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Rhydin & Beyond.

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Play who you want, when you want and what you want. No applications. No approvals. Free form role play that is truly free.  No long waiting time. Create your character, sign in and start the journey. Play by post fan? We have a forum. Play by chat fan? We have a chat room integrated with our forums that allows you to join 1 or join ALL public rooms. Want to make your own private, password protected chat RP room? Become a member and you can!  Rhydin, our cross-genre setting allows the play of any type of character--from superhero, knight, dragon, human, vampire, werewolf, alien, cyber punk, cowboy, Victorian, ancient Rome, game of thrones, Forgotten Realms, original, canon, fanon, lore or whatever tickles your role playing fancy.

Come dream with us!
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