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Addie jerked awake from the shout sent in her direction. It took a moment to register that she was soaking wet and chilled, even a little longer to figure out she was high above the ground. She gave a cry and fell back against him in her haste to get away from the edge. “Wh… why am I here?” she asked, clearly confused and frightened. “How did I get here?” She had never sleepwalked in her life. Her teeth started to rattle as shivers overtook her.
Sean shook his head as he helped guide her inside quickly. "I do not know. I am glad I decided to check on you before bed to make sure you were sleeping. I was worried. " He sighed looking around and wishing perhaps he knew where Lily was in the building, perhaps she would be interested in helping watch this woman for the night. He was not afraid to leave her alone.

"Let's get you in and I can find a house robe or something for you to wear while your clothing dries. You do not want to get ill from the cold and rain."
She was so cold! When he spoke to her, she couldn’t articulate the way she wanted to. How long had she been there in the mouth of danger? It had to be at least a good spell if she was feeling as bitter cold as she was. She did not resist the urge to press closer against his warmth as they were walking.

By the time they made it to her borrowed bedchamber, all that came out was, “Uhdadadaada.” When in fact, she was trying to bring up that she must have forgotten her salt in her haste to get some real sleep.
Sean didn't know what she wanted to see but he could tell she was soaked and frozen to the bone. "If you didn't fall you'd have probably frozen to death out there! " He made her sit on the bed and wrapped the top quilt around her as he looked around in the wardrobe if there was anything left. Finally he found what he'd hoped for. A robe. He held it out to her and left her alone in the room so she could change out.

"Will you be ok now?"
Now she didn't want to sleep; she didn't want to find herself nearly toppling off the castle as she had before. If she hadn't ever been frightened about the area, she was now. He wrapped her in a blanket and got her something else to wear. After she changed, she was still shuddering and clutching the blanket around her. Would she be alright? "N-n-no, please... d-don't l-leave me. I d-don't know how-ahwah I g.... got up th-th-th-there! I w-was... as-sssssleeep."
Sean seemed deep in thought and sighed as he gave in. "Alright, please.."He gestured to the bed for her to lay down as he took a chair in the room and moved it to block the door so that even if he slept she would be unable to leave without alerting him. "We can both sleep and you should be unable to leave this room."
"Thank you," she said, warming up some progressively. It was likely too late about her catching something from the rain since she had been soaked through and was still currently shuddering. She curled up only after she was sure he would stick around. And then she slept.

It seemed like the moment she closed her eyes, there was an excruciating feeling like her face was being bit by shards of glass. She sat up with a gasp, not realizing it had been an hour or two since she'd closed her eyes. She lay back down, buried her face in the coverlet and tried to stop seeing things.
Sean had been fast asleep when she woke. He heard a gasp and slowly opened his eyes, blinking as he looked around then saw the blanket pulled up high. "Madam? " he whispered but was ready to return to sleep.
She rolled from the bed and paced, sweat pouring from her forehead. Her hands moved in agitation as she walked back and forth. Addie then slid to her butt on the floor and pressed her temple against the mattress. If there was light, he would see her with a frightened look on her face, her hand curled against her mouth.
Sean slowly woke to see the woman pace then sit. For a moment, he forgot his surroundings and felt certain he was seeing some ghost reenact her final moments. When the recent history returned to him he got up to check on her side and saw her wracked with fear. He thought she was perhaps sleep walking. His hand went to her shoulder to shake her.

"H-hey are you alright?" He said softly.
Addie yelped when he shook her by the shoulder, and she looked up at him, eyes still haunted but she wasn't asleep this time. She moved to her knees and threw her arms around his neck, clinging to him whilst shaking like a leaf. He was her only friend, after all; the only person who didn't seem to have some discombobulated ghost trailing behind him, or maybe it didn't care to talk to her if there was. She did not and would not speak of what she just saw.
Sean gave a gasp as he hugged her weakly. "M-madam.. are you alright?" He knew her name but he was so caught off guard it was a reflex in how to answer. He looked at her and tried to get her off so that she could settle down. "Did you.. have a nightmare?"
"No!" she said when he went to push her away. "Please... d-don't." When he asked her if she had a nightmare, she nodded and bent her head downward, her hands balling into fists on either side of her head, slightly gripping fabric while she sought to calm her breathing. Eventually, she did pull back enough to look at him. "Look at my back." she said very very softly. "My skin, not the robe."

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