Dance of Dynasties - Asian Feudal Fantasy (jcink, 18+)
Enter a world of samurai, empires, honor and mysticism...

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Dance of Dynasties is a unique, original ancient world fantasy roleplay inspired by the various
cultures of East Asia. We are an intermediate - advanced roleplay site, but that doesn’t mean our
grammar is perfect, or that we’ll never make a typo, nor does it mean we write 1000+ words, or
expect that from you. 

It is meant to invoke an advanced level of thought when it comes to creating a character and 
integrating that character into a bigger picture. There is, however, an expectation that our 
members are able to create compelling characters and weave intricate plots that involve multiple 
players. Plots that can, and very likely will, change the course of events board wide. 

There is no static plot, no pre-determined end goal. 

It is known that throughout history empires have risen, and empires have fallen. For this next 
generation, the dance of dynasties has only just begun.

+ Jcink Premium
+ Must be 18+ to join
+ No Word Count
+ No Post Requirements
+ Free Form Application
+ Premium Cbox and Discord
+ Tons of Canons
+ Friendly and welcoming staff
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