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Kel was torn between relief and disappointment. But it should be this way; Ennis must be of flowers,not vermin. Perhaps he would be the one to come out of this life purest.

"They might." He folded his arms and nodded, still sitting on the fence. "Come down when they does rehearsals, Ennis. See f'r thysel'. Just don't tell Mam."
Toal puffed up his chest a big, giving his cheesy grin when he felt like he had the upper hand.

"I've met with 'em. I bet ah can get our wee broth'r in ta see a show. I mean, I can try ta let 'im in ta meet 'em, but they aren't the most welcoming bunch. I guess it won't hurt to try. You going to come too, Kel? I s'ppose every party has its wet blank't."

He laughed lightly and punched his brother in the shoulder, maybe not as light as he should but not hard.
Ennis squealed with delight at more talk of the circus, and Toal knew the performers! He was beaming at his oldest brother and wanted to tear off toward town and meet every last one of the people who ran the show. He wanted to see the animals and the strange acts he heard about, like the people who walked on tightrope wires like they were walking on the ground. He'd heard that from a kid at school, but he wanted to see it for himself. It was something he could hardly imagine was actually real.

"Oh! D'you know if they got tigers? Or oliphants! Toal! Ah! We could ask'em to let us borrow their oliphants for lifting all the wood for the barn!" he took Toal's sleeve and tugged it to grab his attention from Kel while he was in the middle of teasing him. This was obviously very important and couldn't wait. He honestly wasn't sure how he was holding in place as well as he was.
He gripped the fence to keep from knocking over from Toal's punch. Resisting the urge to kick him in the ribs for Ennis' sake, rubbing his shoulder.

"No animals, love." Shaking his head, "but pretty costumes, sometimes they got ones that has animal tails and such like. Tha'll like 'em ones wot flips about on ropes, and I hear there might be some lady with a beard soon."
Toal laughed at his youngest brother and shook his head. "Kel's right 'm 'fraid. No animals, but they got magicians an' juggl'rs and the like. I can try to sneak ya in to watch. I think you'll like it."

He wanted to give the kid some entertainment, there was way too much dreariness in the town, in their home too. It's why he hated it so deeply and wanted to escape. He honestly hoped Ennis wouldn't grow up with such deep feelings of resentment for his own home.

"Course, maybe Kel 'nd me can teach ya some tricks and sell ya to the circus", he said with complete humor in his voice and grinned. "We paint ye up like a clown. Yer good at makin people laugh an' smile."
He laughed, "Ah! I don't want to be a clown, though. I want to be the one that plays with all the animals. It's a shame this one doesn't have... Oh..."

He glanced back over the fence at Kelly, the wheels visibly turning in his expression as he pulled back around and looked at his brothers, "What about me an' Kelly go an' we could show 'em tricks? She doesn't... really know any yet, but I bet we could teach her somethin'. She's pretty smart," He walked over to the fence and looked at her as she blinked dully through it back at him, then sniffed at him for more sugar once she realized who he was. He held a hand through the fence to her and her nostrils flared wide against his palm, then gave it a messy lick. He pulled his hand back and she gave an irritated bleat. 
"You wanna go to the circus?" He asked her in a soft tone. She snorted.
"Kelly? She does like being in the thick of it." A boy and his lamb might entertain the children, at least. "So long as her shit gets shovelled off the stage floor, maybe Morin would allow it." Snorting. Morin would faint at the idea, surely.
"Ev'ryone thinks tha they could be ah star.." Toal couldn't help saying aloud while not seeing the hypocrisy of his statement. He leaned against the fence, holding his arms and leaned his head back. "If'n ya can least teach 'er one trick, ah'll take ya m'self to tha theatre. See if'n anyone will hire ya. Yer a passion wee kid tha ev'ryone likes. If anyone could get ah show wit' a lamb, it'd be you."

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