Open Loot Maps & Tables
Have a lot of people rifling through your character's home? Somewhere you have set up for an adventure? Post them here!

Zechariah's Home (1st Floor)

[Image: ypv1Wzz.png]


Floor 1

Roll d6
1 – 5 Coat pockets, most likely Zech’s if not a holiday
6 Dropped fancy watch, wallet, or piece of mail.

Quote:Dining Room
Roll d20
1 Stash of angry letters from Zech’s least favorite convicts behind a painting of a peacock
2 Loose floorboard – small bottle of something that smells kind of like liquid ass but grainier
3 – 5 Fancy crystal glasses
6 Fancy clock
7 – 9 Fancy silver silverware
10 Wine, brandy, whiskey
11 – 15 Curio cabinet curiosities, some more questionable than others
16 Large stack of unopened letters from a Mr. Nimrod Meijer behind the portrait of The Jewish Bride
17 Skeleton of a baby under the stair floorboards
18 – 20 Candy/snacks/snack dish things

Roll d6
1 Fancy dishes
2 Ugly pass-me-down kitchenware
3 Really redundant silverwear
4 Vases too ugly for public
5 An actual flower in a vase
6 A mouse

Quote:Servants’ Quarters
Roll d6
1 That poem about sodomy Zech’s been trying to re-find for ages
2 The cook’s hidden and slightly inefficient plans to take over Moorland
3 A mouse
4 A non-dirty set of marbles
5 A crusted axe under the bed
6 Beef jerky, though it’s practically wood

Roll d6
1 Popular Literature
2 Penny dreadfuls
3 Legal literature
4 Jewish literature
5 Dirty novels and/or poetry in German
6 Respectable nonfiction in German

Quote:Drawing Room
Roll d6
1 – 5 You look as stunning as ever in the far-too-many mirrors
6 Knick-knacks, including things guests might have left behind

Roll d20
1 – 10 Gardening tools
11 – 16 Worms, insects, and the typical things one expects to find rooting around in the dirt
17 A lost marble
18 What first looks to be a bone, and is – as in a carved ivory haunted dildo
19 Those potatoes the last family forgot they planted
20 Some thief’s dubious stash by the boulder

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