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The year is 1358. There has been a long standing theory that the royal family 
has been cursed all the way back to the time of Queen Ysandre’s father. 
This theory seems to grow now that the old King is dead. His unknown 
commoner son has ascended the throne. The general populace is in celebration 
about their new monarch.  The nobility is in unrest.  Will Terre d’Ange fall into 
civil war or will level heads win out.  Only time will tell.
Scions of Terre d’Ange is an AU medieval rp set in the world of Kushiel created 
by Jacqueline Carey. We have been open for a year now, 
and we are open to people of all experience new and old to the 
Kushiel-verse with easily to follow resources 
that can have you jumping into the 
setting and plot with little knowledge of the books. 

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