That's soobuttons plotting
Guedalia Montefiore, 32, PB Lauren Cohan

[Image: av_buttons1.png]
Jewish/ Yidish
Seamstress, but Zech Meijer's mother wants to turn her into Zech's maid
She worked as a seamstress for the Meijer sisters back in her home town until her parents got sick.
She took clothes the girls hadn't worn in years or anything that was thrown out and modified them to fit her body, taking any elements away from them she didn't like and adding her own.
She likes to sing and dance and can be found walking barefoot on her tip toes a lot.
She likes Henna and always makes sure to have some in her room or on her. (it's what she finds relaxing)
She's never been married, virgin that knows how to tease and flirt.
Her father was a holyman at temple and led congregation
Her mother worked with dying fabrics.
Her aunt and her aunt's family worked as maids and handymen for the Meijer family and their next door neighbor.
She became close with Mrs. Meijer while her parents were sick because Mrs. Meijer liked her father teachings. Mrs. Meijer gave her a way out after her parents died by telling her to go to her son Zech and give him a piece of paper. That she saw big things for Dalia and that Zech could help. 

Aahir Maharajah  37  - TW: Torture/Kidnapped
 PB:  find name insert name here
[Image: av_buttons3.png]

Indian (India Native)
His family was a big part of the East India Trading Company and the wealth has been passed dow.
He was home schooled, so his social skills are not great as his smarts, but he does alright. Even if sometimes he might scare a child based on his looks he tries make the child laugh before leaving.
He is Married to the daughter of the wealthiest man in India, it was an arranged marriage.
He went off to war shortly after getting married. He came back a changed man, not just physically with scars, but that happy go lucky look in his eye was gone.
Soon after he got back he was sent by his father in law to Moorland for business. This became a thing every winter. During the winter his hair is very long, even his facial hair is really long.
After two winters, he and his wife started coming during the rainy season in India (July to Sept)
He and his wife have an arrangement that their parents do not know of.  They are both gay, so they keep up appearances in public, but have different lovers in private.

Theadora, 24
PB is Laura Donnelly
The niece of a local blacksmith shop owner. She takes care of her uncle's three year old, she also has taken over doing most of the work at the blacksmith shop. She probably won't realize you are flirting with her and wouldn't recognize when she was flirting. She sort of has mom brain, even though it's not her own kid.
She definitely needs a weekend of relaxation.

Harold 34
PB: Tim Rozon

He is from the Louisiana, but grew up at different locations in the south. His father was a lawman and his mother was a teacher/nurse. He grew up shooting a gun and is a sharp shot. He also had a nanny that was practice voodoo. It didn't keep him from running amuck, stopping and starting fights. He did though learn some off natural healing remedies, which led him to study to become a doctor. He has now travelled to work at the Hospital in a village near Moorland Manor.
SooButtons presents

Lucian Zoran Lorentz - Trapeze Artist that died during an act. Most likely sabotage, isn't really sure why he's still attached to the circus. Loved his eyeliner and costumes as much as he liked dressing up in a nice suite. He had that pure smile, where one of his eyes sort of squinted when he was really happy. He liked men more than women, particularly one man in particular, a few years older than him. So if you have a circus performer that fits this role, then let me know, otherwise in a few months I may put up a request for him.
SooButtons… presents...
Hudson Van Rensselaer … Butler...

He's been here for five years.
still a bit a loof, mysterious background, seemingly talks to himself, likes a good romance novel, can't tell if he's into women or men by the looks of him. Seems unapproachable most of the time, but definitely when he's working. He really wants to wear a beard, but doesn't think he can because of his job. He'll keep a mustache every now and then and you'll only see him with glasses when he's trying to read.
SooButtons Presents:
Valery Valdez

Vistitory here until her ship comes back. Server at the local Inn/Bar
Will twist a drunk man's arm behind his back if he tries to hit on her.
Can act very much like one of the guys when around her friends, but also can drop jaws when she's dressed up. Her history is a mystery and she loves her brother Geronimo
Now Announcing...

The Fabulous Illusionist that will make you believe magic is real.
Jack Proctor!

Scottland > France

Disowned/Cut out of the will for his choices
Given money by Colette's first husband to get Jack to cut town

France > Traveled the World > Moorland

a guest at the manor

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