Darkness Before Dawn ~ A Twilight RP [PB]
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Over a hundred years since the Volturi came to Forks, life has moved on not just for the residents of Forks who never knew the danger that had come so close to their home but also for the Cullens. The family has lived in peace for years and after travelling the world they have decided that it is time to return to Forks once more and are now being joined by Esme's brother and his family. A lot has changed including the fact that the Quileute tribe has now moved into Forks after the reservation was sold to the Volturi but certain things remain the same including the fact that a member of the Swan family is still the Sheriff. With so many vampires in close proximity more Quileutes than ever are turning for the first time so just how long will the treaty with the Cullens and their cousins the Platts last?

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Most wanted:
Carlisle Cullen
Jasper Hale
William Black
Lucy Black
Aro Volturi
Seth Clearwater
Lauren Adams
Leon Uley
Athenodora Volturi
Adams pack
Black pack
Uley pack
Platt family

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