Closed A Sister's Letter
"Did you?" She turned, pointing for emphasis, "I knew it wasn't just me! He came and went real quick. And I heard Ellis say a man was leaving Mazarin strange gifts and running away. I wonder if it was the same one.."
Rolph knit his brow in worry as he walked alongside her. "Yeah, but I never saw anyone. I didn't know that. Want me to take walks at night?" He didn't like being security and walking alone at night was spooky, but he would always take the risk over standing back and letting his friends get hurt.
"I'll do them with you." She patted his arm and smiled up at him. "The dancing wasn't all that fun anyway. I'd rather look for ghosts." Despite her fear, it was the more entertaining option. Schmoozing with nobles hadn't been as fun as she'd thought it would.
Ralph shuddered and laughed softly . "I don't know. Ghosts are .. kind of.. spooky. " Of course, he was a terrible dancer so he would probably prefer the ghosts as well. "Thank you. I do prefer to walk at night with someone. You won't be missing sleep right ?"

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