Out of the frying pan into the fire - Yentl's first character
Hi! I'm Yentl and here is my first character, Rose. What you should absolutely know about me if we rp: I like drama. A lot of it.

Rose is from a poor farm tenant family that had more children than it could afford. To help her family get by, she went to Sheffield to serve in a household of a connection of a family friend. She was utterly, utterly miserable for two years, before returning to the moors. She is terrified of being sent into service again. And so she has devised a plan: to fling herself at the first man who pays attention to her and get married. What could possibly go wrong there?

Since Rose grew up in the village, she probably knows most of the villagers, unless they moved there in the past two years or so. I'm looking for several things:

1. The first man who pays attention to her, or the second, or the third... I kinda want her to get stuck with an idiot, a jerk, someone who loses interest after marriage, or not to get stuck at all but left 'fallen'. I do like to let things develop naturally though, and I like surprise, so I think we should both be free to let this plot take another turn if it does.

2. Rose would probably have friends in the village. Before she left to become a servant, she was cheerful and chatty and quite a dreamer. Rose is back for about two months now. She is now rather quiet and withdrawn, but is probably more like her old cheerful self around her friends.

3. Any other relationship: friends of the family, enemies, enemies of the family, old classmates, you name it. I'm open to any other idea.

Looking forward to get started! Leave a message below or pm me on discord <3
Sent you a DM on Discord :)
Sure, Edward has tried to be friends with a girl from the castle and it did NOT go well. He is hard to love but he could really use a positive influence in his life even if it might be a struggle. She will almost certainly find him annoying!

This is the reply to your plotter. =)

Sure, Molly is very weird but she could use friends. She will be leaving the castle soon but she won't be going too far! So until then or even after, they can still be friends!

Elijah desperately needs friends! He is a joke in the town so having a friend will be great, she can get caught doing something wrong. The constable believes strongly in second chances.

I am so sorry, I just added a bunch of characters that I have been lazy and not added, so if you want to do something with any of them let me know. Some have almost nothing going on in their lives.
I absolutely love the idea of a Rose-Magda friendship! I think Magda would be attracted to Rose’s kindness and her dreamy tendencies. She’s also used to bring misjudged a lot, so having someone take the time to work past that and get to know her would be awesome! I think they’re might end up ad good friends!

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