Closed Tea Party (Elijah)
Elijah's eyes widened as the man related a story with only a few brief words. It was heart breaking really. He nodded a bit and patted his shoulder. " I am sorry to hear that. Rats can be very cruel. Lots of animals can be. People too. I am sure you wanted to though. "

He shrugged as he gave the man some water to drink. "Not any more. It's tender though. When something is cold it feels colder. Hot feels hotter. Things don't always feel as soft as they are supposed to. But I wear gloves most of the time so I don't feel as much as I used to anyway. I blocked it off. You look like you'd be itchy, perhaps you should try something to help with it? A salve or something?"It might not clear it up but I guess it could help relieve the itchiness."

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