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"No!" came her weak exclamation, sounding quite afraid at the mere thought of going to a doctor. "They'll lock me away like I am mad! I'm not mad." She tried to pull free but she was so damned tired. He may feel oppressed, but besides that, he'd likely notice she was awfully light to carry, her clothes hiding the shrinking curves.
"Alright, I reckon I'll deserve it and be sick too!" Kitty said as she grabbed the other end of the girl and lifted her. She expected her to be heavy and that this would really smart the back tomorrow , perhaps a visit to some doctor or something . But she was light, too light.

"Yer sick! And not just in the head. They will try to make you better, it's what hospitals are for!" That was a bit hypocritical of her because she was scared of doctors and hospitals too. They were just such unfriendly and miserable places. But this girl couldn't be left to wander.

Her head turned towards Jack. "Come on, let's get her there before any other funny business occurs."
Jack was never big on The Proper Policy. If she were dying – and she certainly smelled like death in a handbag – then she to ought be able to die on her own terms. He cast a look over to Calamity, and then back down to Addie.

“Alright, but – somewhere close and away from people.”
"The doctor can't help me," she said to the woman in frustration, but she felt like sleeping so her words came out sounding slurred, which was also from the fact that she'd been slammed against a tree. "It's a dark entity, you can't get a doctor to take that away." She closed her eyes then. "And so you know, I don't even know you to know where your room is in order to peek in your belongings. Your father is the one telling me things." And then she looked to the man, "And I am not contagious. The only way you can get a dark entity attached to you is if you interact with it directly."
Kitty got angry when she mentioned her father again. "Be quiet. There is no way ya knew that   and I don't believe ya talked to him. Why'd he be hanging around? "

She didn't want her anger getting to her and looked at Jack. "Lead the way. We will take her wherever you think is best "
“St. Joan’s is probably the shortest way to a bench,” he grunted, starting south, “unless we make her the castle’s problem.”

Hm. The castle was closer.
"No!!!! I will not go in a church like this!" she cried out. "Just put me down, I'll be fine. I've been doing this on my own for weeks now, nobody cares when I tell them what I am, they all just think I am a lunatic. Maybe I am for even allowing either of you to see that, but I am not a liar and I'm frightened." There seemed to be some fight left in her still even as ill as she was. "Just put me down."
Kitty sighed taking a deep breath. She wanted to slap the ghost right out of this girl for her hysterics.

"Give me strength..." she managed to say aloud and looked at Jack helplessly since the girl, poor thing, was convinced she was normal. She looked down at her and started to walk after gripping her so she couldn't slip or wiggle free.

"Look, I suppose I am sorry like and all that.. But you must understand. Crazy people never know they're crazy. I've heard that myself many times. And if yer seeing stuff no one else is seeing and you can't prove, maybe.. just maybe.. you are a little..tiny..teeny.. weeny.. little bit crazy as a jack rabbit in June."
Jack thumbed at the nun and nodded. Shit. Was God choosing now to come meddle in his life? He finally had it together... or at least falling apart in exciting ways.
"AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH," came a sound that was not possible from her lips, "Nobody cares about a bastard shhh-honda," in a rather chilling voice, accompanied by a brief shifting of her features... It was her face yet it looked like someone else's. She pushed against Jack harder than she should have been able to. Addie dropped to her side with a hiss of breath, then scrambled to her feet and stumbled to put distance between her and the two, "Why won't you listen to me?" she sobbed out, hysterical by now. She started to pace like a caged animal, "You have to go! You have to go! GO! Please!!!"
Kitty looked from the girl as she looked strange and spoke strangely. THis was crazy. She again made the sign of the cross and looked to Jack. "Alright..I 'm open ta suggestions?"
Jack had the same idea. He finished the sign of the cross and threw his arms wide.

“The lady said ‘please’.”

And with that, he took off running.
Good, she thought. "Get away from me! Go! He wants me, not you." Addie stumbled back, sweat pouring from her face. She stumbled toward the bog again, and this time... nobody would stop her from keeping them safe from the Dybbuk.
Kitty was all kinds of confused. She wanted to help the girl, but the graverobber had ran off and there was something supernatural affecting the girl. She threw up her hands and shook her head. "I am sorry!" She called out and wasn't even sure who to go to. Instead, Kitty headed to town but realized she had no idea where the constable would be and it was already after hours. She became frustrated and headed towards the church to pray for the girl to get help.

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