Open - Content Warning Hide and Seek
It seemed that Sean had lost his mind. His eyes widened and he made strange noises, leaping up and down in excitement. He tugged at the fabric of her sleeve like an excited child as he pointed to the ground. There was noticeable spots where it became smeared. He turned in a circle to see all of the spots and the few that were newly made.

"There is something! Look! Look! I see it! Oh thank you ghost! Thank you!" He had tears that stung his cheeks from the cold as he watched it and clasped his hands to his cheeks. "Oh it is a dream come true!!"
"Does that satisfy you then?" she asked, not sharing in his joy. Was she so jaded now? It felt like it. Go away now, her mind willed and she felt that odd feeling in her nose just before blood seeped from one nostril. She wiped the crimson away in hopes he did not see it; that he was too engrossed in the ghost, possible demonic entity...

Either way, she felt spent. The woman watched as the spirit walked away after giving the man what he wanted.

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