He did pursue. He lit another cigarette as he took long strides after him.
Zechariah paused again in his steps with a look of utter disbelief.

“May I help you?” he said with a grimace. “Do you plan to watch?”
“What will I be watching, pray?” Smiling.
Zechariah clenched his jaw, drawing out a frustrated breath through his nose. With a sarcastic smile and nonchalant shrug of his shoulders, he trekked on.

This part, at least, he had had some practice with. He set the blanket on clean snow by the entrance, and turned to leave. Hastily, this time.
He followed again. Smoke pluming through his teeth.
This time, he did not even bother looking back.

He jammed his hands in his pockets and started heading for the farms.
“Ahh. That’s not the way home, is it, darling?” He called, sizing up the area looking for fences as he went.
He had been flustered before, but as the situation stayed the same he started to find his footing once again. Searching the farmlands for any lights still lit, and trying to keep to an unimpeded path.

“I take it there is something between you and she.”
“Speak up, lad!” He hastened, but not running yet. “I have all evening to chat with you!”
Suddenly, he rounded on him. Rather than raising his voice, he stepped toe-to-toe with him. He had learned firsthand from Menachem that keeping his distance would only give a taller man reach advantage.

“And why is that?” he said coolly.
“There’s nothing I’d rather do.” He laughed as Zech rounded on him. “I’ve heard so much about you!”
He had never heard that sort of proclamation and liked it.

Tonight was not the exception.

“Interesting,” he drawled. “Such as?”
“All sorts. I’m sure it’s nothing new to you, dear. How romantic you are. So concerned for your love. Your adept kissing, as I recall. Unforgettable.” Emphatic on the last word, tilting his head to the sky to exhale.
He raised his brows.

“I assure you, a book would make your night far less dull.”
Tapping some ash on the snow. “I’ll get down to the point and let you go if you answer truthfully. Will you do that, Mr. Meijer?”

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