Open - Content Warning Lovers of Lavender, Gather!
[warning: likely some saucy gay stuff]

After each circus performance, as the crowd filed out of the tent, little envelopes were placed in their pockets, secretly. The enclosed read:

Greetings, fair attendee!

Surely, as a patron of the world-famous Tachibana’s Glass Circus, you are a connoisseur of the refined. As such, it would be in your best interest to consider another gathering of the arts.

The poetry of Oscar Wilde and Sappho of Lesbos will be read on the evening of December the first, at ten o’clock in the big top tent. There shall be many recitations, song and dance, and an accompaniment of plentiful wine, just as the Greeks would prefer it.

Evaluations will be conducted at the door. For only the most informed and cultured poetry-lovers will be allowed in.

We hope to see you there.
Tonight she'd serve as doorman, at least for the time being. She kept one eye on Rolph's tent, just in case she needed backup. Fending off priers and coppers would be some task, should they catch on. those who knew, knew. It wouldn't be difficult to gauge whether they were authentic. Sending out letters like a gay tea party was questionable, however. But that was all Ellis' doing.
Mazarin pushed three chairs together and laid a blanket over them. He was too tired to dance with village fools. So he draped his body over them and watched from afar, amused.
Haruka wore one of her nicest kimonos as she stood by the door, overseeing the wine. She loved a good time as much as it wasn't obvious, but she liked to make sure things remained in order even more. While she was happy to let them all be drunken fools, she kept a close sharp eye out for trouble. She wanted Rolph to be there, but this was not the place for him, she liked keeping him sweet and innocent. Of course, if there was trouble, he knew to keep an ear out for trouble.
The constable stared hard at the letter, he couldn't help but wonder if they knew what they were up to, giving people these things. He stepped up towards the tent and looked at the woman at the door. He held it up to her. "I've only heard of such things. Never seen one.."

Sudden ideas and images had popped up in his mind as he read it, he had to admit secretly he was curious. He cleared his throat, somewhat nervously and tried to return to his confident stance.

"I am just here to make sure things remain safe. You can all have your fun. As long as everyone is having a good time, I don't want to ruin things. I'm not the morality police." It was wrong, so wrong. So why was he letting it happen? Perhaps it was just a poetry reading and wine. He would find out, hopefully.
Cultured? Sometimes. Informed? Half the scripts he ad-lib’d. But Gerònimo heard there would be ass, and what more could he ask?

He might be familiar in passing to some of the circus, what with being a borderline liability to the theater with his indiscretions.

Not (yet) acquainted with the constable, he patted his bicep and gave him a once-over before proceeding to the guard.

“I heard something about an examination?” Gerònimo said to the door guard with a Peter-Pannish flutter of the eyes.
Toal nearly skipped as he walked to the tent. His brother didn't get such a letter, then again he wasn't there when they gave these out. Dancing? Wine? Poetry! It was his chance. He couldn't stop smiling at the mental image of himself standing before them reciting something by heart and entrancing everyone to his meticulous tones as he liked to consider himself quite the spectacle on stage, even if so far no one else agreed. He practiced when no one watched and was sure he would be loved in no time.

He faltered, seeing the two ahead and arched his brow. He didn't know the one man, but the constable? What a bore, guess he was a poetry lover. He shrugged and smiled resting his elbows on both men's shoulders as he held up the paper.

"Hey there, Thomasina, was't it? Rem'mber me?" He pointed to himself with a huge smile. "I came f'r tha show!"
There he was, a copper! She made a defensive stance and balled up her fists. She was prepared to yell for Rolph, just to stand and look intimidating while she knocked the man unconscious, but his explanation stayed her hand and her mouth. For now.

"Oh. Uh. Sure. Right. Th...anks?" Her eyes darted to the actor. "You, go." Then Toal, "You know what this is for, right?" Dubious. He was not swift on the up-and-up.
Elijah blinked at the man who touched his arm. He didn't know him, but smiled slightly in greeting and nodded. "H-hello. Don't believe we've met. Ah.. I'm Constable Crane. " He was then taken from introducing himself as the woman at the door was immediately on the defense.

So, perhaps he was right. He blinked and held up his hands. "I promise. I am not here to arrest anyone. This is your tent, you guys are allowed to have your fun. Long as this isn't some sort of scam or there's any fighting. I give my word!"

He nodded to her as it seemed he was allowed in and he slipped in to take a spot somewhat out of the way.
Toal tilted his head, looking like a confused dog. "What? It say't here. Poetry, dancin', singin', wine. I'm ah con'seer of art! I wan' ta recite. An' I love ta sing 'n dance. You know." He smiled huge at her. "What else is there ta know?"

He looked around and leaned towards her to whisper. "Will.. Will Chi be there? Ah wan' her ta see me p'rform."
Constable. The last guy he should be flirting with and leaving scorned was someone who was the law. Which, of course, meant he was lingering near the door and waiting for him to pass.

“Constable Crane?” he said as soon as the man came in. “I’m Jack Swallow.”
Her eyebrows did a confused dance when Toal referred to Chi as 'she'. Haruka would surely give Chi hell when she found out.

"Chi... will be here." She stepped aside and let them all in. Sighing.
"Yes! Ah 'oped she was! Thank you. " Toal grinned nearly ear to ear as he patted Thomasina's shoulder as he headed in. His mind was alive with ideas as he whistled and stepped inside and found a spot near the front to sit. He was in his nicest clothes, but it was no different than his usual except no noticeable rips and it was very clean.
The man's brow rose at the name. He tilted his head but shrugged and offered to shake his hand with a gloved hand before stepping away. "Nice to meet you, Mister Swallow." Of course he noticed how he hung back and called to him. "No need to be nervous. Like I said, everyone is allowed to have fun. Pretend I'm not even here." He sighed as he took his spot and tried to look casual. He enjoyed poetry enough, but the idea it was more drinking and partying did make him wonder. He rubbed his hands together nervously even though he knew he had nothing to worry about. He might as well had been a painting on the wall. How he wished Sal or some other friend was there so he didn't feel so out of place.
“The pleasure is mine,” he said, unsubtly eyeing Crane’s belt.

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