Open - Content Warning Plot with Thistle
TW: implied/referenced abuse: child physical and emotional abuse

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Magdalene Ross | 20 | Scullery Maid

This is Magdalene Ross. She’s twenty years old and divides her time between the home of  her adopted father, a priest who officiates at St. Joan’s—and has done since 1894–and the kitchens at Castle Madswitte, where she works as a scullery maid. Magda has a host of physical challenges, and while none of them are capable of being diagnoses yet, I’m laying them out here anyway. She has Goltz Syndrome, a type of ectodermal dysphasia, which has caused her unusual facial features, skin abnormalities and led to the fusion of most of her fingers and toes. She also has Incontentia Pigmenti, which has caused her to have vision issues and some additional skin problems. Her spinal deformity, angular kyphosis, is also congenital and has resulted in her having the eponymous hunchback.

Magda has developmental and neurological impairments as well. She’s autistic, and she has both an auditory professing disorder and a visual processing disorder. The latter is known as Cortical Vision Impairment and gives her difficulty with processing the visual input she receives.

Magda has also experienced prolonged physical and emotional abuse and this has left her skittish and uncomfortable around those she doesn’t know well. Suspicious and wary, she struggles to interact with other people, partly due to the abuse and also because of the extreme isolation she’s also experienced. Her childhood has left her with scars both psychical and psychological. Despite this, she has tremendous room for growth and development.

Friends: Magda pretty desperately needs friends but at this point she has no idea how to actually make them, since she rarely left her house, though she did run errands for her father once they came to the village, and she works in the castle now. She’s used to being shunned, feared and ridiculed, so befriending her won’t be easy.  She’s shy and has trouble talking to people, preferring to fade into the background.  Despite this, she’s a deeply loyal, caring person, who would make a great friend, once she figures out how.

Enemies: For all her sweetness, Magda has her negative qualities too. She can be stubborn, and somewhat sneaky. She’s cleverer than people give her credit for, but at the same time she’s easily manipulated. This could lead to problems if someone tried to exploit her. She’s also pretty used to doing what her dad says, so anyone who doesn’t like the priest may not like her by default. She can also be physically threatening, thanks to her appearance, and she could be provoked into harming someone.

Lovers: So Magda is asexual and mostly aromantic but she doesn’t actually know that. She’s so desperate for affection hat she easily mistakes platonic affection for romantic and will fall in love with anybody who is nice to her, man or woman. This could lead to all sorts of problems, especially because she tends to get infatuated with things and becoming obsessed with a person is no different as far as she’s concerned. She means well, and would make for a harmless stalker, but she still might show up at your house with a basket of flowers and random baubles she found along the way.

Other: I’m up for anything and everything with Magda and I’m really excited to be here writing with you all. I want all the things so please don’t be shy about tossing your ideas at me. Let’s make great stories together!
Hi Thistle,

I would love to see if a Rose-Magda friendship would work. Rose is kind, though a little bit fast to judge and prejudiced. She might think Magda strange and misunderstand her at first. We would probably need to let it develop slowly over a couple of threads.
Hey Thistle!

I dig the amount of thought you've put into her.

I'm a fan of awkward unrequited, so if any of my characters catch Magda's eye I volunteer them as tribute.

I could see Gerònimo being friendly toward her and not taking rebuffs personally.

I could also see Zech being standoffish/impatience with her if their paths crossed, which could turn into an unhealthy fixation. Whether he gets along with the preacher depends on the preacher's approach to 'heathens' - does he believe in trying to 'save' them or hastening their trip to hell?
Dalia understands what its like to have a holy man as a father. She grew up Jewish. If they run into each other I think she'd be more of a big sister type to her.

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