and she replied as she lead him down the corridor to where she felt their tour should begin - the main reception area.

"I find surgery fascinating. But I also have developed a certain interest in pathology - the disease process. It's my belief that if we can determine what causes illness in a more definitive and precise manner, we will be able to find treatments that are efficacious before surgery becomes necessary. At least in some cases. Many, I hope."

The hospital was a small one. Madsmoor was only a small village after all, though of course it drew patients from the surrounding countryside. She led him through a set of doors that gave onto a small, bare reception room, with doors that led to the outside. Here was a desk and chair at which sat one of the nurses. Philomena gestured. "Here is where the ambulatory patients enter, to be triaged by a nurse. They wait here to be taken to the examination room, unless it is a true emergency."

She looked at him with a mild curiosity. "You see it is neither a fancy nor a bustling place, Dr. Calloway. May I ask, what city you practiced in? Were you in a large establishment?" She added with a small show of amusement. "You may find Madsmoor a far more quiet place than what you are used to. Still. we are in need of good doctors. Country people are just as prone to illness and accident as those who live in large cities."
"New Orleans" The southern accent becoming thick on the 'eans' of New Orleans. His thoughts backtracked to what she had said about pathology. The woman seemed to know what she was speaking about. Clearly by the ways he spoke she was passionate about it. It was rare to find such passion in people or so he thought it was rare. "My governess Rosa talked of such things, pathology that is. She was more into natural remedies, always believed if the body could be explored more then her remedies might be more effective if taken at the right times."

He still didn't like the idea of female doctors, but Rosa wasn't a doctor. In his mind , Rose was a witch, a priestess of VooDoo. He didn't even toy with Rosa after she convinced him , he turned his buddy Todd into a toad. She hadn't actually, he turned up the next week in human form, apparently had to be in isolation because of some sickness.

"Quiet will be a nice change of pace, less bullet holes and cut up prostitutes" He felt like spitting out the saliva that had built up in his mouth, but with nowhere to spit he just held it until he could find a trash of some type. "Small is good to an extent though, what about the rumor mill? On a scale of one to five how bad is it, five been okay and one being absolutely no privacy"
"Ah, yes. I believe that is quite a large city? At the delta of the longest river in the United States, if I'm not mistaken." Her knowledge of geography was broad and deep, just as her knowledge of most subjects was. What was there for a rich, young woman to do with her time but read? And Philomena was possessed of a mind that thirsted for knowledge. So when she spoke thus, it was not to show off, or, conversely, to bore the listener (which, she often did). It was simply...her way of talking. She asked, "I presume you are far east of any Indian territories, correct? Although I have heard gossip that New Orleans, being a port town, can be quite a wild place for that reason alone. Much wilder than anything you will encounter here, I'm sure." She gave a tight smile.

The good doctor had gone on to say he was looking forward to such a change of pace, and his use of "bullet holes and prostitutes" had Philomena arching her eyebrows, but only slightly, and not in any sort of disapproval. Far from it. She herself would have loved to be in a big, bustling city where she could anonymously devote her entire existence to medicine and the study and treatment of any and all sorts of injuries. She'd leave the prostitutes to the sad little men who had to make use of such. Just one more reason the thought of marriage made her almost ill. Who would ever wish to be tied to a man? It was unfathomable, to her.

As for his question, about a rumor mill, she replied candidly, "I wouldn't know. I tend not to keep company with gossips, and I keep my mind on whatever task I have set myself. But I would assume said mill is in wonderful repair and turns constantly. If you have secrets, Doctor, you had best be discrete."

She gestured again with her hand. "Now, when a patient arrives and when the nurse is ready for the examination, they are brought to the exam room. This way." She moved back to the door they had come through, and led him back into the corridor and to a room immediately to their left.
"The lady knows her geography." He was actually impressed. Perhaps he had judged her to harshly. She hadn't expected her to book smart. He would have to remind himself this was not New Orleans, women here who dressed better may very well have more smarts than those in the city. He studied the rooms for all ways in and out, that included windows if any and other doors even if they were just to offices.

"That it is Ma'am" A smirk came to his face. "It has character" The city was made up of characters so in turn it had character. "and being a port town as you say, you can get your hands on most anything. Luckily, I brought some of that and its character with me to rub off on your sleepy little village." He did not once the sleepy little village might rub off on him.

"Entrance, Nurses watering hole, exam room..." He repeated as to show he listening.
Philomena conducted the rest of the tour in an orderly, logical and informative manner. Being imbued with a passion for the work done there, and yet not having a legitamized authorization to even be there, perhaps she felt far more enthusiasm about every little detail of what went on there, than if she had just been a person who simply worked there. In any case, she was very knowledgeable about what went on where, where supplies were kept, who worked where, and all such matters. When the tour concluded, they had arrived back at the door which led into Dr. Calloway's office.

"Well, I hope that gives you an orientation to the place. I'm sure Mrs Leclerc will be back soon and she will bring you up to date on the patients that are here at the moment, and the way the medical protocol is ordered." Philly probably could have done quite a good job of those as well, but she didn't think that was her place. After all, she was neither doctor nor nurse nor...anything really - just a volunteer student, as it were.

She looked at the man with an air of expectancy, to see if he had anything to ask her, or ask of her, before she left him to settle in.
"Thank ya m'am. Much appreciated" He could make some assumptions about the town that would become his new home based off of the tour he had of the hospital. The size of the hospital was small, so there was a higher chance that meant the village was small. There was also a chance that this building was here when the village was small and needed to be expanded to fit its growing size. Harold also came to the conclusion that the people in this town were not going to be as cut and dry as in the city and the women may be a bit harder to charm.

"That is all...Let me know if I can be some assistance with your studies.." He walked into his office and shut the door. "Well then... home sweet temporary home"

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