Plot with Kimmie
Hello, my name is Kimmie, and this is my plotter.
Before I get to my characters, let me be clear on my likes and dislikes in roleplay.

  • I am fine with most scenarios.
  • Ask before harming my character in serious ways.
  • I am not alright with explicit abuses (namely sexual) depicted, but they are alright by me being mentioned. I just won't play out the actual scenario.
  • I do not do children characters.
  • I am open to want ads, point me to one you think I would be a good fit in and I will check it out.
  • I love drama! Feed me more.

  1. Addie Montgomery - She is my psychic medium. She speaks to dead people. Open for romance, friends, shenanigans of the haunted kind, ghostly encounters, and open for discussion. -- Deceased now, though I still want to see ghostly romance haha
  2. Amelia Meyer - She is my shy governess newly hired at the castle after the mysterious death of the former. She knows little of the place she now calls home. Also open for romance or mysterious things.
  3. Rayne Phillips - Newly arrived from Cornwall after the weird disappearance of her cousin, Nel, she finds herself in an unusual position with Thomas, Nel's husband. Open for friendship, gossip, and other stuff open for discussion.
  4. Karen McBride - Pony's younger sister, a vivacious young lady with a happy disposition most of the time. Currently getting into trouble with someone and Pony isn't happy with her. Open for Gossip and friendship
  5. Uriel Meijer - Youngest of the Meijer clan, spoiled and kinda annoying. He is still youthful so he has plenty of time to grow and get beyond mouth breathing. Open for romance, friendship, and gossip
Hi Kimmie!

Not sure if you consider a 16 yr old a child. I have Rose, who might become friends with Rayne. She's been a servant in a household for two years and had a bad time, so they might bond over hating service and bad experiences.

If she's too young for your liking, no hard feelings at all! Everyone has their likes and dislikes. I'll probably create adult characters at some point, so then I'll post again :)

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