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Sean did not mind her hand or did he not really notice it after it rested there? He perhaps knew how lonely her life must have been since she'd become haunted. He tried to put her at ease , speaking quietly but lively. "Of course I can be at your side with the doctor. I said I would and I'm a man of my word if nothing else."

He rubbed at his forehead with his free hand as this was a big favor for a girl he hardly knew. "Alright I will do what I can. Just try to avoid the ghosts. Try not to gain any attention about it. I don't want you thrown out because they think badly of you. I know you have had things hard and perhaps this is the place to turn it around."
“Alright then.” She sighed and pulled her hand away without really thinking about it. Perhaps just being able to touch someone’s hand without fear of being harmed was why she kept doing it. At the moment, however, her mind was focused on the conversation at hand. When Sean told her he would do what he could but she should try to avoid the ghosts, she sighed, “That is all I do, avoid ghosts. I cannot help what I am though.”

She gave pause for a moment as she pondered what to do, “I never wanted people to know what I do in any case, it was just an accident that caused people to find out. I cannot guarantee that it won’t happen again.” That was the bad part.
Sean ran a hand through his hair as he tried to think. "Well just avoid the tower and if you think you are a ghost turn around. I know it can't be easy, and maybe it's hard to not talk about. But if you want a job here , it is important. Some love to talk about spirits, but I worry what they will think of you. "

He closed his eyes and sighed. "I do not think there will be as many ghosts here as there are outside. So all I can ask is you try. If I could have any sway anywhere else in town, I would try. I do not even have that much power here, but I can at least try."
“The tower…” She tilted her head, her eyes squinting a little, “That is where a woman just died…” It wasn’t a question. “I won’t go to the tower though, and I will try not to talk to the spirits, but sometimes I have no choice in the matter as I said. Luckily enough, it doesn’t seem like she isn’t ready to speak of her death to me and the others seem tentative. I might be better off in here than the village proper,” she let out a breath and said, “But enough about me as I have given you my word already. I came here for you.”

She looked to him briefly and then stood up to move to the window where one could hear the wind picking up. Addie frowned and said, “Oh dear."
"Really that is all you sense? Not the.." He didn't want to say. It was just a rumor, but still, he was certain it was true. His head turned in the same direction but then his eyes widened and he stared at her. He pointed at her repeatedly. "If.. you can get her to speak. Perhaps you can get her to say what happened! Did she fall on her own or was she pushed. And by who?"

The idea they could solve this mystery was somewhat exciting. If she was pushed as was believed and seemed the most likely explanation, then the one responsible could be exposed. He noticed her move to the window and titled his head. "What is it?"
“Of course it isn’t all I sense. It’s the freshest, however. I don’t think she even realizes she is dead. That happens sometimes when a sudden death happens, they think they are still alive.” She paused and looked at him in surprise, “Wait, you think I could…” She had never thought to use her “gift” for that kind of thing, to solve a mystery. “But I… I don’t think anybody would believe it if I told them. People even see with their own eyes and they still consider it insane.”

She was still looking out the window when he asked her to elaborate about what she saw outside, “Oh, the wind is picking up and so is the rain. It looks positively beastly out there.”
Sean worried for a moment she was about to tell him it wouldn't work but then she seemed just worried no one would believe her. "I believe you though! We do not need to use you as the evidence. We use you to make the one responsible go to jail. We can try to find evidence or get them to admit it. Just knowing who it is will be useful. What if it were to happen again?"

Sean relaxed a bit, thinking she had sensed something bad outside. "Well, stay for now. I wouldn't want you to get sick from wandering out in .. that. If you need to sleep.." He frowned in thought and folded his arms in consideration. "I might be able to find a spare bed, if you make sure no one knows you're here."
"You seem to be the only one who believes me, or even IN me," said Addie before turning to look at him, her back now to the window. "I don't know how it will work, but... I am not one to back out of a promise. It's going to be dangerous, I won't lie, but... Maybe you are right." She sighed heavily and moved to sit down next to him again. Her frown was pensive, not upset.

"Oh, I am sure that will not be necessary... Town isn't that far from here. I don't want to be an inconvenience. I probably should have waited until the weather was better to visit you. Please, do not go out of your way any more than you already have on my behalf."
Sean waved her off. "I am a gentleman before I am anything else. I couldn't send you out into that." He certainly did not even dare suggest she take's the governess' bed. He wondered if they had an empty room from a departed guest and stood, waving for her to follow him.

"Let me see if I can find a place for you to stay during the rain. At least it isn't snow. But still no weather to send you out, especially with your injury."
"I don't know if I feel right letting you do that though. After all, you've only just..." She stopped with a sigh and looked down at her lap. "If the rain doesn't let up, then I will make myself scarce," she looked away from him. She reluctantly got up still, grabbing her hat with both hands. On one hand, it was sweet of him to be concerned about her and the nasty weather, on the other hand, having to hide more just churned her stomach.
He looked at her and shook his head. "No need to say it like that. I just do not wish for you to be kicked out, or myself for letting someone stay without telling Mister or Misses Madswitte. Especially if I wish to ask them to give you a job here. So don't be sad, perhaps this is a turn around. Need to remain positive, right?"

He waved her to follow as he headed upstairs to see if he could recall where there was an unused room. When he came upon one, his ear pressed to the door to listen to the sounds of people sleeping until he found one that was quiet and carefully opened the door. "There we go, I was certain this one would be alright."
“But why do you care so much?” she asked. Her voice was soft as she followed him, a frown marring her already marred brow. She was silent otherwise as he guided her through the castle to an empty room. She stepped in and looked around, her gut churning a little with all of this. Perhaps she was a little frightened of all of this. She did not know.

“You’re the first person to have taken me seriously since I have come to town.” She said and turned to look at him.
Sean looked at her and shrugged. "Do I need a reason? You need a hand, and while I'm not able to do much, I can do this. " He smiled and waved his hand. " I have had people think I'm odd, and this is just my passion. I do not know what it would feel like to have something I can't control and I have to face it alone. While I can not know what you go through, I can try to sympathize. Relax and rest well."
"If you say so," she said faintly, walking in further, glancing around. She turned and looked at him again, nodded, and said, "I shall try."


It was several hours later and the wind had picked up. howling in the night like the disembodied voice of a ghost. She had long since fallen into an exhausted sleep... Lord, but she was so tired.

The dream started as a normal dream would, with curiosity and the unknown being at the forefront. She was walking up stairs, up, up, up, and then there were bursts of color as if one walked outside. Addie wasn't sure when it turned sour, but the sound of a muffled conversation filled her thoughts, words strangely echoing even in their quiet state. And then she saw herself falling down, down, down, and there was a blinding light...

The sleeping Miss Montgomery was unaware through her dream that she was moving. First, she left the room, the door left open in the wake of her slow exit. Then she was padding through the hall. If nobody took notice, then she would likely end up on the battlements. Assuming that happened, she would stop in a very specific spot, rain pelting down upon her.
Sean had cleaned up and relaxed to reading one of his books. Just before he fell asleep, he went to check upon his guest when he noticed her gone. He started to worry as he wandered the place and then noticed a door open.

"What are you doing!" he ran outside to her to pull her in. "You will get hurt or worse if you stand out there!"

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