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Amelia Meyer had lived her life carefully, planning her next move whenever necessary and never bringing much negative attention to herself because she wanted to come out of whatever situation with shining recommendations and references. It was the Village of Madsmoor that drew her. At first, she had thought to become the new school marm but decided she would rather start out privately.
Castle Madswitte proved to be formidable, the façade looming over her like a scolding parent and causing gooseflesh to rise on her arms. She did not miss the feeling of being watched, nor the cold of the morning. The woman tightened her shawl and moved closer to the building, going toward the door with some hesitation.
Should she be there? Really? The answer was “yes” but it didn’t make a difference as to the feeling welling up in her belly. She had to remind herself that there was a very good chance of being hired because she had worked very hard to get where she was. With a deep breath, she rapped upon what she assumed was the servant door and waited for her fate.
Sean had been passing through the kitchens to get some lunch when he heard a knock on the door. This puzzled him greatly as he didn't know who would be knocking, certainly at this door. Quickly getting to it, he opened it and stared at the woman on the other side of the entry way.

"Hello. May I ... help you?" He almost mentioned this wasn't the main door, but it was clear she'd have had to pass it to get to this one. Perhaps she was wanting to speak to someone? Sean kept his back stiff to look as professional as possible, just in case she was a guest of his lady or lord and for some reason had an aversion to the front door.
The young lady tilted her head in greeting as the door opened and a man appeared. She was looking around with a bite to her lip for a moment before speaking in a soft and pretty voice, “Oh, yes…” she lifted up the missive in her hand and said, “I am Amelia Meyer, I have come to speak about the governess position.” She spoke like a learned woman, of course, and even as sweet as she may seem, there was an authoritative air about her.

She looked the part, too, for she stood in a bland looking traveling dress, a jaunty little hat upon her severe up do that seemed to be a bit mature looking against her face.
"Governess? Oh... yes." There was a strange silent moment that came to him, while his expression remained still there was a gloom to his eyes. The recent tragedy still was raw in the household and so he turned to allow her entry.

"Normally expected visitors use the front door." He said softly but didn't appear to be scolding her for it. He started to lead the way to the parlor. "You may sit and wait while I gather the misses. She will be the one who wants to interview you, would you like some tea while you wait?"
“I was under the impression from my education that servants and employees, potential even, should never use the front door. Many pardons for any inconvenience this brings.” She wasn’t impolite about it or snooty, but simply stating fact as she knew it. Her eyes were still warm as they regarded the man while she did as requested.

She was happy to be out of the damp for the moment; it was cold and her journey, while not considerable, had been tiresome. Even worse was that the woman in the room next to hers at the inn seemed to bring a bit of attention. Someone had told Amelia that they saw some odd things happening one night in the common area and they were all dying of curiosity as to the origin of the pretty redheaded medium, as it was put. She wondered if the woman in question would ever roam a spooky place such as this castle.
"It is alright, and perhaps some places are different. Normally here, employees use the side door. Potential ones are treated as guests and we show our best foot with the main rooms. Let me get that tea and my lady." Sean bowed to her and he turned to leave.

It was moments later that he returned with the tray. It had two cups and the pot. He wasn't sure what this unknown woman would like so there was a small amount of cream, sugar, and honey. He wished he had lemon but was sure it would be available soon enough.

"She will be back in a moment. Do you have any questions before her appearance?"
She watched the man move about with a nod, luckily not needing to ask questions. She'd not heard of the former Governess being killed, only that one was needed. Her mouth curved up into a slight smile as he returned with tea and such, "Thank you... No questions... I am sure I will see everything in time." A job was a job and she happened to be excited to work with little ones.

"I am simply excited to see little ones again. I adore children." She sipped at the tea, no complaints about the brew, though she tended to drink hers black.
Sean released a hint of a smile and nodded. "Good, the children are bright and full of personality. I wish you luck with the interview. I am certain you will enjoy working with them." He noticed she didn't partake to add to the tea, he didn't know how people could enjoy it so plain but then it was hard sometimes to afford a small luxury like that.

He bowed low and excused himself. He went to find his lady and he told her briefly about the possible new governess. It was no surprise he was dismissed as she came to meet Amelia alone.
"I am glad to hear it," she said with a bright smile. Then she watched as he walked away again after bowing to her. Her smile dimmed once he was out of the room, her journey having taken her energy from her. She smoothed her fingers over the severe gray of her gown and waited quietly for the return of the young man or the one who would be talking to her about what was to be expected of her.
Colette had been wanting to spend some time outside for the fresh air and what little sun there was when she was told that someone wanting the job of the governess had arrived. She narrowed her eyes as she slipped off her coat and headed towards the parlor. The body was barely even cold and she wondered how her children could be taking this sort of news. They weren't open to her about it, and she wasn't the type to dig unless necessary. Perhaps this woman would do the job well and she wouldn't have to worry over such a thing.

The marchioness gripped the handle hard as she slowly opened it and looked in at the woman. She was young and pretty. At least she knew she had no worries about her husband, he was obsessed with the dead. That helped her walk into the room, her frown vanishing like a dream, replaced with a small and polite smile.

"Hello there, I am Colette Madswitte. And you are Ms. Meyer correct? Sorry to have kept you waiting, did not expect you so soon. I take it you are very excited to take the job?" She made herself move as graceful as she could as she glided across to sit across from her and slowly brushed away any unseen wrinkles. "Tell me about yourself." Her hand reached for a cup of tea as she added the touch of cream, glancing at the woman over the cup.
She got up from her seat the moment she saw the Marchioness and dipped a curtsy according to custom, and then found her seat again when the other woman sat. “Yes, my lady… I know I am early, but I am very excited… I’ve been around children my whole life, I think.”

Amelia took a sip of tea and set the cup back on the saucer before continuing, “I was lucky enough to have been given an education as reward for my service prior to coming here. Her children are now old enough to be in school away from home and I am happy to have been a part of their growth. When I heard of the position you offered, I came quickly so as to ensure that the children wouldn’t have too much of their learning interrupted by the absence of a governess. I know that it can be hard to have drastic changes in their routine and my hope is to cushion such a blow and steer them back into a good place.” It seemed she was not talk about herself as much as her feelings on giving children the attention they need. Her voice was slightly wavering to give away any nervousness she seemed to have, even if just a small amount.
Colette watched her, careful of every minute mannerism and word that came from her. She only wanted the best for her children, and this woman did seem overly eager to teach them. That could be a good or bad thing depending, and so it wasn't so quick for her decision. She placed down her tea cup and folded her hands neatly on her lap.

"You will have your hands full. Children will be children so they can be distracted, plus..."Her voice lowered a bit and sighed. "Their governess did not merely leave. She passed and not gently. So you must be sure to handle such things delicately if it comes up... If I hire you. Understand?"
She blinked in surprise when the Marchioness told her about the old governess dying in a not so gentle manner, and genuine sympathy... No... empathy came into her eyes. Amelia paled a little but she nodded, "Death is never an easy topic to talk to children about but it is not something I haven't seen before... although in the last case... it was a cat and not a human being that lost their life."

Amelia was not trying to seem overly eager, it was probably nerves... "How old are the little ones?"
"A cat?" Colette sounded confused, but she managed to refrain from speaking down to the girl that an animal's death could not compare to a human's. She was young and it was an innocence that she wouldn't dash. It was a good trait to have around for the children.

Getting to change the conversation to them made her relax and a small smile appeared. "Oh my daughter, Julienne, is twelve. She is a bit spirited so keep an eye on her. My son, Rene, is eighteen. You may help him find ...direction." Her smile grew, or stretched perhaps was a better description. That last one had been searched out but it was very fitting.

"I am sure you will love them when you meet them. They are very wonderful children."
“A cat may as well be a best friend to a child,” she elaborated. “At least that was my observation with the youngest child of my prior employer. She loved her kitty dearly and she was inconsolable for about a week. I diffused at least four outbursts in that time as well because her papa thought telling her they would get a new kitty would make it all better. It did not. Where we adults might get sad at the loss of a pet, it simply isn’t the grief of a young child losing their best friend… or rather… their pet.” It was said out of experience and quite smartly (though not smart assedly), giving the impression that she was very well versed in raising children, let alone governing.

When the Marchioness answered her question, first with the daughter’s age, she brightened, “I know just what to do about the young miss… Surely it is her age and the fact she is transitioning into a young woman.” That was also said from experience. She was not, however, prepared to be told about an eighteen year old. Why, he was grown already. To her credit, she did not flinch. She did murmur, “I will see what I can do with the young man.” Hell, she wasn’t even that much older than the son, would he want to listen to her direction?

"I would love to meet them soon," she said.

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