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New Orleans has never been the quiet city that stood in the shadows. No, she was a bustling empire that was thriving with music, art, and history. The Mikaelsons managed to call this city home for a long time before the Hollow tore them apart. Klaus ended up absorbing all of the Hollow's power and it took his life. In her desire to undo what was done, his daughter, Hope, had found a spell to reverse time so she could take down the Hollow herself. Hope managed to trap the Hollow in another dimension, resulting in saving her family from destruction. Because of this, a chain reaction started that can not be undone.

Hope had messed with the laws of nature, and because of this, the deceased have come back to life. With the newly dead threatening the shining beacon that is Mystic Hollow, CO, the Mikaelson's decision to leave New Orleans for good and build a new school in the supernatural-filled town in Colorado was executed. Not only was the deceased returning, but there's also a dark presence that seemed to be drawing all of the creatures there to that town, and it has Klaus's attention.

The gates of the Mikaelson's School for the Gifted are now open and enrollment is beginning. Since time has been disrupted, it has allowed other new creatures to pop up around town as well. The school is trying to accommodate everyone they can now that there is something going around and killing the supernatural creatures in town, and whatever it is, it isn't human. Welcome to Mystic Hollow.

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