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The invitation needed no interpretation. Rob responded just as eagerly, the taste of Kel’s mouth exciting, the feel of his leg under his hand arousing. It slid from shin to thigh, gently pulling Kel’s thighs apart that much further, then sliding all the way down, to fondle his crotch. With his chest, he pushed Kel back, and down, his other hand moving to cup the back of Kel’s head, as the kissing only intensified.

Indeed, all thought was dissipating - what little there had been in Rob's head to begin with. In it's place, only carnal desire. The time and place were not opportune. But they had a few minutes, surely, before anyone would be looking for either of them?
A gentle sound escaped him, flopping on his back, breath catching as he touched his groin. Nearly thawed enough to start sweating under his many layers. Kel held to Rob by the shoulders, squeezing, admiring the strength of his body.
It was all a go, it seemed, and sex was on his brain, as he shifted so that he pressed down against Kel’s smaller form beneath his own. His fingers kneaded and massaged, greedily, maneuvering to work at the fly. Time was of the essence here, the knell of a clock running down on them present in his core, but not loud enough yet to be of paramount concern. Rob surely wasn’t sharp as a tack, but he was adept at making the most of opportunity when it laid itself at his feet – or on his bed - and often speed was a requisite.

One button undone, and he didn’t stop there, until two and the three swiftly followed suit. His fingers dove into the wadded materials of shirt and under garments, searching out their target.
Kel pulled the jumper over his head and fumbled with the buttons on his coat, though doubtful he'd make it down to smalls with whatever time they had. He settled for unveiling to his shirt and then watching Rob take care of Kel's trousers. Stiffening under Rob's hands and sighing.
His hands moved to fumble with his own openings, as the kiss broke off, and Kel wiggled to remove some pieces of what he wore against the cold. The servants’ quarters in the basement of the mansion were never quite toasty with coal driven heat. But the bedroom now seemed warm enough, and the removal of clothing was no sacrifice at all. Once Kel had quit squirming, in his efforts to remove the jumper and his coat, Rob set to work to relieve him of his trousers, an act he made short work of given that Kel had already removed his boots when they’d first come in from the cold. After a few appreciative and attentive strokes to Kel’s growing erection, Rob shifted to get between his legs. He rubbed his own exposed cock, which he had extricated from his trousers and underwear, against Kel’s, still thinly concealed in muslin. He groaned in lustful satisfaction, his mouth moving to claim Kel’s yet again, as his hand worked at the waistband of Kel’s knickers.
He gasped, "Robbie..." as he rubbed against him, trying not to moan too loudly. Grateful to be muffled by Rob's mouth again. Kel lifted his hips to allow him better access to slipping off his smalls, now in full rigidity.
Working his own encumbering garments down enough to do the deed took no time at all, with experience on his side. With ease of practice and what could be called a mix of muscle memory and brain chemistry driven instinct, with a bit of spit thrown in for comfort, Rob was inside Kel quickly. One corded forearm wrapped about Kel’s head, as he penetrated with tongue as well, gasping into Kel’s mouth with the pleasure of fucking him. His other hand similarly laid claim to the curve of Kel’s bottom, pulling him close as he thrust into him. His elbow clamped against Kel’s outer thigh, Rob didn’t pause for sensual effect. The clock was ticking, and their need for quiet and speed was clear.
Kel gasped too, and yelped, trying to quiet himself with his tongue. Clinging to Rob, pulling at his shirtsleeves and becoming overwhelmed with his weight atop him. The pink flush from the sharp wind across his cheeks now red with desire, his cock pulsated between them.
Rob wasn’t the most genteel of lovers, nor the most considerate, although he wasn’t totally selfish. But feeling the concrete push of time between his shoulder blades, his aim was to bring them both to a pleasurable climax as quickly as he could, and as Nature would allow. Beneath him Kel rose into his penetrative thrusts. Between them lay Kel’s rigid cock, pressed down somewhat with Rob’s weight, although still bumping against Rob’s lower abs a bit with each roll of their hips. From the tip came a thin sheen of moisture, forming a tiny slick patch on Rob’s skin, and in the trail of fine dark hairs that lead downwards from his navel.

Heat suffused Rob’s face, his throat, his scalp, and down the center of his back, where, almost unbelievably, sweat had broken out. He hurried, with fast strokes, feeling the anticipation of sexual release. He moved his lips to murmur throatily, ”Alright, Kel?”, not knowing how close Kel might be, to that sought after goal of ejaculation, but definitely caring. Definitely. He did care.
Kel stuffed his hand between them to hurry himself along, though he didn't have far to go. "Gettin' there..." Taking mental note to find some better time to see all of Rob naked. Because it had been a while.
Robbie grunted in reply, real words now being beyond him to formulate. He arched his back a bit to give Kel the room he needed, and planted his forehead on the mattress, beside Kel’s ear. His weight on one elbow, partially hampered by the trousers that rode just above his knees, the sound of Kel’s rapid breathing in his ear, he pushed on. Increasing speed, biting down on his own lower lip to keep the curse words from spilling forth, as they always seemed to do when noise was not an issue, he felt the moment rushing at him. One more thrust and he was there, gasping, the sound almost a hiss between his lips, as he felt the warm ejaculate pumping out of his cock, and into Kel’s ass. He kept thrusting, feeling the orgasm to his toes, still in his boots, which dug into the bedcover leaving ground-in marks of melted snow and mud. His fingers gripped hard into Kel’s flesh pulling him close, keeping him close, as eventually, the ripples of his release began to ebb, and his movements slowed.
Kel relished the brief feeling of Rob's cock pulsing its release inside him. Stroking himself hard until he erupted in bursts, splattering them both, panting heavily as his eyes rolled back.

Between pants, "All's forgiven... for now... " then he hugged him around the neck, kissing his forehead.
Rob received the hug, the kiss and the reprieve with a smirk, as he relaxed, his contracted muscles releasing their tension. He tried to shift a bit so he wouldn’t squash Kel quite so much with his weight. One hand trailed up, along Kel’s side, from bottom to waist to slide under his shirt and come to rest with fingertips splayed over Kel’s ribs and chest. He pulled out of Kel, so that he could roll more onto his side, still hampered somewhat in his movements by his trousers. Tucking his other arm under his head, he had enough space to be able to look at Kel and focus on him, as he grinned out his contentment.

”Reckon tha’ll do then,” he replied, satisfied, happy, and glad the explanation he’d given – which was the truth after all – had been accepted.

With a less content sigh, he added, ”Reckon we best ge’back out’there,” his gaze going to the locked door. ”’Fore they come a’lookin for we.”

He kissed Kel’s cheek. ”’N I’m that glad ‘ee di’ come to no ‘arm in the storm, Kel.”

Which was, once again, the truth, because after all - wasn't this a very happy reunion?

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